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Bad, Bad,Very Bad Archaeology…

Via Bob

An article on Bad Archaeology makes some good points about some recent archaeological claims:

“Biblical archaeology” is in “scare quotes” because it’s a highly problematical concept, but more of that later. What I want to address first is what ought to be a first principle for anyone reading about claims for discoveries that are supposedly to the Bible (Hebrew or Christian) or any religious text, for that matter. It’s this:

If a discovery confirms your pre-held religious beliefs, then it’s wishful thinking at best and even more likely to be a fraud.


Eric Cline: On Quests for Arks

From the BAR newsletter (yes, I get the newsletter…)

Dr. Cline’s illustrated lecture “The Search for the Arks (Noah’s and of the Covenant): Fruitful Quests or Fruitless Forays?” during the ASOR/BAS Seminar on Biblical Archaeology in Orlando, Florida, will use material from his book that was awarded the BAS 2009 prize for Best Popular Book on Archaeology (From Eden to Exile: Unraveling Mysteries of the Bible [National Geographic Books, 2007]). Dr. Cline will examine several examples of such searches, while at the same time using the tools of his trade to lay out each mystery, evaluate all available evidence–from established fact to arguable assumption to far-fetched leap of faith–and propose possible explanations that reconcile scripture, science and history.

If I didn’t have such high esteem and unwavering respect for Eric I wouldn’t mention it.  But I have because Eric is a genius and wherever he appears, he should have a hearing.

The ‘Caption the Eric Cline Photo’ Contest

UPDATE:  And the Winner is!!!!!  George Athas (for his sheer tenacity!).  George, email me your address and I’ll send it along.

Here’s a photo of Prof. Cline on the last day of the dig at Tell Kabri (shamelessly stolen from his Facebook album).  I thought it might be fun to have a contest featuring it.  So, here are the rules:

1- write a caption for the photo.

2- win a book.  In particular, win a copy of Eric’s book, Biblical Archaeology: A Very Short Introduction.

3- The winner will be chosen by me.  And my decision will be final.  So let it be written, so let it be done.

4- Submit your caption in comments.  Multiple entries are ok.  Even females are allowed to enter!

5- The contest ends in one week.

Stephen Made Me Chuckle…

When he called Israel Finkelstein a minimalist! HA! Either Stephen isn’t familiar with minimalists or he hasn’t read much of Finkelstein!!! Finkelstein can HARDLY be called a minimalist. Rather than reading Bolen’s take on Finkelstein’s essay Stephen would be better served to read Finkelstein’s work for himself. And a lot of it.

[NB- I like Stephen. He’s just wrong with his label of I.F.]

The Minimalists, doing their damndest, again… In a new article in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures (11/12), Israel Finkelstein, Ido Koch, and Oded Lipschits propose that the city of Jerusalem only rarely included the “City of David” ridge south of the Temple Mount. The article, available in pdf format, begins with these paragraphs: The conventional wisdom regards the City of David ridge as the original mound of Jerusalem. Yet, intensive archaeo … Read More

via Fr Stephen’s Blog

Archaeology in Two Hours

In San Diego a lecture is being held which promises to teach the interested ‘biblical archaeology’ in two hours.  Or at least an introduction to it.

Biblical Archaeology: The San Diego Archaeological Center presents “Biblical Archaeology in Two Hours” 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. March 12 at the center, 16666 San Pasqual Valley Road, Escondido. http://www.sandiegoarchaeology.org; (760) 291-0370.

I can do it in way less than two hours.  I can do it in under a minute:

Take your Bible, match places to tels, identify everything found with a biblical passage, and voila, biblical archaeology!  It’s a methodology perfected by Mazar in Jerusalem, but it has other adherents too.

If you have two hours, though, to spare on March 12, you should attend.  It should be fun, fun, fun!