SOTS Winter Meeting Registration Deadline

A reminder from the Hospitality Secretary that the final booking deadline for the Winter Meeting in Nottingham is 1st December – which is next Wednesday!

All bookings should be sent to her <> to arrive by the deadline. Anyone who has made a late application for a bursary should send a message to her by Wednesday to this effect (so that a provisional room booking can be made).

Hoping to see many of you in Nottingham in the New Year.

With all good wishes,

The Revd Dr Janet E Tollington
SOTS Membership Secretary

Day Three of SOTS

The day started with a paper on the LXX.  Or more, a history of the LXX, and Romanian translations of the Bible.

The second paper I heard (having missed the actual first one of the day due to time zone issues – i.e., I was still asleep) focused on critical readings of the Bible in the 19th century.



The next paper was on ecofascism and ecological criticism and biblical scholarship.


Fascinatingly, the alt-right is engaged in ecological issues, and the Charlotte rioters were even chanting ‘soil and blood’ as part of their mantra not only as a reflection of their neo-nazi tendencies but as part of their concern for environmental issues.


It was a fascinating presentation indeed.  The left is not alone in ecological concerns.  Christian nationalism and ecofascism go hand in hand in many quarters.



Utterly fascinating indeed.

And the final session-sots38

SOTS is the absolute best conference, followed by CBA.  If you are a student of the Hebrew Bible you should most definitely consider joining.  Here’s how.

SOTS Summer 2021 Meeting, Day 2

Another great day of interesting papers.  Admittedly, I missed the first one (because I didn’t wake up in time) but from the second on I was alert….


(insert raised eyebrow here)

The business meeting is always cordial and informative.

And the report of the review committee was very enlightening.

Mark Brummitt on Jeremiah. Delightful paper.

And the last paper of the day, Matthew Coomber’s on ‘Contempt in the Hebrew Bible’. It was extraordinary.

The day was filled with great discussions as well as super papers. Looking forward to tomorrow’s.

SOTS in Days Gone By

Photos by me.  Please do not re-post.

(I took a photo of Joseph Fitzmyer at SBL one year and the next thing I knew, someone had used it on their own website upon his death)(rude).

In person meetings are much better than online.  But online meetings are better than no meetings at all.

SOTS Summer 2021 Meeting

The meeting is totally online this year.  I normally attend the Winter Meeting, so it’s nice to sit in on the Summer gathering.  The full schedule is here.  Take a look.

Here are some of the folk present this evening, for the opening lecture.  There were 86 in total but of course there’s little point in screen grabbing little empty boxes.

Martti’s lecture was super.


Now, if we’re true to form for the SOTS meetings, we’re all off to the reception.  So I’m going to go eat some snacks and pretend that I’m chatting with Matthew Coomber and Hugh Pyper.

Happy Birthday, SOTS

Mat Collins wrote on the SOTS facebook page on 29 June, 2016-

sotsFor those interested in that sort of thing, it was 100 years ago today (29th June 1916) that the first proper planning meeting for SOTS was held. Nine scholars met in the rooms of R.H. Kennett at Queen’s College, Cambridge, and resolved to move ahead with the proposed “British Society for Old Testament Studies” and to hold an inaugural meeting in London (at King’s College) at the start of January 1917.

According to the minutes, those in attendance were: Rev. Prof. W. Emery Barnes, Rev. Principal W.H. Bennett, Rev. Principal W.E. Blomfield, Stanley A. Cook Esqr., Dr. G. Buchanan Gray, Rev. Canon R.H. Kennett, Prof. A.S. Peake, Rev. T.H. Robinson, and Rev. Principal John Skinner.

Happy 105th Anniversary, SOTS.  Fantastic beginnings for the best learned society in the world.

The SOTS Summer Meeting

SOTS Summer Meeting to be held online

In light of continuing uncertainty regarding the appetite for and feasibility of gathering in person or, in hybrid form, in July this year, the Committee of the Society for Old Testament Study has approved a recommendation from its Programme Sub-Committee that the Summer Meeting under the presidency of Professor Hugh Pyper will be held fully online from the 12th – 14th of July, 2021.

While this news will be disappointing for many of us who are missing meeting in person, the excellent attendance at our first ever online meeting this past January – and a very promising programme for the July meeting – augurs well for a successful Summer Meeting, the details of which will be forthcoming shortly.

Via the Society’s Secretary.

#ICYMI- Welcome Reception and Dinner At #SOTS2020

Next, the Presidential Address.

#ICYMI – This Really is a Lovely Campus

As I understand it, in the future we will be alternating venues between here and Durham. A good choice both I think. #SOTS2020.

#ICYMI – #SOTS2020- At the University of Nottingham, Jubilee Campus

And settled in.  Looking forward to a walk around to orient myself and then later on for sessions this evening.

So far so good.  A very helpful reception area and really comfortable rooms on a lovely campus.