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Eerdmans: A Case Study in How a Responsible Publisher Handles Charges of Plagiarism

This is simply brilliant and though I have long admired Eerdmans and their spectacular work, I now admire them even more. August 15, 2016 At the beginning of July 2016, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. received allegations against one of … Continue reading

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The Funniest (In the Sense of Most Absurd) Advert Email I’ve Yet Received

I won’t mention the publisher, because generally they do pretty good work.  But this… this commendation… is just so absurd. This month also brought the release of the long-awaited next book by Peter Leithart, Delivered from the Elements of the … Continue reading

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Sheffield Phoenix Press is Closing Down

I received this email (as did all authors of SPP volumes) this morning and it makes me a bit sad: We are sorry to inform you that Sheffield Phoenix Press will cease to publish new books as from the beginning … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Publishers of Biblical Studies Stuff

Dear Publishers, Might I humbly request that when you publish biblical studies materials by scholars that you respond to email in a timely manner. inform your authors as the process moves along at each step. meet your own deadlines refrain … Continue reading

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Oh HuffPo- Do You Know No Theologian?

Because I’m guessing that you don’t.  Because the fact is, NO ONE KNOWS the answer to such a question but God and he doesn’t tell us lowly mortals.  So if your article doesn’t consist of the very concise sentence ‘no … Continue reading

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Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh

Have publishers now come to the place where they have to invent non-existent theological debates in order to peddle their latest tome?  Aren’t there already enough real and pressing theological issues to write about? Has anyone, anywhere, at any time, … Continue reading

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Where Do the Authors of All Those Horrible Books in ‘Christian’ Bookstores Come From?

You know the type- the authors of the kinds of things you see festooning the shelves at your local Jesus junk store by the likes of Rachel Evans and Rick Warren and Joel Osteen and TD Jakes and Beth Moore … Continue reading

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Brill on YouTube- With Author Interviews, Etc.

It’s not just biblical studies and theology though- it’s everything.  Still, there you have it.

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Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht aren’t troubled though, they have a German company to deliver their volumes- Bei Amazon wird wieder gestreikt.  Zeit also, auf unsere zuverlässige Verlagsauslieferung Brockhaus Commission hinzuweisen, die unsere Bücher (und natürlich auch viele andere) schnell und kompetent … Continue reading

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‘Fortress Commentary on the Bible’ Blogger Roundtable at SBL

Fortress Press is planning to have general editors Hugh Page, Margaret Aymer, Gale Yee, Matthew Coomber, and David Sánchez (5 of the 6 editors of the Fortress Commentary on the Bible), along with Fortress Editors Neil Elliott and Scott Tunseth, at the Fortress suite … Continue reading

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Peter Lang Verlag Tweets

If you go here you can read more.  Contact me if you would like the directions for submissions.

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Sad News From Logos…

Got this email and wanted to pass it along… Dear Jim, We would like to inform you that more people need to pre-order your commentary. If they don’t, within 24 hours, you will be killed. If, however, enough people do … Continue reading

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Rick Warren’s decontextualization of Daniel will be turned from a book into a series of newsletters? That’s sad. Now not only will the people who read his books be misled, so will those who get his newsletters. Let me say … Continue reading

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T&T Clark Is Looking for Suggestions

And they’re willing to offer some fun incentives for your help. It’s no secret that T&T Clark has published some EXCELLENT books in its 192 year history. At the moment we’re thinking of embarking upon a new series which presents … Continue reading

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Bill O’Reilly’s Worthless ‘Jesus’ Book…

Is reviewed by Joel Watts here.  Candida Moss is reviewing it as well and when her work is online I’ll pass along the linkage.  And that will be the last mention by me ever of O’Reilly’s worthless ‘Jesus’ book. To … Continue reading

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Has Anyone Ever Heard Of…

Edina Press in Edinburgh?  And if so, does anyone have any contact information for them?  I cannot find them, or it, and need to.  So if you do, please do drop me a note.

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Much Ado About Absolutely Less Than Nothing

The biblioblogs are abuzz with word of Tausig’s ‘New, New Testament‘ which is just an old, old Marcionite or Jeffersonian idea (i.e., one’s own private canon to replace the Church’s canon).  It’s much ado about absolutely less than nothing.  You … Continue reading

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Publishers and their ‘Expiring’ Digital Review Copies

I’ve done a few reviews of books sent electronically and I really don’t mind doing so but I don’t think I’ll do any more.  Why?  Because publishers are now in some cases sending electronic editions which expire after 30 or … Continue reading

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Did You Know That A Recent Discovery of Noah’s Ark Will Call into Question the ‘Theory of Revolution’???

It’s a fact!  And those ‘bible code’ crackpots think they’ve discovered the key to Noah’s Ark… Ha! The book is about the discovery of what is believed to be Noah’s ark. A team of Turkish and Chinese explorers found a … Continue reading

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You’d Have to be Insane to Pay to be Published In a ‘Peer-Reviewed’ Publication

I’m sure many of you have gotten the same email from SAGE- Get published! Submit your manuscript to SAGE Open—an open-access publication. Open access huh? Then why does it cost folk $395? Publish in SAGE Open, SAGE’s groundbreaking, open-access publication … Continue reading

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