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Dialect App

This is great!

Dialäkt Äpp: Gib öis dini Schtimm

Unser Dialekt verrät unsere Herkunft. Doch woher kommt ein Sprecher, der vom Huusini, Bitzgi oder Göitschi redet, wenn er das Apfelgehäuse meint? Dialektforscher der Universitäten Zürich und Bern haben eine App entwickelt, die die Herkunft von schweizerdeutschen Dialekten bestimmt. Mit der App kann man auch die eigene Aussprache aufnehmen, sie mit aktuellen sowie früheren Aufnahmen anderer User vergleichen und somit Daten für die Dialektforschung sammeln. Die «Dialäkt Äpp» steht ab heute, 22. März, gratis im Apple App Store zum Download bereit.

Switzerland is a land of multiple dialects- some of which are excessively odd… ok strange.  So this app is a brilliant aid.


Good News: Keith Whitelam’s Book Will Be Out In the Next Few Weeks

I’ve mentioned this before and now I’ve got a few more specific details:

whitelam_bookThe book is aimed at the general/interested reader rather than a specialist Biblical Studies market, though its author hopes that it is affordable and interesting for students. It is priced at $7.99 in the USA (the price will be converted for local currencies). Hopefully it will be available from 1 February 2013 (this will depend on different companies and how quickly they make it available on their electronic stores). It will be available on Amazon (for Kindle), Apple iBookstore (for iPad), Barnes and Noble (for Nook), Reader Store (for Sony Reader), Kobo (for Kobo Touch, Kobo Wi-Fi, Kobo Vox), Copia, Gardners, Baker and Taylor, eBookPie, and eSentral. The ISBN for the epub version is 978-0-9575406-1-3.

Visit your local e-publisher and pick up a copy soon as you can. I’ll be reviewing it in the next few weeks, so watch for that if you like.

Apple’s Not Exactly a Good Corporate Citizen

Apple, the world’s most profitable technology company, doesn’t design iPhones here. It doesn’t run AppleCare customer service from this city. And it doesn’t manufacture MacBooks or iPads anywhere nearby.


Yet, with a handful of employees in a small office here in Reno, Apple has done something central to its corporate strategy: it has avoided millions of dollars in taxes in California and 20 other states. Apple’s headquarters are in Cupertino, Calif. By putting an office in Reno, just 200 miles away, to collect and invest the company’s profits, Apple sidesteps state income taxes on some of those gains.

Apple’s strategy: charge high prices for products made outside the United States where wages are poor and taxes are low and use any means necessary to avoid meeting its obligations as a member of American society.

Setting up an office in Reno is just one of many legal methods Apple uses to reduce its worldwide tax bill by billions of dollars each year. As it has in Nevada, Apple has created subsidiaries in low-tax places like Ireland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the British Virgin Islands — some little more than a letterbox or an anonymous office — that help cut the taxes it pays around the world.

Apple may be the sort of company that follows the law and uses its many loopholes to its advantage, but legality doesn’t equal morality and Apple simply has no interest in sharing its part of the culture’s burdens.  And that makes it evil.

Steve Jobs: Miracle Worker

If he keeps this up the Catholic Church will canonize him!

An avalanche of more than 100 apples rained down over a main road in Keresley, Coventry on Monday night.  The street was left littered with apples after they pelted car windscreens and bonnets just after rush-hour.  The bizarre downpour may have been caused by a current of air that lifted the fruit from a garden or orchard, releasing it over the junction of Keresley Road and Kelmscote Road.

We all know better though.  We all know that Steve Jobs let them rain down from heaven as a sign that he’s there.  Right?….

[Antonio made me do it with his post!]

I Don’t Know Who Came Up with this Video…

But, boy are they rank dilettantes.  Everyone knows it wasn’t an apple.


Apple is to Gadgets What Nike is to Footwear

As Gawker reminds those who used to know it till a few days ago-

Apple’s success has been built literally on the backs of Chinese workers, many of them children and all of them enduring long shifts and the specter of brutal penalties for mistakes. And, for all his talk of enabling individual expression, Jobs imposed paranoid rules that centralized control of who could say what on his devices and in his company.

It’s particularly important to take stock of Jobs’ flaws right now. His successor, Tim Cook, has the opportunity to set a new course for the company, and to establish his own style of leadership. And, thanks to Apple’s success, students of Jobs’ approach to leadership have never been so numerous in Silicon Valley. He was worshipped and emulated plenty when he was alive; in death, Jobs will be even more of an icon.

Etc.  (HT Craig Martin on the FB).

I Don’t Use a Mac, So I Don’t Use Accordance. But…

It seems that the Common English Bible is now available in Accordance. So, those of you who use the demonically inspired Mac and with it Accordance, now at least you have some reason to not feel so badly about your wicked decision to do so.

Rejoice! You’re closer to the light and closer to the truth and perhaps, one day, if you read the excellent translation that the CEB is, you’ll leave the darkness and toss your Mac into the rubbish heap where it belongs.

There’s A New Apple in Town

And it isn’t made in China!

Switzerland will celebrate its founding this year with its own new apple species, the Galmac, adding a new twist to William Tell’s mythical apple-shot which indirectly led to Swiss independence.  According to the ministry of agriculture, the apple “with a bright luminous skin, crispy, juicy and with a harmonious and refreshing taste”, will for the first time be commercially available nationwide.  Crucially, it will also ripen just before the August 1 national holiday.

Sound’s tasty.  I wonder when the local Food City will get it.

Jon Stewart Eviscerates Apple

And does it brilliantly for their heavy handedness in the Gizmodo expose of iPhone4.  Watch the video.  Fantastic.