Hebrew and Greek Tutoring

One of my skillsets is and has been expertise in Biblical languages.  While an MDiv student at Southeastern Seminary in the 1980’s I received the highest award given to language students- The Arthur F. & Olga M. Robinson Advanced Language Prize.  This prize is given to the student who has shown the greatest mastery of both Hebrew and Greek.  Throughout my ThM and ThD studies and in the years since I have maintained a daily routine which includes regular work in Hebrew and Greek.

I am happy to offer tutoring in either Hebrew or Greek for students in need of additional guidance, Pastors who want to brush up on their language skills, or interested layfolk who would simply enjoy learning one or both of the Biblical languages in order to deepen their own study of Scripture.

An elementary course in Hebrew or Greek normally runs 16 weeks.  It can be started at any time convenient to the learner and is conducted on a one on one basis.

The tutor fee is also extremely fair.  For 16 weeks of individual instruction the student is asked to pay $100.  The student must acquire the textbook her or himself and in due course a copy of the Bible in Hebrew or Greek.  Payment can be easily made through Paypal.

If you’re interested in learning more about me, you can see my CV here and my list of publications here.

I’m here to help.  Let me know if I can via email to drjewest@gmail.com