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Israel is More Paranoid, and More Tyrannical, By the Day

When Sandra Tamari arrived at Israel’s international airport, she received an unusual request: A security agent pushed a computer screen in front of her, connected to Gmail and told her to “log in.”

The agent, suspecting Tamari was involved in pro-Palestinian activism, wanted to inspect her private email account for incriminating evidence. The 42-year-old American of Palestinian descent refused and was swiftly expelled from the country.

Tamari’s experience is not unique. In a cyber-age twist on Israel’s vaunted history of airport security, the country has begun to force incoming travelers deemed suspicious to open personal email accounts for inspection, visitors say.

Absurd!  Israel is isolating itself to such an extent that it will soon be absolutely friendless in the world community.  Then, I suppose, the Government there can lament its self imposed isolation and complain ‘see, everyone really does hate us’ when it fact it seems that the opposite is the truth, the government of Netanyahu hates everyone.  [HT Tom Verenna on FB].

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