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Rapping Smut, at 9

Signs of the times my friends, signs of the times…

jeremiahPolice in Brockton, Mass., have asked state child welfare officials to investigate possible child abuse or neglect in the case of a 9-year-old who appears in sexually suggestive rap videos.  Police said Monday they haven’t filed criminal charges or arrested the father of fourth grader Luie Rivera Jr., who goes by the stage name Lil Poopy. A Department of Children and Families spokeswoman confirms that officials are investigating whether the boy is being properly cared for.

How bad must those songs be?  How inappropriate?  Sigh.  Just, sigh.

The videos show the boy slapping a woman’s buttocks, engaging in sexually suggestive dances and glorifying drug use and materialism.

In what bizarre universe is that kind of behavior appropriate?  Why in dad’s, of course…

The boy’s father, Luis Rivera, told the newspaper his son is acting and not doing anything wrong.

Sigh.  The world is upside down and inside out.  Sigh.  And even though Jeremiah Bailey won’t like it-

“As for you, do not pray for these people. Do not offer a cry or a prayer on their behalf, and do not beg Me, for I will not listen to you.” (Jer 7:16).

Why Kids Shouldn’t Be Having Kids

They’re simply too immature.  They don’t have brains developed sufficiently to take the responsibility seriously.  Here’s yet more proof:

Clarksville Police have charged a couple after their infant was found alone in a motel room.

Robert Louis Calles, Jr. and Brittany Faith Calles are charged with child abuse and neglect after a woman who saw the couple leave the motel without the child called the front desk. A clerk knocked repeatedly on the door and thought she heard a child cry. She opened the room and found the 9-month-old child wrapped in a blanket on the bed.

Police said the 19-year-old father and 18-year-old mother arrived about a half-hour later and gave different stories of why and how long the child was left alone.

That’s just ignorance.  Nothing sinister, just simple ignorance and immaturity.

Situations Like These Raise the Theodicy Question For Me More Than Anything Else

Earthquakes?  Ah, don’t build your house on a fault line.  Floods?  Stop putting homes in flood planes.  Tornados?  Come on, the technology exists to make every home nearly tornado proof.  But wicked parents?  What stops them but God alone?

the perverse ‘princess’ herself

Police in Georgia charged a 21-year-old mother with cruelty to children on Friday after discovering her toddler covered in feces, hungry and locked inside her garbage-strewn home.  Forsyth County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the Cumming home of Stephanie Davis when a concerned family member reported her concern for Davis’ young son, according Sheriff Ted Paxton.  The caller said Davis contacted her around 4:30 a.m., after she was arrested by Roswell police for driving drunk and speeding. The family member said Davis assured her that someone was watching her son, police said.

When deputies arrived at Davis’ home they received no response to knocks on the front door. During a cursory search of the exterior, they heard a dog barking and the cries of a child coming from an open window.  “Because of the extenuating circumstances, one of the deputies pulled the screen off of the window and entered the home,” Paxton said. “The deputy then made his way to the room where he heard the child crying. What he found was a child that was trapped in his room by a closed door, equipped with a safety device on the inside doorknob, that prevented the child from opening the door.”  The toddler, who was dressed only in a filthy white t-shift, had removed his diaper, which was “overflowing with feces.” The child had feces on his “hands, feet and legs,” police said.  The child’s room had only a mattress and box springs on the floor. The rest of the home was allegedly in disarray, with overflowing trash cans, dirty dishes and rotting food. Authorities said there were more than 50 bags of garbage.

Why God allows natural disasters isn’t really a problem for me.  Why he allows people like this to have children- that’s a huge problem.  Huge.  If I have the chance to ask the question that burns in my soul it will be ‘Dear God, why did you ever allow miscreants like Stephanie Davis into the world in the first place?  And letting her be, why did you let her have children?  And having children, why didn’t you stop her cruelty?’

And then God will have an answer, I’m sure, that will knock my socks off.  I just wish I knew what it was now, because people like Davis fill my heart with rage and loathing and contempt and a serious desire that God would ‘go all Old Testament’ on them so that plagues of the most violent sort rained down on their vile unworthy heads like flood-waters sprung from the deepest depths.

