There Aren’t 10 Reasons Kids Leave the Church, There’s Only One

They went out from us, but they did not belong to us; for if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us. However, they went out so that it might be made clear that none of them belongs to us. (1 Jo 2:19 CSB). In response to this post which would have us believe that there are 10 top reasons kids (and one would presume adults as well) leave the Church.

But again, there’s only one reason. To be sure, there are excuses. But there’s only one reason and that reason is glaringly and profoundly simple: kids (and adults) leave the Church because at some level they were never really part in the first place. Whatever straw man they may wish to set up and whatever excuse they develop, theologically speaking, such are simply attempts to evade personal responsibility and its fruit in authentic commitment.

When a generation is raised on pizza parties and events and games and outings and trips and that’s the entire extent of their exposure to discipleship it isn’t discipleship to which they are exposed. It’s self-involvement. When young and old are treated as though they were the center of the Church and the purpose of the church and the reason for the existence of the church it is only natural that they leave as soon as something else attracts their self interested attention.

When the Church forthrightly declares that God is Lord and we, his people, are his servants, then disciples can be made; and the truth is, Jesus tells the Church to make disciples, not members or attenders.

But the real question is, what does the Church lose when it loses ‘members’ who contribute neither life, time, effort, nor love to and for ministry and instead simply only always and ever wish to be ‘ministered to’? Truth is, not much.

Let them go. When they mature they’ll return. If not, they were never really members of the body of Christ and no amount of reconstructive surgery can make them into something they aren’t any more than a leopard can change its spots.

Clergy Same-sex Union in Ireland

But of course it’s an Anglican, Stephen. It had to be that or a Unitarian.

First Clergy Same-sex Union for Ireland - It's Anglican, of Course... A ‘Very Reverend’ Dean in the Church of Ireland has decided to enter into a civil union with his boyfriend: First printed in The Church of England Newspaper. The Dean of Leighlin Cathedral in the Diocese of Cashel & Ossory has become the first serving Church of Ireland clergyman to enter a same-sex civil partnership in the Republic of Ireland. The public announcement of the Dean’s same-sex civil partnership and his Bishop’s apparent support f … Read More

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The Right Archbishop Who’s Wrong

He’s right that the various networks mentioned get religion wrong most of the time. He’s wrong in not saying that most journalists do as well and not just those from those news outlets.

Archbishop Chaput: New York Times, Newsweek, CNN, MSNBC Not ‘Trustworthy’ on Religion Archbishop Charles Chaput is conservative, and I really do like the sounds he’s making: ( – The news outlets CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and MSNBC do not “provide trustworthy information about religious   faith,” said Philadelphia’s incoming Archbishop, Charles Chaput, at the Catholic World Youth Day ongoing this week in Madrid, Spain. Chaput, the former Archbishop of Denver, made his remarks in an address on religious freedom to … Read More

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Christians Keep Being Targeted in Iraq

Barbaric murderers.

Via Yahoo News: Kirkuk, Iraq – Fifteen people were wounded on Tuesday by a car bomb targeting a Syrian Catholic church in Kirkuk in northern Iraq, a police officer and a priest said. The bomb exploded at the Holy Family church in the north of Kirkuk at about 5:30 am (0230 GMT), wounding 15 people including church staff and people in neighbouring houses, the high-ranking officer in the Kirkuk police said. The officer, who spoke on condition of … Read More

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Another Pagan Anglican Priest

This guy should be removed from his office today. Not because of his acts but because of his words. Any priest who states that the God of the Bible is wicked and perverse has no business being a priest. Let him join the tribe of angry atheist ex Christians. But kick him out of the Church first.

To allow him to remain in the priesthood is a travesty and an injustice.

Rector Burns Bible Pages   What a wicked man! The Church in Wales says it is investigating after a Gwynedd rector burnt some pages from the Bible. The Reverend Geraint ap Iorwerth of St Peter ad Vincula Church, Pennal, also cut up pages from the King James Bible to create an artwork. Unveiling it at a church event, he said it revealed a “cruel and vile God”. The Bishop of Bangor said: “Destroying parts of the Bible we don’t like is disrespectful and will offend many … Read More

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That’s a Priest with Anger Management Issues…

Stephen remarks-

Priest Slaps 9 Year Old Girl in Church How vicious! Totally deplorable: Thrissur, India:  A nine-year-old girl who failed to take confession in a Church here was allegedly slapped by the angry Vicar, prompting the child's father to file a police complaint.      The police said as per the complaint, Father Paul Pulikottil, the Vicar of the nearby Vadookara Little Flower Parish Church, had allegedly slapped the girl on July 9 in the church hall in the presence of several others.     The … Read More

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The New Dark Ages

Fascinating stuff via Stephen.

As a New Dark Age Descends Upon the West The Judeo-Christian worldview was perhaps the most important element in the rise of Western civilisation. Other factors can be mentioned, but without the biblical worldview and its impact, the West as we know it would never have arisen. Many scholars and experts have spoken to this. As just one example, American sociologist Rodney Stark has written a number of important volumes on these themes. Consider his seminal 2005 volume, The Victory of Rea … Read More

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No, Stephen, it will Never End…

Kansas City Catholic Diocese in Lawsuit Over Alleged Distribution of Child Pornography Will it ever end?! KS (KCTV) – The Kansas City Catholic Diocese is defending itself against a groundbreaking lawsuit involving the alleged distribution of child pornography. The attorney representing a family suing the Kansas City Catholic Diocese says this is the first time that someone has sued the Catholic Church for violating federal child pornography laws. “The (federal) law has pretty severe penalties for anyone who holds or views or otherw … Read More

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If They Don’t Believe in Jesus…

They aren’t members of the Church anyway. Regardless of what they might ‘believe’.

Swedish Church Members 'Don't Believe in Jesus' Only 15 percent of members of the Church of Sweden say they believe in Jesus, and an equal number claim to be atheists according to the results of a recent survey. I don’t even know what to say… I mean, what’s the point? Church without Jesus?! More than 10,000 members of the Swedish Church participated in a comprehensive membership survey carried out over the past year and dubbed “Member 2010” (Medlem 2010). According to the survey, 15 percent … Read More

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