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A Pretty Good Week, But Not the Best

Visitor-wise that is.  From last Thursday through today at 3 pm-


Others countries visited too of course but they can’t all be gotten in one screen shot (in terms of quantity) but they are mapped.  And, Greenland, what gives?  I know you have intelligent residents, so where ya been?

[For fun I scanned the Alexa rankings of the biblioblogs and, heaven bless ’em, none are even remotely close…  No wonder some strange folk don’t like to take them into account].

You Can Claim You’re The Top Biblioblogger…

But if your Alexa ranking isn’t better than

7 day 61,811
1 month 66,604

Then, really, you’re just sad and delusional and tragic.

The REAL Blog Rankings: The Mid-Month Edition

You don’t have to take the word of some sketchy programming (which – as far as you know may be using some script or code to capture your keystrokes thus allowing its owner to hack into your bank account and other sensitive information) when you can take the word of the profoundly neutral Alexa (the only real site stat meter used by real biblio- and theo-bloggers- after all, any ‘biblical studies blogger list’ which features an atheist at the top?  Oh please!).

Anyway, here are the screenshots of stats from your favorite bibliblogs (captured at 7:45 this morning, Eastern time).  Check out your own REAL standing by visiting Alexa and plugging in your URL (unless you are hosted by some service like Beliefnet or Patheos, in which case it isn’t your blog stats that are revealed but the stats of the entire site) –

It’s Tuesday- Time to See How Far Joel’s Behind in the Only Rankings that Matter… Alexa

The month of July always sees a plunge in readership, Joel.  Don’t be dismayed.  The 4th and the week leading up to and the week following see lots of folks on vacation, bloody pagans.  And apparently they’re just too busy to read important blogs and would rather spend their time reading rubbish on their feckless kindles and nooks and other demonic devices.

But even with that said- Joel, you’re WAY behind in all three categories (7 day, one month, three month).  And yet you’re still miles ahead of all the rest of the true (male SBL member) bibliobloggers and the false (female, pretendo- and dilly) bloggers.

Now where did all the braggarts go who said they were on the rise?  Peter Kirk, how far have you fallen?    Because, it’s Tuesday, it’s time for you lot to despair and lose hope of ever genuinely being

You Know What’s Coming Next…

Alexa Internet

True Objective Knowledge indicating who's the best and who isn't. And guess what... you aren't!

All those idiotic ‘end of the year’ summaries of all the best and worst this and that- as if the compilers of such lists have sampled absolutely everything in each category and are competent to render judgement concerning how everyone else should view those things.

It’s the most annoying time of the year.

There’s only one legitimate way to determine what’s really the best- and that’s Alexa.  The higher the Alexa ranking, the more superior a thing is.

It’s really a shame that Alexa doesn’t rank everything.  Then we would really truly know the best and the worst of everything.  As things now stand, however, all we know is which biblio/theoblog is the best.  And the worst.

I’m Huge in New Zealand!

According to Alexa

Zwingliusredivivus.wordpress.com’s three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 65,692. While roughly 60% of the site’s visitors are in the US, where it is ranked #18,286, it is also popular in New Zealand, where it is ranked #802. Visitors to it spend about 47 seconds on each pageview and a total of sixteen minutes on the site during each visit.

16 minutes per visit. That’s cool. That’s longer than most people read books published by ‘big names’. But the exciting bit is that in New Zealand, I’m #802! I finally cracked the top 1000.

Oh, and my 7 day and one month Alexa rankings?

7 day    50,448
1 month     64,376

How ya like them apples, Mark Stevens????? 😉

In the words of the famed rapper, ‘you can’t touch this!’   HA!  *Snap*.