Creflo Dollar: Heretic, False Teacher, and Now, Child Abuser

Atlanta megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar was arrested on Friday. He is accused of hurting his 15-year-old daughter during an argument at home.  Dollar, senior pastor of World Changers Church in College Park, Ga., has been officially charged with simple battery, family violence and cruelty to children.  Dollar’s 19-year-old daughter, Alexandria, told police the faith preacher, “put both hands around her sister’s neck and choked her for about five seconds.”

But don’t worry Creflo.  Your ‘church’ will shield you and you’ll keep your job just like the Bishops shielded pedophile priests.  After all, the fact that you choked your own child is immaterial, right?

Oh Come to the Hinterlands- This Stuff is Common

I’ve seen parents letting kids stand in the drivers seat with hands on the steering wheel while mom applied makeup and talked on the phone. The HuffPo needs to get out more. What they think is unusual is more common than anyone would care to admit.

A Torrance, Calif. mother was arrested and charged with child endangerment after police caught her driving with a baby on her lap while texting. A statement from the Torrance Police Department notes that a concerned citizen spotted Shawndeeia Bowen on the road, called police and then tailed Bowen to keep track of her whereabouts. When Bowen was pulled over, she still had her cellphone in hand and the baby on her lap. To make mattes worse, her 2- and 4-year-old children were in the backseat with no seat belts on.

Come to the hinterlands, HuffPo. Here the police watch this kind of thing and drive right on by.

It’s Best if You Not Allow Ronald Dalton to Babysit for You

A Bean Station man accused of setting a stuffed animal on fire on a stove and hurling it at a 9-year-old boy he baby-sat is set to appear before a judge Thursday on an aggravated child abuse charge. Ronald B. Dalton, 53, was arrested over the weekend after the boy’s mother dialed 911 to report the incident that took place at his Amanda Lane home, said Bean Station Police Chief Phillip Robinette.

According to an arrest report, Officer Jason Mathis was dispatched to a convenience store on U.S. Highway 25E on Dec. 30 to investigate an assault that took place while the boy’s mother was at work. The boy’s mother, who works at the store, told police her son said Dalton put a teddy bear on a stove in his home and lit it on fire, Robinette said. “Mr. Dalton then threw the stuffed animal which was on fire on (the child),” Mathis wrote in his report. “The boy’s shirt did catch fire but the child was able to put the fire out.”

Honestly, if you dislike children or have as little patience as Dalton, you shouldn’t babysit. Ever.

Christian Brady of Penn State Tackles the Sandusky Scandal

Brilliantly, concluding

There is a long road ahead for our community and it will be difficult, but I am confident in our future. Already our students are seeking to make this tragic situation one of hope. Blue is not only one of the colors of Penn State, but also the symbol for the campaign to stop child abuse. They are calling for Saturday’s game to be a “Blue Out,” not simply as a sign of support of the university, but more importantly a statement to the innocents who have been harmed.

This is why I have hope, confidence and pride in Penn State.

See how he gets there.  This is why I earlier stated that Christian Brady IS Penn State.  The real Penn State.

More Stupid Drunk Tricks

A father in a Detroit suburb faces charges of child abuse after making his 9-year-old daughter drive him to a service station because he was too drunk to take the wheel, police said.  The outing was caught-on-tape by the station’s surveillance video, which shows the van pulling up to the station around 3 a.m. on Oct. 8, and the man, identified as 39-year-old Shawn Weimer, walking in with his daughter.

“Nine years old.  Nine! Gas, break, listen, we’re leaving, and she’s driving.  I’m drunk,” he can be heard saying to a clerk in the store.  Weimer was arrested after police officers in Brownstown Township, southwest of Detroit, were alerted by a 911 call.  “A 7-year-old is driving it and her dad is drunk and he’s in the passenger side,” the caller, who watched the girl get in the driver’s seat at the service station and pull the vehicle onto the road, told a 911 dispatcher.  “Are you sure the child’s driving, sir?” the dispatcher asks the caller.

