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The Avraham Faust Lecture at #SOTS2020

Last night’s final lecture was by Avraham Faust.  It was exceptionally interesting and argued essentially that there need not be any archaeologically based skepticism about the close relationship (sisterhood) of Judah and Israel.  Archaeology, he suggested, shows a clear connection between the two ‘states’.

Jonah at #SOTS2020

The pre-dinner session featured a very intriguing paper on various modern readings of Jonah:

Afternoon at #SOTS2020

#SOTS2020 Day Two- The Morning Session

There were interesting papers, a nice break for a visit to the book hall, and a bit of time to chat with the publishers.  All in all a good, and intellectually stimulating morning.

Lunch next then the afternoon fun.

Breakfast on Day 2, #SOTS2020

You have to eat before you can scholar.  The facilities here are fantastic and the food is very, very good.

It’s quite a full first half of the day as you’ve seen from the schedule posted earlier.  More anon.

The Presidential Address by Walter Houston, #SOTS2020

Was a delightfully informative examination of the Sabbath commandment and its implications.  As Houston notes, ‘it is not work that is sacred, but rest’.

Welcome Reception and Dinner At #SOTS2020

Next, the Presidential Address.

This Really is a Lovely Campus

As I understand it, in the future we will be alternating venues between here and Durham. A good choice both I think. #SOTS2020.

Around the Place, And Some Familiar Faces Before #SOTS2020

#SOTS2020- At the University of Nottingham, Jubilee Campus

And settled in.  Looking forward to a walk around to orient myself and then later on for sessions this evening.

So far so good.  A very helpful reception area and really comfortable rooms on a lovely campus.

The Last Time I Was in Nottingham for SOTS, So Was Philip Davies…

It was, I’m sad to say, the last time I saw him.  I wish he were here to chat with again.  Especially at SOTS.

Gone too soon.  Far too soon.  It’s a common thing to say, but it’s true:  enjoy your friends as much as you can while you can.

Around and About Nottingham

The 2020 SOTS Winter Meeting Booking Form and Program

Are now available:

2020 Winter Meeting Booking Form

2020 Programme

2020 SOTS Travel Directions to Jubilee Campus, Nottingham

I hope to see you there.

Oh I Sense I Dinner Venue for SOTS 2020 Winter Meeting!

Happy Birthday, SOTS

Mat Collins wrote on the SOTS facebook page on 29 June, 2016-

sotsFor those interested in that sort of thing, it was 100 years ago today (29th June 1916) that the first proper planning meeting for SOTS was held. Nine scholars met in the rooms of R.H. Kennett at Queen’s College, Cambridge, and resolved to move ahead with the proposed “British Society for Old Testament Studies” and to hold an inaugural meeting in London (at King’s College) at the start of January 1917.

According to the minutes, those in attendance were: Rev. Prof. W. Emery Barnes, Rev. Principal W.H. Bennett, Rev. Principal W.E. Blomfield, Stanley A. Cook Esqr., Dr. G. Buchanan Gray, Rev. Canon R.H. Kennett, Prof. A.S. Peake, Rev. T.H. Robinson, and Rev. Principal John Skinner.

Happy 103rd Anniversary, SOTS.  Fantastic beginnings for the best learned society in the world.

#SOTS19 – Dinner

Via Viv Rowett, official photog of the conference.

#SOTS19 – The Dining Hall

With thanks to Viv Rowett for the photo!  Fitzwilliam College has gone all out!


Follow the Winter Meeting of the Society for Old Testament Study (meeting this week at Cambridge) at #sots19 on the twitter.

SOTS, Two Years Ago, Today…

In Nottingham…

SOTS 2019 Winter Meeting Program