Total Depravity: The Lying Prophet Edition

If you thought the end of the world was near, would you pay your taxes?  For Ronald Weinland, 63, the answer was no. Weinland — who runs a church from his home in Cincinnati, Ohio, and delivers sermons via the Internet — warned his followers that the world was going to combust on Sept. 30, 2008 and then again on May 27, 2012. But as the world kept spinning, the Internal Revenue Service grew suspicious of Weinland’s personal finances.  On June 13, Weinland was found guilty on five counts of tax evasion, according to Northern Kentucky News. He avoided paying more than $300,000 in taxes between 2005 and 2010 by funneling money into a foreign bank account, lying on his tax forms and writing off personal expenses as church expenses, according to the grand jury indictment.

Funny how these end of the world liars always seem to be able to justify holding on to their money, isn’t it.  if he REALLY believed his tripe he wouldn’t have a penny left to spare on the ‘last day’.  He’d pay his obligations and give the rest of it for hunger relief or some such thing so folk could have better lives before the end and he could go off with a good conscience.

And how in the world does someone who has no congregation nor a physical presence in a community have the nerve to call themselves a ‘pastor’ and still make as much money as this deceptive false teacher?  Depravity…  depravity.