When police stopped the car a few miles later, they were surprised to see the young girl really sitting behind the wheel, in a booster seat but still able to operate the van’s gas and brakes.

Appalling.  Just simply appalling.

Evil Always Excuses Itself

So it’s no surprise that the family that let a boy die in the squalor of grossness are attempting to excuse itself-

The family of a Berwyn, Illinois teenager who was found dead in a squalid home filled with over 200 animals defended their animal hoarding in an interview with a Chicago television station this week.

Though Lydia Price, the 47-year-old mother who was charged with criminal abuse and neglect of a disabled person and endangerment of a child, has yet to respond to the accusations, her 77-year-old mother, Barbara told CBS 2 the days since the death of 14-year-old Matthew Degner have been “horrid.”

“We’ve had not time for grief for Matthew with all the assaults and falsifications,” Barbara said.

A sheriff’s spokesman said the west suburban home where Degner was found was one of the most “horrific and disgusting environments” their animal control officers had ever been in. The house contained 212 animals including birds flying freely throughout the house, dozens of cats, dogs, rabbits, squirrels, a raccoon, two monkeys and two kinkajous — many of the animals surrounded by feces.

According to the coroner the boy died because of the conditions in which he was forced to live.  They murdered him because they cared more for their pets.  That’s evil.

Show and Tell Sure Has Changed…

A woman smoking crack from a glass pipe.

When we were kids in kindergarten we’d take some cool souvenir we’d picked up during summer vacation or some art project piece or some new toy.  Now, though, crack pipes are what some kids find to take…  momma’s crack pipe…

Officials at a small northwest Missouri elementary school say they were stunned when a kindergarten student brought his mom’s crack pipe and some drugs for show-and-tell.  KCTV reports that the boy showed the items on Sept. 6 at Sweet Springs Elementary School. School officials called police.  The boy’s 32-year-old mother was arrested and is charged with possession of a controlled substance and child endangerment.


Throwing a 7 Year Old Off a Boat is a Decidedly Bad Idea

A man is accused of throwing his 7-year-old son overboard after the boy witnessed a fight between the man and his girlfriend on a cruise in Newport Harbor.  Witnesses say they saw Sloane Briles, 35, hit his son and then toss the child in the water. People on three boats in the area rushed to save the boy, pulling him to safety, according to Orange County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Jim Amormino. The boy was shaken up but otherwise OK, Amormino told KTLA.

In other news, real parents love and shield their children from all the harm they can.

Dads Dimwittery

Down in Florida (but of course)

Authorities say a Fort Lauderdale man was charged with aggravated child abuse after using a 10-inch circular saw to try to remove a cast from his son’s hand. The boy was severely cut.Broward County jail records show 33-year-old Lawrence Roberts was released Monday on a $7,500 bond. He is charged with aggravated child abuse.The 15-year-old boy received emergency surgery at Broward General Medical Center.

Why?  I suppose it’s just the heat.  Yeah, that’s it, it’s so hot in Florida that this dad just was overcome with Zombie-ness and decided to cut off a cast with a buzz saw…

[Some people, again, really just should not be parents.  If you have to get a license to get married, drive, and run a business, why not have to get one to have children?  That’s far more important and has much wider implications for society’s well being].

The Prime Minister of Ireland Slams the Vatican

Ireland‘s prime minister has denounced the Vatican‘s approach to allegations of child abuse in the republic as absolutely disgraceful.  Enda Kenny said new laws are being drawn up that will make it impossible for anyone – even those high up in the Roman Catholic church – to avoid their obligations regarding reports of child abuse.  “The law of the land should not be stopped by crosier, or by collar,” Kenny said.  He added that he hopes the response from the Irish government to the Cloyne report will clarify to everyone that the law of the land applies in situations where appalling actions took place.  Kenny called on the Vatican to repeat its commitment that civil law should always be followed. The Irish Catholic church and the Vatican have faced severe criticism over repeated attempts to deal with incidents of abuse behind closed doors rather than by handing over suspects to the Garda Síochána.

