Mega-Churches: A Parable

Shortly after he departed from cleansing the Temple Jesus was asked, ‘Lord, why are there Churches so large?’  And Jesus answered, saying

The kingdoms of the mega-churches can be likened to obese men sitting at table.  They  look around at all the bounty spread before them and they say to themselves: I know what’s best for me and what I desire, so I will fill my belly to the full and luxuriate in my immenseness.  Meanwhile, around them at the table are the small and underfed and yet because their interest is only in themselves, they don’t see them nor consider them.’

Afterwards the disciples approached and said ‘Don’t you know that you offended the gluttonous resource hogs with your words?’

Jesus replied, ‘The mega churches are like the obese man who only cares for himself.  Instead of ministry they are concerned strictly for the resources they can consume – resources material and human.

A day will come, I tell you, when these assemblies will be known far and wide and they will heap up for themselves teachers who tickle their ears.  But I have warned you beforehand, flee greed, even when it appears in spiritual guise and even when it couches itself in high sounding well intentioned evangelistic terminology.  They appear to be beautiful on the outside, but within they are filled with the bones of the dead.  Let him who has ears to hear, hear.’   (1 Truth 1:1-5).