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Elad’s Expansionistic Goals and Policies

The Associated Press informs us that

A hard-line Israeli group said Tuesday it was launching plans for a new tourist center at the site of a politically sensitive archaeological dig in a largely Arab neighborhood outside Jerusalem’s Old City, drawing fire from Palestinian officials.

The project’s sponsor, the Elad Foundation, said the new visitors center and parking garage will be built above a section of the excavation area known as the City of David, leaving the ruins below accessible. The foundation said no additional land beyond the current excavation site would be used and that construction, which must pass several zoning committees, was still several years away.

Israeli archaeologists at the City of David, named for the biblical monarch thought to have ruled from the spot 3,000 years ago, are investigating the oldest part of Jerusalem. Finds there linked to life and ritual in ancient Jerusalem regularly make international headlines, and the dig has become one of Jerusalem’s most popular tourist attractions.

The site is just outside the Old City walls at the edge of the neighborhood of Silwan in east Jerusalem, the part of the city the Palestinian Authority says it wants as the capital of a hoped-for state.

Elad is continuing to impinge upon Palestinian properties with the clear goal of 1) uniting Zionists behind them and 2) forcing Palestinians out altogether.  Shame on them.  And shame on their clearly politically motivated ‘archaeology’ and the archaeologists they’ve co-opted to achieve their purposes.

One Racist Rabbi

According to [Rabbi Dov] Lior, every time Israel tries to “please the villain,” its status in the world suffers.  He went on to slam the Israeli Left. “There are circles of villains seeking to give away parts of this land to our enemies. Luckily, God Almighty causes the camel riders to refuse to meet with the government…  “There are leftists fighting the people of Israel’s return to their land… They have put the public to sleep with opium of peace… The Hollywood culture and singing in discotheques will not do good, but bad.”  The rabbi referred to the Arabs as “wolves”, adding: “What we have with those villains and savages is not peace, and it won’t be peace. It’s against their nature. They hate peace.”   He [said that] Israel should be cleared of Arabs, who should be given a right of return to places like Saudi Arabia. “The Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel only,” he ruled.

How is this Israeli one whit different from the radical muslims and the fred phelps-ian pseudo christians?  Does this guy have more than a handful of supporters?  If so, that speaks poorly of many.

‘Don’t Sell Property to Jews…’

Racists come in every religious form

What if some senseless prat said that?  Can you imagine the outcry?  And a justifiable outcry it would be- because it would be nothing but rank racism.

So why hasn’t there been an outcry in the aftermath of Israel’s chief rabbis telling Jews not to sell land to non-Jews?  Their attitude is racist.  So where’s the rage?

Three dozen top Israeli rabbis threw their support Tuesday behind a religious ruling barring Jews from selling or renting homes to non-Jews — an indication of growing radicalism within the rabbinical community at a time of mounting friction between Israeli Arabs and Jews.  The action by the clerics — chief rabbis in some of Israel’s largest cities and influential among the devout — fueled charges of racism.  The religious opinion first became a focus of controversy last year when the chief rabbi of Safed — a town in northern Israel that has a large concentration of devout Jews — urged that it be applied specifically to Arabs.

These rabbis are racists pure and simple and they deserve the scorn that every other racist deserves.  They are no better than the KKK or the Nazis or the Christian Fundamentalist hatemongers.  And no different than any of them either.  Racist rabbis.  What a shame.  Shame on them.  They’re the male version of Helen Thomas and not one splinter of difference exists between them and her.