There’s more, which you should see.  It’s beyond belief at this stage of the affair that the Vatican seems still to be trying to circle the wagons.  It really does make no sense at all.

That’s a Priest with Anger Management Issues…

Stephen remarks-

Priest Slaps 9 Year Old Girl in Church How vicious! Totally deplorable: Thrissur, India:  A nine-year-old girl who failed to take confession in a Church here was allegedly slapped by the angry Vicar, prompting the child's father to file a police complaint.      The police said as per the complaint, Father Paul Pulikottil, the Vicar of the nearby Vadookara Little Flower Parish Church, had allegedly slapped the girl on July 9 in the church hall in the presence of several others.     The … Read More

via Fr Stephen's Blog

There are Just Too Many Evil Parents in the World

 A 25-year-old Arizona man was arrested Sunday on suspicion of child abuse after allegedly burning his 5-year-old son’s hand because the boy touched his Bible.  Johnny Salazar, of Chandler, Ariz., was taking care of the boy and his 2-year-old brother — who he has joint custody of with their mother — when the incident occurred.  When Salazar’s parents returned from church on Sunday, they noticed red blistering on the wrist of the 5-year-old.  They asked their son what happened and he told them he burned the child with a cigarette lighter, police said.  “The boy was touching his Bible and he thought the boy may be possessed,” Chandler Police Sgt. Joe Favazzo said.

What. An. Idiot.  If you’re possessed you touch Bibles?????  Ghastly ignorance and sickening idiocy.  Via Robert Wilson on the FB.

Once a Pedophile, Always a Pedophile

At Birmingham Crown Court, Paul Anthony Wilson admitted two counts of oral rape of a girl aged two or three years old and a further 45 charges of making and distributing indecent images and inciting youngsters to engage in sexual activity on the internet.  The 20-year-old, of Newbold Croft, Nechells, Birmingham, was charged with rape in January after his arrest on suspicion of child abuse prompted an investigation into his employment at the nearby Little Stars Nursery.  Wilson was warned today that he was facing an indeterminate jail sentence.  Sentencing was provisionally set for July 27.

An indeterminate sentence should mean the rest of his life.  He cannot be cured, or controlled outside of prison.  No pedophile can.  Such ghastly behavior really deserves the death penalty.  But as Britain has no such law, life in prison is the very least he deserves.

I’d Be More Than Miffed…

And I have a high temperature most of the time anyway so I’m never really all that far from boiling.  So if a teacher did this to my child the apocalypse would break out for the ‘educator’ involved.

Sevier County primary school teacher Theresa Ward has been suspended after she was charged with the child abuse of one of her students.  Ward, who teaches second grade at Northview Primary, is accused of making a student who soiled himself during recess come back into class and sit without changing his shorts.  The mother of the student reported the April 4 incident to school administrators the next day.  According to a sheriff’s office report, the boy asked Ward to let him come in early from recess to use the bathroom, but Ward said no.

Completely unacceptable.  I would be in the Superintendent’s office until she were fired.  Period.

When Rachel (our daughter) was little she attended pre school (at the age of 3) and one day I was in the observation room and saw the ‘teacher’ grab her face and firmly shake her and it wasn’t half a second before I entered the room, picked Rachel up, and walked to the principles office.  I described what had happened and said ‘if she’s here tomorrow, we won’t be back.  Ever.’  The principle said ‘no need to worry, she won’t be here tomorrow’.  The trollopy abuser was dismissed that afternoon.

A few weeks later I dropped Rachel off and when I went outside there was a car running, a baby was in the car seat, no adults were around and I was extremely unhappy about a child being left unattended in a running car.  Anything could have happened.  So I went back in and told the Principle about it.  As we went out the ‘mother’ was getting back into her car.  I walked over to her and said ‘if I ever see your baby alone in the car again I will call the cops and report you.’  She got redfaced and flustered and the Principle said ‘it is against the law to leave children unattended in vehicles.  If he doesn’t report you, I will.’

