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Lochte Tweets Piety But Lives Promiscuously

Here’s another of the far too many examples in modern ‘Christianity’ of a high profile ‘Christian’ talking the talk but not ‘walking the walk’.  Ryan Lochte tweeted a few days ago ‘Plain’ must mean ‘plan’.  And yes, God does have … Continue reading

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Is it Because ‘Christian’ ‘Book’ Stores Aren’t Already Stuffed to the Rafters With Garbage?

That they stock rubbish like this? When I go into the Lifeway Store or the Cedar Springs Christian Store or one of the other local outlets I know exactly how Jesus felt when he went into the Temple and saw … Continue reading

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Answering Your Letters

Shortly after the previous post, this arrived: Dear Jim, First, let me thank you for your blog. I love it. I do have a question. What is your definition of a mega church? Thank You, Duane Hi Duane, That’s actually … Continue reading

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Christian Hazing? What?????

What passes for Christianity in some quarters these days boggles the imagination. The all-girls Christian social club 7 and 6 holds an annual initiation ceremony where the pledges are forced to eat gross food and are doused with things like … Continue reading

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Questions for Christian Supporters of Marriage Equality

Simply for the sake of argument, let’s suppose that those who believe Christianity and homosexuality are compatible are able to make a persuasive case based on biblical exegesis (though I clearly hold no such view, let’s pretend it’s possible), I … Continue reading

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Liberal Christianity’s Gay Fixation

Paul Oestreicher expects that many Christians will be shocked by his suggestion that Jesus was gay. Perhaps so, but here is another response: why can’t liberal Christians shut up about gayness for a while? Dwelling on the issue is a … Continue reading

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More Proof That the Media Just Doesn’t Understand Christianity

It’s Easter weekend. Naturally the news shows are lining up their Sunday guests and what a list they’ve put together.  According to Rachel Zoll on twitter- NY Cardinal Dolan will be on `Face the Nation;’ Rick & Kay Warren will … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

But is it not true that of this [i.e., Christian suffering] there is very little to be seen among us? Why? Quite simply because we still take much too lightly our service to Christ. If a farmer stays at home, … Continue reading

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On The Ministry: An Observation

Churches don’t need Pastors who are business majors or Pharmacists or Psychologists or all the other lot of ‘professionals’ presently occupying pulpits to the harm of the Church as a whole; Churches need Pastors who are theologians and exegetes.

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In Britain Christians Can’t Wear Crosses at Work, Some Will Argue

Christians do not have a right to wear a cross or crucifix openly at work, the Government is to argue in a landmark court case. And In a highly significant move, ministers will fight a case at the European Court … Continue reading

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Iran’s War Against Christianity

The security authorities of Iran have taken action against the growth of Christianity and house church movement in Iran and have arrested many believers in different cities of Iran. In this connection, a 78 year old Christian lady has also … Continue reading

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Clash of the Titans, Or Just Not Much of Anything at All…

Roll up, roll up for the heavyweight shadow-boxing championship of the world! A grand contest between Oxford’s undisputed champions of atheism and Christianity, Professor Richard Dawkins, and Archbishop Rowan Williams! In the blue corner, the charismatic preacher who has made thousands of converts around … Continue reading

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No Compromise

The reason that the Church is widely viewed with skepticism is because it made the mistake, and in some quarters continues to make the mistake, of compromising its core values. Hence, in its quest to be more relevant it has … Continue reading

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Should a Vicar Marry a Muslim, and Be Fired for It?

That’s the question boiling in the German Church, as Reformiert Info reports Eine evangelische Vikarin aus Württemberg ist zum Jahresende entlassen worden, weil sie einen Muslim geheiratet hat. Der Entscheid hat in Deutschland innerkirchlich für grosse Aufregung gesorgt. Für die … Continue reading

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People Really Are Easily Understood

People are no mystery.  They’re easily understood.  Take, for example, the difference between those who trust Christ in faith and those who remain fixed in depravity.  No mystery here. We have not the least hesitation to admit what Paul strenuously … Continue reading

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The Names of God in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

In the world of biblical scholarship there are scholars worthy of the name, authentic intellectual diamonds; and there are ‘scholars’ who are- to be polite- cubic zirconium.   Máire Byrne fits into the first category and her recent book will prove … Continue reading

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Is Mormonism a Cult?

Viewed from the perspective of historic, orthodox Christianity, the answer is an irrefutable yes, it is.  But why is it so deemed?  Two reasons, primarily: 1- It devalues the uniqueness of Jesus Christ.  He is not, for Mormons, THE Unique … Continue reading

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Share Your Faith, Get in Trouble…

No not in Israel (with its laws against proselytizing) or Saudi Arabia or China- but in the good old United Kingdom… A Christian doctor is still trying to clear his name after a complaint was made against him for speaking … Continue reading

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The Folly of Arrogance

The kindness of God should allure us to ponder and love his goodness; but since such is our malignity, that we are invariably corrupted by his indulgence, it is more than necessary for us to be restrained by discipline from … Continue reading

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What To Do When You Just Absolutely Hate a Book You’re Reviewing

It doesn’t happen very often.  I usually try to find at least some good point in any book I’ve been asked to review.  After all, every book has at least one good point, right? Sure, some books are just unreadable … Continue reading

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