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Call For Submissions for the United Bibliblog Carnival

twittereenThis month the Carnival is both the official one and the Avignonian one (and it will collect material from November to post on 1 December at exactly 1 minute into the new month).

Accordingly, it is the United Biblioblog Carnival.  And it will be a bit different.  To be specific, it will be tweeting-centric.

So if you see a great biblical studies tweet or one particularly helpful about or from SBL 2015 (AAR need not apply, this is a biblical studies carnival, not a look at the underbelly of weird hinterlandish ‘theology’ in its various bizarre manifestations) would you be so good as to pass it along or even better, tweet it to me @drjewest.  Thankya.

Beginning 1June…

I shall commence my own monthly Biblical Studies Carnival. Accordingly, each month I’ll collect the most interesting posts from across biblioblogdom and on the first day of each month a new carnival will appear.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while but today a conversation with Doug Iverson moved me to implementation.

If you see engaging posts in Old or New Testament, archaeology, text criticism, or any related field just send them along.

I am not attempting to compete in any way with the official carnival. Just consider my attempt something of an Avignon Carnival!

Some of you will get that and others will need to google ‘Avignon Papacy’.

Send your suggestions. They may be predestined to appear.

Call For Submissions for the August (September 1 Posting) Biblioblog Carnival

I’m especially interested this time in collecting posts from twitter bloggers.  That is, bloggers who twitter.    If you’ve seen an especially good post, please do pass on the word.  With thanks in advance.

September Biblioblog Carnival (via )

Let Scott know what you think should go in it. I have no doubt it will be rollicking and snarky and 100% Scott.

September Biblioblog Carnival All right Biblioblogosphere: apparently, I’m on deck to be the ringmaster for this month’s carnival. Not sure what the theme will be yet other than: will suck more than any other Carnival, EVER! Or something like that. To ensure the Carnival is extra-bad I’m including a post from Unsettled Christianity. Also, Joel will be the official “Carnival Jester” for this month. He may not appear in the carnival in his official capacity, but any chance to p … Read More


There Are Only Three Biblical Studies Carnivals Remaining

UPDATEJIM LINVILLE has volunteered to take the Carnival Ship Helm!  Thanks, Jim!  (and the rest of you owe him a big thanks too!)

One scheduled for October 1, one for November 1, and one for December 1.

To borrow a phrase from the Elven Queen of the Forest to Frodo,

If you do not do it, no one can. If you cannot find a way, no one will’ (or some such).

If someone doesn’t step up to the plate and organize the next batch of Carnivals, they will cease to be. They will shuffle off this mortal coil. I’ve organized the past 15 or so, so it’s someone else’s turn. Unless there is no one else.  In which case, we will simply bid farewell to them.

Oh, and if you’re waiting for someone else to do it, let me assure you, so are they and they’ll wait till it’s too late.


Now Accepting Submissions for August Biblioblogging Carnival (via Daniel O. McClellan)

It’s over at Dan’s place. Help him out and email him some things you see during the month. And naturally he’ll include what he sees fit.

Now Accepting Submissions for August Biblioblogging Carnival There have been a number of good posts already this month, and I’m sure you’ll all read some phenomenal ones over the course of the month. Send submissions for this month’s biblioblogging carnival to dan.mcclellan ~ at ~ gmail.com. Please have “Biblioblogging Carnival Submission,” “Carnival Submission,” or something similar in the subject line. Evidently the carnival that covers posts in July is called the August Carnival. Please forgive the misl … Read More

via Daniel O. McClellan

The November Biblical Studies Carnival (To Be Posted 1 December) Call For Submissions


Carnival in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Some have never hosted a Carnival...


It’s already something like November 29th in New Zealand (or something like that- I can never tell..).   Anyway, the call for submissions for the next Carnival has been issued.  You might think it’s too early but it isn’t.  This will give you a chance to keep your eyes open all month and send along the best of the best (or at least the best of the worst).

Go give the call a read- and thanks to the folk at Religion Bulletin for hosting it.  As Deane remarks, if you’d like to host a future carnival, let me know.

If You’d Like to Host A Biblical Studies Carnival

Rice chaff

Drop me a note.  I’m happy to do them each month and even happier to have someone else do them whenever they like.  So if you’d like, let me know.

There are several benefits of hosting a Carnival:

1- you can put your own spin on it and make it your own statement, conformed to your own personality.

2- you can include posts that others probably wouldn’t.

3- you can enjoy the process of collecting and sifting, and separating the grain from the chaff.

The down side?  It’s a ton of work if it’s to be done well.  But everyone who does it well contributes to the learning of others.  What’s more important than that?

Still, don’t worry- if you don’t do it I will.  But I sure wish you’d do it if you’d like to.  The Carnival for Sept. 1 is nearly ready.  If you’d be interested in posting the next one on October 1 (no later than that- punctuality is important) featuring the best posts from September, tell me.