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Wikipedia’s Editors Are Imbeciles

They can’t even tell Melanchthon and Beza apart…  dullards.  (Photo by a friend.  I don’t visit wikipedia because, well, it’s stupid).

Bonhoeffer For Today

That’s why he’s so beloved of the Emergents and Seekers and RHE-ers and Osteenites and Oprahanity.

I Am Extremely Unimpressed

This volume… which seems so promising… is an absolute disappointment.  And that’s before even opening it and merely reading the table of contents.

How on earth can you have a volume on the Reformation which includes primary sources and completely ignores Zwingli? That’s like having a volume on math and leaving out a discussion of addition.  It is literally incomprehensible, inexcusable, and unforgivable.

The Latest Defense Fad For Rapists: Blame Bullying…

A former Vanderbilt football player charged with raping an unconscious female student in a dorm room in June 2013 was pressured and bullied into participating, his lawyer contended in the opening of his trial Monday.

In opening statements, defense attorney Katie Hagan said trial jurors must determine if Brandon E. Banks was acting under duress during the rape, which has led to convictions and prison sentences for two of his three teammates also charged in the incident.

On Monday, Assistant District Attorney Jan Norman opened the trial by telling jurors, in graphic detail, that a video shows Banks assaulting the student with a water bottle. Banks’ cellphone also contained 23 of 41 images of the assault, Norman said. At times during the rape, the players responded with laughter and applause, Norman said.

“They’re memorializing each other’s accomplishments in that room — what they were doing, what they were cheering each other on to do, what they were encouraging each other to do,” Norman said in Davidson County Criminal Court. Hagan countered that teammate Brandon Vandenburg “was pressuring and goading” Banks throughout the incident.

That’s right- it’s the ‘I was bullied into being a rapist’ defense…  You aren’t responsible for your actions, precious millennial.  You’re a rapist because you didn’t want to be teased by your bros.

He Needs a New Girlfriend. One Not So… Insane


Chris Tilling Has Dumped Me For Doug Campbell…

Shocking news came yesterday through a ‘Dear John’ letter from Christ Tilling- my former SBL roomie – that he was dumping me to instead get a room provided by Doug *The Apple CEO Lookalike* Campbell.  We’ve roomed together a long time. In fact, we’ve roomed together at SBL when we’ve both been there from back in the days when Tilling was a Grad student.

But now he’s dumped me.  And I’m heartbroken.  So if I’m super moody the next couple of months it’s because of it.  And if you see me at SBL in San Antonio don’t be surprised if I snap your head off if you speak to me.  I’ll be fuming.  Bloody abandonment.  #RoomingAlone.  #TillingIsAMeanie.  #ITakeShowers.  #HeClogsDrains.

Here’s their engagement picture…  the swine….


Campell swearing eternal love to Tilling in return for an endorsement…

Pandering Bloody Blasted Heretics and the ‘Churches’ They Festoon with Theological Ignorance

An Atlanta ‘Church‘ opened its worship service with a rendition of the newly dead Jehovah’s Witness Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’.

  • Church
  • Worship
  • Secular song
  • Jehovah’s Witness

These things don’t belong together in Christianity no matter how much a ‘church’ wants to cash in on someone’s death.

The intentional ambiguity of Prince’s sexuality was complimented perfectly by his intricate, steamy, and gyrating music. Like its genius creator, the song “Purple Rain” is drenched in its own ambiguousness but without undermining any overt odes to the god called sex. To use a song that NME once referred to as “an unholy triptych”in the worship service on the Lord’s Day is beyond the pale, no matter how much that church desires to be a relevant place where people who don’t go to church feel comfortable. That marketing-driven desire being allowed to reshape ecclesiology is the real sickness; the use of an inappropriate song is the symptom.

Disgusting.  Truly disgusting.

A Nashville Teen Shot His Family Today…

Because he was annoyed that he had to get up for school…

An argument over getting out of bed for school Tuesday morning led a teenage boy to open fire on four family members, including his grandmother and two young children, in an East Nashville home, Metro police said.  Nashville police spokeswoman Kris Mumford said that shortly before 7:17 a.m. a relative was attempting to wake up the 16-year-old boy inside his home at Berkshire Place Apartments on Porter Road when an argument broke out.

“There was a quarrel about getting up and getting ready for the day when (at some point) the 16-year-old ran to a closet, got a 9 mm handgun and started firing,” Mumford said.  Bullets struck the teen’s 67-year-old grandmother twice, and his 12-year-old sister and 6-year-old nephew were both grazed by gunfire. The teen’s nephew is his older sister’s son, Mumford said.  The teen also tried to shoot his 42-year-old mother in the living room of the home, but Mumford said the woman ducked behind a couch and avoided being hit.

