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The Episcopal Church: The Inevitable Result, the Logical Conclusion of a Church Set Adrift by Ties to the State

The roots of the Anglican communion (and therefore the Episcopal Church) are so intertwined with the State that the inevitable result is the kind of unbiblical pseudo-theology presently on exhibition. When Theologians are replaced by politicians (and worse, when theologians become politicians, more concerned with what’s politically feasible than theologically appropriate) then the only thing …

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Diarmaid MacCulloch on the Anglican Covenant

Diarmaid writes in the Guardian– Something very significant in the history of the Church of England happened on Saturday. An absolute majority of dioceses in the Church of England, debating diocese by diocese, voted down a pernicious scheme called the Anglican Covenant. This was an effort to increase the power of centralising bureaucracy throughout the …

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The Anglican Covenant is Dead in the Water

The BBC reports The Church of England cannot sign up to a plan aimed at preventing the global Anglican Church from splitting up after half its dioceses voted against it. The Archbishop of Canterbury backed the Anglican Covenant in a bid to ensure divisive issues – such as gay bishops – did not cause the …

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Diarmaid MacCulloch: On Forced Celibacy

Not everyone called to the priesthood is also called to celibacy, suggests Prof. MacCulloch in an op-ed for the Guardian. He begins Christians outside the Roman Catholic church, and very many inside, can see what a nonsense compulsory clerical celibacy is. Its effect is often malign, producing loneliness, alcoholism and, at worst, efforts at emotional …

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More Pastoral Misconduct: The Perverted Anglican Edition

A longtime priest at one of the country’s largest and most prominent conservative Anglican churches has been fired for repeatedly using a church computer to surf for pornography, an official at the Fairfax City church said.  The Rev. Marshall Brown was associate rector at Truro Church, whose clergy members helped lead 14 Virginia parishes to break …

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