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The Huffington Post is Just Stupid: The Crippling Ignorance of American Media Outlets

Here’s a screenshot of the three latest tweets which have come my way.  Two by the HuffPo, sandwiching one by Aljazeera.  Do note, Aljazeera’s is meaningful and sensible and useful.  But the Huffington Post’s are just idiotic.

The problem is that the HuffPo isn’t alone in chasing the most banal and idiotic stories which, surely, NO ONE in their right mind could care about.  So why do they and the others do it instead of offering consumers actual journalism?  Because America is becoming more and more interested in infotainment and less and less in facts.

The Huffington Post is selling Americans what they want.  And Americans want what the Huffington Post is selling.  And it’s crippling us.  We’re a nation becoming dumber by the day.  Someone needs to say so.  Someone needs to call the media to higher standards.

At least Aljazeera and NPR are doing a good job keeping us informed, but who else is?

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Mutual Tarnishing…

Al Jazeera notes-

Obama’s selective intervention in Libya is tarnishing the American image even more in the Arab world.

Fair enough really.  But let’s all agree that tarnishing of reputations isn’t a one way street.  The vile brutality, the madness, the insanity of many radical Muslims also tarnishes, rightly, the Arab image in the American world.  Here in the West we don’t rape little girls and then accuse them of adultery and then beat them to death and do it all ‘legally’ at the urgings of some ‘holy man’.

Before the Arab world can come down too hard on the West it needs to get the beam out of its own eye.  Then it will be able to see more clearly and help the West get the speck out of its.

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I’m Disappointed in Al-Jazeera Too…

They have somehow or other managed to completely ignore the story of Lara Logan.

Writing about the horrifying sexual assault on Lara Logan, my colleague Alexandra Petri stated that “[t]his sort of story has a pernicious staying power….” And that would be true if you’re getting your news from American outlets, especially the New York tabloids.    But if you want to know how the Logan attack is playing in the Arab world you’ll be sorely disappointed. I was alerted to this by my friend Paul Chamberlain in Las Vegas. “I have an interesting observation for you,” he wrote in an instant message. “I am one the many who fell in love with Al Jazeera’s coverage [during the Egypt crisis] – Its app is a staple on my iPad – I watch their stream daily.” Chamberlain is among those Americans who flocked to al-Jazeera for on-the-ground reporting on the Cairo protests from Arab reporters in the cultural capital of the Arab world.  “I was curious how they would handle the Lara Logan incident,” Chamberlain continued. “Go here search ‘Lara Logan.’ ” When you do it, your reaction might be the same as mine to Chamberlain, “um…..crickets.” There was and continues to be nothing there. Or at al-Jazeera’s Arabic-language site. Wow. He did note that BBC, Times of India and Le Monde all carried stories on Logan’s assault.

I’m disappointed in you, Al-Jazeera.  Truly disappointed.

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Freedom of the (Burning of the) Press

Animation showing the calligraphic composition...


Al-Jazeera’s offices in Cairo were stormed and torched and its Website hacked Friday, says the Pan-Arab broadcaster, while the top U.N. human rights official complained that media covering Egyptian pro-democracy protests are being arrested “in a blatant attempt to stifle news.”  Qatar-based Al-Jazeera — widely watched in the Middle East — portrayed the attack on its office as an attempt by Egypt’s regime or its supporters to hinder its coverage of the uprising in Egypt. Al-Jazeera said the office was burned along with the equipment inside it.

The world just can’t stop itself from being obnoxious and despicably violent.  And the NRA rejoiced.  And – by the way – Al-Jazeera is an actual news organization.  Unlike Fox.

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Al Jazeera has a fantastic op-ed piece on the propagation of neo-orientalism in the West and its political agenda.

The media continually builds an association of Islam with war,instability and repression, creating a false stereotype. … Since 9/11 rarely does a day go by without hearing, reading, or watching reports of a terrifying Muslim-related event. The presence of Muslim minorities within western capitals has further complicated things, aggravating the intricate interplay of the local and the global. Fears of a perpetual Muslim danger overlapped with deep-seated fears of immigrants, aliens, and strangers. Coverage of Islam has turned into an industry specialising in the engineering of images, scenes, and messages. In a globalised world governed by the power of the image, the question is no longer what has sparked this event or that incident and how it has unfolded on the ground, but how it gets captured by the camera and reported to viewers, listeners, and readers at home.

I commend the entire essay to your attention. It’s a very important subject and one that needs more than a mere glance. Especially since so many Christians have bought into the false belief that Islam is evil and all Muslims are bent on the destruction of Western civilization in general and the United States and Britain in particular.

Equating all Muslims with violence is the same thing as equating all Christians with the hate mongering Westboro Baptist Church and its leader Fred Phelps. Christians don’t wish to be associated with that cult and Muslims, for the most part, in the vast majority, don’t want violence.

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Looting the Holy Land

Ush Grab, occupied West Bank. (Decolonizing Ar...

This is a fascinating documentary on the way archaeological materials are being used in Israel- especially since Raz Kletter and Thomas Thompson are interviewed in it.

Since 1967 countless artifacts have been unearthed and removed from the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. Many are displayed in Israeli museums and private collections, while others are sold to tourists. For Israel, archeology has been a key tool in buttressing its territorial claims to historic Palestine. Archeological findings are used to assert ownership and to rename the territories they occupy. Palestinians see the cultural heritage of the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza as a central part of their ancestral birthright and ownership is key to building an economy based on pilgrimage and tourism. Is the removal of historic treasures from the occupied territories a case of cultural preservation or stealing a heritage? What role has the science of archeology played in the Arab-Israeli dispute? Al Jazeera searches through the evidence, unearthing the facts and exposing a power struggle in which every stone has meaning. More than just property, the control of a cultural legacy is at stake. Looting the Holy Land airs from Sunday, October 10, at the following times GMT: Sunday: 1900; Monday: 1400; Wednesday: 0300; Thursday: 1900.

Unfortunately I didn’t hear about it until this morning.  Perhaps a DVD will become available.   Until then, you can watch the 46 minute long film by simply going to the video below and clicking play!

UPDATE:  Using the fantastic free little program ‘Download Helper’ I’ve been able to download the entire program to my computer and can watch anytime with Real Player.  Nice!


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