All of which is to say, I can tolerate a lot.  But I can’t and won’t tolerate people mistreating or endangering children.  I just won’t.  If my child were caused to sit in her own poo, I would carve out a pound of flesh.

More Pastoral Misconduct

Arrest warrants reveal more an Asheville pastor is accused of child abuse.  49-year-old Greg Metcalf, is the Pastor of Westwood Baptist Church. He’s charged with assault on a child, contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile and child abuse.  Asheville police arrested Metcalf at the church after a DSS investigation.  According to arrest warrants the victim is Metcalf’s daughter.  The warrants say he sprayed his daughter in the face with water and stuffed a wash rag in her mouth.  Warrants also say Metcalf neglected the daughter who needed medical care.

Boy that name sounds familiar… I wonder if he was in Seminary when I was…  Anyway, what goes on in these guy’s minds?

Could You Injure Your Child with Acid?

A ‘father’ in Florida did.  And his little boy is only 10.  So ‘dad’ has been charged with attempted murder.

The father at the center of one of the state’s most ghastly child abuse scandals was charged with attempted murder late Thursday night for the critical injuries sustained by one his two 10-year-old adoptive twins – a boy found doused with chemicals inside a pick-up off Interstate 95, West Palm Beach police said.  The new charge against Jorge Barahona, 53, of Miami-Dade, negated a $1 million bail set earlier in the day for the father being held at the Palm Beach County Jail.  He is now being held without bond, according to jail website records.  Police said that at the same time, detectives were expected to execute a search warrant during the night at the Barahonas’ home, where the twins were said to have been tortured. And Barahona’s wife, Carmen, was with Miami-Dade police Thursday night.

Ok mom, why did you let your children suffer?  I don’t get it.  I don’t understand people at all and I don’t think I want to.  I’d rather take a bullet than let my child suffer a trauma of any sort.  I just don’t get it.  I hope that the divine judgment swiftly falls on and crushes this brute.  He’s certainly quite deserving.  And then he can become one of Satan’s toothpicks (a fate, you’ll recall, reserved for child abusers).

The Things That Pedophiles Tell Themselves

This local case (which no one outside the area has probably ever heard of) has been in the news off and on for several years now.  And in this instance, I’ve actually met the perpetrator: he used to work out at the same gym I did.

Do read the tale.  What I want to comment concerning is this particular bit-

[Monty the convicted pedophile] Koons insisted that at age 11 he was “called by God” to work with children, according to the appellate court. In addition to his teaching career, he served as a mentor for troubled youth.  It was that mentoring that led to his introduction to the girl in 2006. Her parents thought Koons was helping her deal with her problems, including addiction. Instead, Koons was taking her to his home and having sex with her, the opinion stated.  Koons would later insist he was in love with her and she with him. They even had a secret code – “394, meaning three years until the victim would turn 18, nine months to be pregnant, and the four children they desired,” according to the opinion.  Even after authorities discovered the relationship and launched a probe of which Koons was aware, he proclaimed his love in a phone call secretly recorded by police with the victim’s consent.  William Tillery, a clinical social worker who evaluated Koons before sentencing, declared Koons a pedophile.  “He said (Koons) generally fit the profile of a pedophile: never married, narcissistic, a belief that he had been called by God to be around children, and a belief that children could make him happy,” Tipton wrote.

Pedophiles, you see, believe that they are, in many instances, called by ‘God’ to help children realize their full personhood.  Only to, in fact, manipulate and molest them.  The things pedophiles tell themselves are lies, however.  They aren’t called by God.  They are perverters of the truth, liars, and deceivers.

When Monty was around the gym there was always that sense of something being quite not right.  You know what I mean- those people that you are sometimes around who give off a vibe or whatever it is which indicates that all is not as it should be.

By his own admission he had sex with a child.  That makes him a pedophile.  A year and some in jail + probation isn’t sufficient.  Once a molester, always a molester.