There’s Fishiness in that There Pot…

Many months ago word broke of the discovery of an amphora claimed by its discoverers to be far more than it could have been.   Today, Antonio points out that the claim has finally appeared right where it belongs: Italy’s version of the National Enquirer.  Antonio’s post is tremendous, demonstrating, once more, his mythbusting skills.

Antonio writes

In Italy the Amphora Tomb discovery has been reported by a popular magazine named “Fenix” which deals with topics such as aliens are kept prisoners in Area 51, the pyramids were made by an extraterrestrial civilization, the crop circles are the evidence of the existence of Atlantis, Bigfoot in Tibet, speaking with ghosts, the Turin Shroud is the real thing and stuff like that. As I remarked, that is the right place where the Amphora Tomb interpretation could be reported. I’m still waiting for a peer-reviewed paper on that.

No need to wait, Antonio. It will never come. It can’t. The whole claim is now, as it was back when it first was made, nonsensical rubbish.

The Most Bizarre Thing BAR has Ever Done

And BAR has done a lot of bizarre things over the years beginning with their idiotic witch-hunt of the so called ‘minimalists’ in the 90’s and continuing through their unimaginable advertising of antiquities authentic and bogus, provenanced and looted.  But this one takes the cake.

One overarching question: who cares what Oded Golan thinks about the people who testified in his fraud trial?   How is this in any way relevant to the topic of ‘biblical archaeology?   Isn’t it really nothing more than BAR puffing itself up and saying ‘see we always knew he would get off’?  Shanks is a lawyer. Surely he knows that ‘not guilty’ doesn’t in any respect necessarily mean ‘innocent’.

By publishing such a piece BAR has abandoned all semblance of ‘scholarship’ and become nothing more than a tabloid rag.  Next, they’ll doubtless have photos of Bigfoot or UFO sightings over Jerusalem.

If you’re still subscribing to BAR or sending pieces along for inclusion in its pages, I have to say, I don’t understand why.