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The Tomb of the Egyptian Singer

Fascinating stuff here:

Archaeologists working in Egypt have discovered the tomb of a female singer in the Valley of the Kings.  The tomb was found by a team from the University of Basel in Switzerland who came across it by chance.  The woman, Nehmes Bastet, was a temple singer during Egypt’s 22nd Dynasty (approximately 945 – 712BC), according to an inscription in the tomb.  Previous tombs found in the valley were for members of ancient Egypt’s royal families.  Mansour Boraiq, an official at the Antiquities’ Ministry in Luxor, told AP that the coffin was remarkably intact and would be opened this week. Archaeologists expected to find a mummy with a burial mask molded to her face, he said.  Basel University’s Elina Paulin-Grothe said that the tomb was not built for the female singer, but was re-used for her 400 years after the original burial, according to AP.  The woman in the coffin – who lived almost 3,000 years ago – was the daughter of the high priest of Amon, Egypt’s Antiquities Minister Mohammed Ibrahim told AFP.