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Elad And Tel Aviv University: A Marriage, Evidently, Not Smiled Upon By All

Ha’aretz reports Tel Aviv University administrators on Monday received a petition signed by dozens of senior academics from Israel and abroad calling on the university to withdraw its participation in archaeological excavations in East Jerusalem’s City of David. The national … Continue reading

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A Fine Photo of the Gihon Spring

I saw this here and felt it was worth passing along:

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What’s Ronnie Reich’s Connection to Elad?

Archaeologist Ronny Reich has spent years excavating the City of David in East Jerusalem, and has found evidence that threatens the historical reputations of Herod and Hezekiah. He says politics and religion have never interested him, so what’s his connection … Continue reading

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Book Announcement: Puzzling out the Past

Among many other useful pieces this new Festschrift contains an essay by the learned Christopher Rollston titled An Old Hebrew Stone Inscription from the City of David. The series of articles included here honor his many contributions through discussions of … Continue reading

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Elad’s Expansionistic Goals and Policies

The Associated Press informs us that A hard-line Israeli group said Tuesday it was launching plans for a new tourist center at the site of a politically sensitive archaeological dig in a largely Arab neighborhood outside Jerusalem’s Old City, drawing … Continue reading

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The Strange Shapes in the Floor: A ‘City of David’ Mystery

From the HuffPo– Mysterious stone carvings made thousands of years ago and recently uncovered in an excavation underneath Jerusalem have archaeologists stumped. Israeli diggers who uncovered a complex of rooms carved into the bedrock in the oldest section of the … Continue reading

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Update on Elad’s Control of the City of David: The Court says It’s OK

Israeli courts are as messed up as American courts it looks like: The City of David Foundation can continue to operate the City of David Archaeological Park in Jerusalem’s Silwan neighborhood, despite a petition against the private organization’s right to … Continue reading

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Nicely Said, Neil

Neil Asher Silberman writes in connection with the Mazar denunciation of Elad’s ideologically driven ‘archaeology’- A truly pitiful example of the ideologically inspired and financed archaeological work in the “City of David.”  Is this a battle for “science” or just … Continue reading

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Eilat Mazar Calls the Jerusalem Dig ‘Unscientific’!

Well how do you like that! Dr. Eilat Mazar – a Hebrew University archaeologist who worked in close cooperation with Elad over past years, and who is considered one of the most productive researchers in Jerusalem and in the City … Continue reading

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Elad: Wielding Power to no Good Purpose

The authority wielded by Elad settler association impacts increasingly on the lives of Palestinian residents of Silwan and other districts of East Jerusalem. Some residents have likened Elad to a “kingdom within a state”, given its labyrinthine network of control … Continue reading

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Finkelstein v. Garfinkel: The ‘Ir David’ Smackdown

I’d love to be there for this: Under the auspices of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, the Israel Antiquities Authority, the Elad organization, and leading archaeologists, excavations take place year round in the City of David and vicinity, with … Continue reading

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LandMinds and The ‘City of David’ and the ‘Elah Fortress’

From their Facebook page- This week on LandMinds… (September 7, 2011) – we’re off on another road trip – this time to the Elah Fortress (Kh. Qeiyafa). Barnea and I take a look at this year’s results – and review … Continue reading

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The ‘Father of Biblical Archaeology’? Israel Finkelstein??

I don’t think so. A senior archaeologist at Tel Aviv University has cast doubt on the alleged Jewish heritage of Jerusalem. Israel Finkelstein’s claims have been made in the face of official Israeli and biblical claims to the occupied city. … Continue reading

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The “Large Stone Structure” in Jerusalem: Reality versus Yearning

Israel Finkelstein’s latest essay which has just appeared in ZDPV 127 (2011) 1, addresses the following: Two opposing interpretations of recent finds in E. MAZAR’s excavations in the City of David have now been presented to the scholarly community. The … Continue reading

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The ‘New’ Biblical Archaeology

First, it’s new (according to its author) because After almost 150 years of work, biblical archeology has thus moved from a supporting role in theological dramas to a fully scientific branch of world archeology. But for over two decades it … Continue reading

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Has a Golden Bell from A Second Temple High Priest been Discovered?

Via Joseph Lauer Dr. Rachel Elior just notified me of a very interesting Hebrew Ynet article that concerns the discovery in Ir David of a pure gold ornamental bell, about a centimeter in diameter (see picture below), that is thought … Continue reading

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Holy Land Grabs (via Sects and Violence in the Ancient World)

Steve shares some very good thoughts on the misuse of archaeology for political purposes. Civilization began in the “Middle East.” Ever since then, it has been a struggle to keep it together. One of the sad realities of the last … Continue reading

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Joe Zias on the CBS ‘City of David’ Report

Back in October CBS aired a segment on 60 Minutes on Silwan which generated a bit of discussion- especially in Israel. Joe Zias has recently had a chance to view the report and he writes the following: I just watched … Continue reading

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