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Atheists Won’t Protest This…

They only protest Christianity.  Have you ever noticed that?  Buddhism?  Nah.  Judaism?  Nah.  Taoism?  Nah.  Druidry?  Nah?  Christianity?  Oh yeah they’re all over it.  Ehrman and Avalos and Dawkins and Hawking and the other angry atheists never say a bad thing about any religion but Christianity.  Not Islam certainly!  (But I guess that’s because those atheists aren’t interested in getting thwacked with a fatwa).

Hawking, Dawkins, Avalos, Ehrman, et al

The reason is because atheists don’t hate religion in general (or if they do, they never bother specifying any faith but Christian faith).  They just hate our grand faith.   Not to worry, though.  Barth’s Universalism was wrong and you won’t have to worry about seeing any of them in Paradise.  They’ll all be roasting like pigs on a spit.

Anyway, here’s the decision in Britain that the atheists won’t mind at all.

Britain has recognised druidry as an official religion for the first time, thousands of years after the Celtic pagan faith emerged in Europe, the country’s charity commission said Saturday. The Druid Network, an organisation representing the religion in Britain, was granted charitable status in a decision that not only gives it tax breaks but also lets the religion take its place alongside more mainstream beliefs. “This has been a long hard struggle, taking over five years to complete,” the Druid Network said in a statement after its application to be registered as a charity had been accepted by the Charity Commission.

Oh Britain, turn the clock back, won’t you?

UPDATE:  Ok look atheists, I know it’s hard for you to read and comprehend, but if you’ll just take a moment to read the comment policy (found in the right nav panel) you’ll save yourself a lot of time and you’ll figure out, eventually, maybe (though you are a decidedly dense and obtuse lot) why your oh so witty (as you alone imagine) remarks never see the light of day.