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The True Herod, By Geza Vermes

Pretty great news from Dom Mattos of Bloomsbury over on the T&T Clark blog-

herodian_mosaicFor the last two-three months I’ve been working very hard on getting together the image permissions and high resolution files for our illustrated title on Herod next year, ‘The True Herod’, by the late Geza Vermes. This process is now complete, and I’m delighted to be able to say that the manuscript and the images go across to our production team on Wednesday in order to be made into a book.

The rest of the post includes the Preface of the volume.  Looking forward to reading this one.  Very much.

Thanks, Bloomsbury!

So, a couple of weeks back I actually won something– from Bloomsbury– and today the packet arrived (and the book is on the way).  Some nice stuff including a bag, a journal, a couple of coasters, a notepad, a flash drive, a couple of pens, and a bookmark!  Nice!  Thanks,  Bloomsbury!


Two Books Very Much Worth Having- And One of them Might Be Yours, If You’re Among the Elect

barkerDom Mattos of T&T Clark/ Continuum/ Bloomsbury has given me the green light to offer a copy of Anthony Le Donne’s new book Jesus, Criteria, and the Demise of Authenticity (which I have reviewed) and a copy of Margaret Barker’s The Mother of the Lord:  Volume 1- The Lady in the Temple (which I am presently reviewing).

criteriaTake a look at the links above and let me know, in comments (here or there), in your cleverest voice, why you and you alone should be chosen to be the fortunate recipient of your desired volume.  What sets you apart?  Why are you worthy?  Do you possess the awesomeness required to be selected by me and me alone?  Give it a shot!

Winners will be notified on December 14th.  One week from today.  So, it’s time to submit; the time is at hand!