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Let’s Just Lock the Doors and Call it a Day, Ok SBC Institutions?

Because schools affiliated with the SBC on both the national and state levels are just getting dumber by the day.  From the Fundamentalist destruction of Seminaries in the late 80’s to the dreadful treatment of Profs at Southwestern (who will no longer be granted tenure) to the stupidity going on in Baptist Colleges– it’s just getting worse and worse, so let’s just lock the doors and call it a day, ok SBC?

Earlier this week, Patrick Schreiner reported that Jarvis Williams, an associate professor of New Testament and Greek at Campbellsville University, would not have his contract renewed. The case is curious since Campbellsville University is a Baptist school, associated with the Kentucky Baptist Convention, and CU is letting Williams go in spite of the fact that he is a fine Southern Baptist scholar. Schreiner writes:

He is a Christian conservative who is committed to biblical authority and the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

We have heard from a reliable source that they retain several faculty members who are not part of Baptist traditions, professors in the school of theology who reject biblical authority and biblical inerrancy.

Williams has published three books over the last few years and a number of articles. He is an African-American who has worked toward racial reconciliation within the church. And most importantly, Williams is passionate about proclaiming the Christian gospel. What more could a small Baptist university hope for?

According to Schreiner, Williams’ theology is the problem; he is too conservative for his institution. It is ironic that someone who received his PhD from the flagship seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention is no longer welcome to teach at a university associated with the SBC. It seems that at Campbellsville University the administration only extends academic freedom to those professors who disagree with the school’s founding principles.

Yes, let’s just close it down.  With thanks to Mark Elliott for the aneurysm.