Granny should have had a gun so she could have blown his head off and defended the clan, right NRA?  Every home needs 15 or 20 guns, right Congress?  In fact, let’s just get everyone a gun and toss them in the street any time they get annoyed so they can blow each other’s brains out.  #America.

Zwingli’s Letter to Kanye West

Look out, you impudent chap, now you will experience an examination which can’t be borne by you, but only by a Hercules. You actually deserve it, that one would hurl against you everything that gives insult, derision,and offense… Is it not almost insane that you think so much of yourself…

Were you born to cause only confusion everywhere? You lacked the strength to act, after you exposed your stupidity in the presence of all, and you also still need to abandon your wickedness…

Even from childhood your life was piggish, your tongue impudent, your mouth evil, your voice impure, your eyes ruttish, your forehead shameless. Your heart burned in such a manner from the craze for greed and fame, that you, as the prophet says, simply could not bear rest and peace.

Your belly is so devoted to voracity and lasciviousness that… you would have been a better raptor or ass than a human being. Everything manifests externally what it is internally; whether you look like a human or like an ape on the outside. You are indeed in action nothing other than a cow. You still need, as it appears to me, and everyone else, to be broken like a mule or a donkey.

I could never find a man more miserable than you, even if I scanned the whole of Germany… Since one cannot bend you into shape with either mildness nor sharpness, nothing else can be done but to treat you like … a miller’s ass which needs to be flogged with a club.

Or is one to send you into the mad house? Oh, there is no mad house good enough to bring so wicked a man back to order. Even if one made every effort to restore him again, he will always be completely insane and raving; nothing different than a completely mad and common chap. You have always naturally been like that… “*

*Zwingli wrote this to Johannes Eck but it’s perfectly suited to Kanye West as well.

Because in American Academics, There’s Always Money for the Jocks, Just not the Scholars

The University of Michigan spent more than $10,000 per day on jet travel for its head football coach and his staff in the days ahead of last year’s national signing day, according to an analysis by USA Today. During a 12-day stretch in Jim Harbaugh’s first month as head coach, Harbaugh and his staff spent more than $136,000 traveling on private jets for recruiting trips. Harbaugh’s contract requires the university to cover those expenses.*

Tell me again how ‘accreditation’ makes the academic world a better place…

I Know This Will Be Quite the Rage in Some Quarters…

But I just find these sorts of historical and theological distortions* not only silly, but really silly.  Their entire purpose is to enrage and offend.  But what they really do is mislead and mock.


Because Every Dimwit in this Country Can Get a Gun, Easily

And pellet guns, potentially as deadly, are even more widely available because, let’s admit it, we live in a land where people still think they’re living in the wild west and everyone needs a gun in case the injuns surround the village and we need to fight our way out…

Someone shot at a school bus full of kids Monday evening and now police are searching for clues. It happened near Haywood Lane and Apache trail as 22 students from Intrepid College Preparatory Charter School in Antioch were being taken home. According to Mia Howard, the founder and executive director of the magnet school, the startling incident took place at 5:15 p.m.

Don’t bother asking why.  The answer is simple.  Because they can.

Sarah Silverman is An Imbecile, And This Week’s Winner of the Dilly

It’s been a good while since I’ve seen this sort of dilettantish ignorance on display but here it shines brightly in the stupidity and imbecilidity of one Sarah Silverman, actress:


Her claim is made without so much as a sliver of evidence.  And yet, the buffoons in Hollywood (aka land of the biblically ignorant and uninformed) fete her and heap approval.

She, and they, are why dilettantes who pretend to be other people for a living and those who film them should never, ever talk about the bible or theology.

Since, though, they do love awards, here’s the most deserved award Silverman will ever receive:


Awww… Precious Polyamorists…

Say, supporters of gay marriage, didn’t you tell us the whole ‘slippery slope’ was a falsehood?  Oops… looks like you were wrong.


Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Like Christians… Or Razors…

I wonder what the connection is…  I’m guessing that it has to do with the fact that she is a fan of weird instability.


Thank you so much for your hairy exhibitionism.

Aww… Bless Her Entitled Little Millennial Heart

Don’t despair when you fail a course, twice. Do the Millennial dance and sue– because dog gone-it you’re nice and people like you and you deserve to pass even if you can’t do the work or master the material… Right Jennifer?

