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News From SOTS

Dear SOTS member,

Welcome to our 11 new members, elected at the January Meeting, and a happy new year to all. There isn’t much to report today, except to remind you that we have a new website thanks to the hard work of Jon Stokl, – it will always come up if you Google ‘SOTS’; though hearing I was doing some secretarial work for SOTS, the bright young new curate at my church looked it up and found ‘Soldiers Off The Street’, a charity aimed at preventing homelessness for those who no longer are able to be employed in what they were trained to do, and he commended my taking up of this worthy cause.

The Meeting in Durham went very well with our new president Adrian Curtis at the helm, and though there were reports of chilliness in some rooms, Collingwood’s dining room seemed to have had a makeover which made the canteen dining style we are now used to seem a little more elegant, if not as in the days when we used to be served over our shoulders by waiters. On the plus side, no-one gets summer pudding dripped down the back of their pale linen jacket any more. Excellent porridge too. I enclose a classic view I took of Durham on the day the Meeting started, in case anyone missed seeing it, the Wear swollen by the Winter of heavy rain.

The main business to pass on is from the secretary David Shepherd: In addition to the Society’s own meetings, we understand that members are active in organizing other academic events of which they may wish to make the membership aware. Such notices should be sent to me and should be limited to the most basic information which should include contact details and or a URL for further details. Please also send a copy to the information officer, Jonathn Stokl: so that it may be included in the ‘news’ part of our website.

I’m away until Wednesday evening so won’t be able to reply to emails until then.

With best wishes for the new year,
Viv Rowett
SOTS membership secretary

Durham classic view

Member of SOTS: An Email Requesting Your Password and Your Response

From our beloved Jonathan S.

Dear SOTS members,

You will likely have received two emails coming from the SOTS website today. This email is not a scam email. The wording is not due to me, but the email is genuine. I have just opened up the members’ part of the website and I would like you to chose your own password for your account and access to the members’ page (where you can find, for example, the minutes of the last business meeting. Reports will also be posted there).

If you have any further issues, please get in touch with me and I’ll help you out.

all the best,

The 2016 Winter Meeting of SOTS

sotsAll the details of the Winter Meeting coming in January are online here.  Do be sure to check into them.

Sad News: The Death of John Emerton

emertonKatherine Dell informs SOTS (of which John was formerly one of our esteemed Presidents)

Members will be saddened to hear of the death of former President John Emerton (born 5 June 1928) who died at home last Saturday (12th Sept).

So learned was he that he was elected to the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities.  His contributions to the field of Old Testament studies were immense.

May he rest in peace.

UPDATE:  Here’s a photo I snapped at SOTS of Prof Emerton and Prof Nicholson a few years back:

emerton and nicholson

W.G. Lambert’s Notebooks Online

This is fantastic.  W.G. Lambert was a brilliant guy and witty too (and not a huge fan of the internet, ironically) and now his handwritten notebooks are available online.  Take advantage of them!

Notebook 1 part 1: Lambert Folios 8897-8956
Notebook 1 part 2: Lambert Folios 8957-9029
Notebook 2: Lambert Folios 9034-9124
Notebook 3: Lambert Folios 9128-9379
Notebook 4: Lambert Folios 9393-9545
Notebook 5 part 1: Lambert Folios 9546-9676
Notebook 5 part 2: Lambert Folios 9677-9804
Notebook 6 part 1: Lambert Folios 9807-9939
Notebook 6 part 2: Lambert Folios 9940-10089
Notebook 7 part 1: Lambert Folios 10090-10208
Notebook 7 part 2: Lambert Folios 10209-10330
Berlin notebook: Lambert Folios 18381-18401
Index: Lambert Notebook Index

With thanks to Tom Bolin for pointing this out.

I’m Sometimes Subject to Sentimentalism…

Odd as that may seem…  Anyway, especially thinking of SOTS friends and colleagues today.  These photos are from the Winter Meeting in Durham from a few years back.

Dropping in on the ‘Society for Old Testament Study’ Winter Meeting

10405574_10101033809439759_8258366528778206763_nJonathan S. is keeping us posted with his photos and paper summaries.  Drop in yourself here.  SOTS is one of my favorite scholarly societies.  The meetings are always packed with interesting papers, the people are always really lovely (because most of them are British), and the venue is always historical.


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