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When John *the Heretic* MacArthur Speaks, Women Aren’t Present

If you look at this photo of MacArthur talking to a group of people you’ll notice that there are no women present.  Why?  Because women are too smart to listen to that heretic.  Men, on the other hand, and mostly white men in particular lap up the heretical swill with reckless abandon.

NB- Now is as good a time as any to remind you that complementarianism springs from hell’s pit.

John MacArthur: Heretical False Teacher

He is wrong for the following reasons:

  • His exposition of Ephesians is as inaccurate as imaginable.  Paul never so much as implies that the husband saves the wife.  That is a false gospel.  A lie.  And according to Paul, anathema.
  • Men don’t rescue women from loneliness, being unfulfilled, or being unprotected.  I.e., men are not God.  God rescues all of us from all of those things.
  • The life task of women is not child bearing, as though all women without children or women who didn’t wish to have children were imperfect, inadequate, or inferior.

MacArthur appears to believe that men are the gods women must worship in order to be happy and fulfilled.  And that their sole function is giving birth.  And that is damnable.

MacArthur is a heretic, a false teacher, and a cancer on the body of Christ.

‘Multi-Campus’ Churches Aren’t Churches, They Are Personality Cult Franchises

And when the personality being worshipped by the cult turns out to be a fraud, the franchises collapse.

The Next Level Church, a modern Christian congregation with five locations across New Hampshire, has closed its doors due to a leadership crisis and organizational issues following multiple resignations from the organization’s executive team earlier this month.

After former employees and volunteers leveled accusations against the church’s directional team for bullying and financial misconduct, the leaders resigned, leaving only four pastors for the seven locations spread across three states. They decided to close rather than continue.

Such ‘churches’ aren’t Christian congregations.  They aren’t places where disciples are made.  They are places where consumers of a product gather and when the product doesn’t deliver, the franchise crashes and closes.  Like at ‘Next Level’.   The next level is open evil.

With thanks to Ken Leonard for telling me about the story.

Elevation ‘Church’: Cult Supreme

Steven Furtick: cult leader.  Furtick is a grifter and a fraud. His congregants are either deluded into thinking he’s a Christian, or they know he isn’t and they just don’t care.

More than anything I would love to see Luther or Calvin unleashed on Furtick.  To hear Luther say

You have surrendered yourself and dared to become an avowed enemy of God, wanting to race rather than trot to hell.


You are worse than all the devils. What you have done, no devil has ever done. Your end is near, you son of perdition and Antichrist! Stop now, you are going to far!

And much more.

When they want to charge you $200 a ticket to attend, it’s a cult.

Via the twitter.

Yet More Evidence of Why It’s Unwise to Get Your Theology From People Who Aren’t Theologians

Today’s example is from someone called Bnonn Tennant (sounds like a fake made up name to me).  This chap has zero business offering theological opinions.  He writes of himself

I have a background of sorts in philosophy and writing…

Clearly you don’t have a background in or even a basic understanding of Christian theology.  Here’s the evidence:

Don’t get your theology from people like this.  They simply exude ignorance.

Bad Theology is Bad. And Pentebabbleism is Purely Bad Theology

There’s a certain lunacy and wretchedness in any theological perspective that leads people to believe the sorts of things pentebabbleists believe.

And although I’ve seen more than my fair share of examples of the depths of theological ignorance that pentebabbleism can plumb, this is the lowest of the low.

Pentebabbleism is a sickness.  Watch the video at the link above and you’ll agree.

Alright Pentecostals, When is Enough Enough for You? Have You NO Sense of Truth?

Have you NO understanding of doctrine?  Why in the name of God do you allow this kind of blasphemous nutbaggery to exist in your midst?  This is YOUR guy.  Do something with him.

Act like Christians instead of satan worshippers and heretics.  Remove this vile wretch from his pulpit.

No, Don’t

If you did, you would be making a ‘category error’.  The bible may well contain novella (cf. the Joseph story) but it also contains a whole range of genre, and to read the whole as though it were a novel is not only a recipe for disaster, it is wrongheaded and inadequate.

So, no, don’t.

PS: it should be $6.66.