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No, Pat Robertson Does Not…

So, apparently, the ‘Science Guy’ is all excited about Pat Robertson’s latest blatherings (though why anyone is loony enough to think Pat Robertson a hero of any sort is a mystery to me).  This led Mr Science, for whatever reason, … Continue reading

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Ok, Let’s Hear The Derision Reserved for Pat Robertson Leveled at Oliver Stone

If Pat Robertson got on his 700 Club and made the claims that Oliver Stone has, about Sandy being ‘punishment’ for something or other, people everywhere would be on him like white on rice.  So where’s the derision of Oliver … Continue reading

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Pat Robertson Wants Pot Treated Like Booze

Pat… Pot…  crackpot. Pat Robertson, the televangelist behind Christian Broadcasting Network’s “The 700 Club,” doubled down on an opinion he had expressed on his show for years now.  “I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat beverage … Continue reading

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Pat, Get a Life

Pat Robertson is being the buffoon again, calling the Twilight films ‘demonic’ and ‘evil’.  No, Pat, they aren’t that- they aren’t good enough to be that.  They’re much worse: they’re badly acted! But that doesn’t mean the devil is in … Continue reading

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