A nursing student who says anxiety and depression made it difficult for her to concentrate has sued a northeastern Pennsylvania university after twice failing a required course.  Jennifer Burbella claims her Misericordia University professor didn’t do enough to help her pass a class on adult health patterns.

Bless it…

After Years Of Refusing To Endorse any Political Candidate…

I’ve finally found one I can get behind (!) more than any politician presently living, serving, or running.  The candidate I am endorsing is smarter, wiser, and more astute than any of them.  I’m very proud to endorse, for all offices, him!


How The Police Can Tell the Difference Between a Justified Shooting From An Indictable One

I hope this helpful guide assists the minority of officers out there who practice racism to understand when they should and shouldn’t shoot an unarmed fleeing black man-


Just Exactly Who Is Silly Enough to Deem an 11 Year Old (Or Whatever He Is) a ‘Leader’?

And what qualifies him to write a book about, well, anything (except maybe coping with puberty)?  This is precisely everything that’s wrong with publishing today.

A prominent Christian publisher cancelled a book project this week after the author refused to say that he did “not condone, encourage, or accept the homosexual lifestyle.”

The publisher, Destiny Image, told author Brandan Roberston on February 19 that they would no longer publish his manuscript, Nomad: Not-So-Religious Thoughts On Faith, Doubt, and the Journey In Between, for financial reasons. Robertson, the evangelical organizer for Faith in Public Life, who only makes a glancing reference to homosexuality in the manuscript, recently told TIME that he identifies as queer. He said the publisher told him there was concern that evangelical bookstores would not carry the book.

The issue of his interests sexually are of no concern to me and I don’t care that his publisher has decided to dump him for them.  What I do care about is the absurdity of a publisher publishing a book by a kid about a topic concerning which he has insufficient life experience to appreciate.  It’s just idiotic.  It’s as bad, if not worse, than those ridiculous ‘autobiographies’ that persons like Justin Bieber and other celebs spew like baby vomit.    Publishers who publish that kind of Dreck aren’t deserving of having customers.

And no, it’s not because the kid is a kid either.  I’d be calm as a glass sea about it if he were writing about something he knew but I guarantee you, he knows nothing about faith, doubt, or traversing the distance between them at his age.

The second issue I have is the fact that he and his thoughts (good Lord) are being marketed as if stemming from some sort of ‘Evangelical Leader’.  If THIS is what Evangelical leadership looks like, then it deserves to wither under the glaring light of disdain and scorn. ‘Evangelicals for Marriage Equality’ indeed.  Let’s wait until the kid has been married a few years before we start fawning over him, ok publishers?  Just because he’s a not bad looking kid doesn’t mean he’s worth publishing.  Unless publishing has become identical with boy band creating…

Publishers are becoming more and more disappointing in their attempts to grab the youth audience.  And less and less supportable.

After he graduated from college last year, Robertson, now 22, became the national spokesperson for Evangelicals for Marriage Equality, an initiative started by millennials to help evangelicals support civil gay marriages. He spoke at a Reformation Project conference, an effort by fellow evangelical activist Matthew Vines to raise up affirming evangelicals in every evangelical church in the country, last fall. Robertson also blogs regularly about issues of social justice, and sexuality, on his Patheos blog, “Revangelical,” and has been featured in numerous news outlets for his work to encourage evangelicals toward greater gay and lesbian inclusion. TIME featured Robertson in January in a magazine story, “Inside the Evangelical Fight Over Gay Marriage.”

I’ve not felt badly for Evangelicalism for a long time- but I do now.  Very badly.  This is the ‘best’ they have to proffer in their attempt to persuade millenials to flock to their folds.  Better no Evangelicalism at all than that it become this miserable caricature of authentic Christianity.

Destiny publishes popular Christian authors including pastors T.D. Jakes and Bill Johnson.

Well then… maybe they should publish the tikes little volume.  It will fit right in with their other authors…

Facebook ‘Theology’ That Makes Me Sigh

This is simply false.  It is a false dichotomy.  Anything, of course, can become an idol.  Anything.  But the fact is, that without theology we have no WAY of talking about God and without theology we have no proper ethic (since behavior always, always, always is influenced by belief).

So, besides making me sigh, this annoys me because it is a subtle suggestion that the anti-theological false theology of the Emergents and their ilk is appropriate.  But ignorance of theology is not bliss, it’s just dilettantism.

‘Desiring God’ indeed.  As if.  Apparently ‘Desiring God dot org’ doesn’t have any thinking Christians on its staff (because theology is simply thinking about and describing faith)…