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The Truth About Chris Tilling’s Book

I couldn’t have said it better- ‘It is a remarkable fact that divine Christology is not an “end product” of a development lasting some decades but that high Christology is present and fully developed already in the earliest testimonies of … Continue reading

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The Spirit and Christ in the New Testament and Christian Theology

This new collection of essays edited by Marshall, Rabens and Bennema arrived a few weeks back.  My review is below. This volume gathers writings about the Spirit and Christ by notable scholars including Richard Bauckham, D. A. Carson, James Dunn, … Continue reading

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Who is Jesus: Disputed Questions and Answers

Eerdword has an interesting piece by none other than Carl Braaten (best known for his work in theology) about his new book on Jesus.  It concludes The quest of the historical Jesus is not only a project of liberal theologians … Continue reading

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The Enochic Son of Man and Pauline Christology

The paper which James Waddell read at SBL San Francisco is online here.  It may well interest visitors to this awesome bit of bloggery.  If it does, be sure to run over and read it.  If not, just hang around … Continue reading

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A Very Pressing Question, It Seems to Me

Chris Tilling writes If historicity is vital (and the Word, as John puts it, did become Flesh – not a text), then is there not a problem for Christology, even one that simply sits humbly before the canonical texts, because of the … Continue reading

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