If You Don’t Bake the Gay Cake, You Do Discrim-i-nate….

So saith the court in Ireland.

A Christian-owned bakery that refused to make a cake carrying a pro-gay marriage slogan has been found guilty of discrimination after a landmark legal action.

The Northern Ireland Equality Commission brought the case against Ashers Baking Company on behalf of Gareth Lee, the gay rights activist whose order was declined.

Giving her ruling at Belfast County Court on Tuesday, district judge Isobel Brownlie said: “The defendants have unlawfully discriminated against the plaintiff on grounds of sexual discrimination.

Let’s hear it for freedom.  Yay, freedom… To be forced against conscience to do what a tyrannical minority want you to do.  Yay… ‘Freedom’.

Now let’s force Muslim bakers to make cakes with cartoons of Mohammed.  And let’s get those polyamourous marriages, pederast weddings, and of course, animal love couplings all legitimized too.  Doggie cakes…

And Look, There’s Jerome Showin’ Off His Inclusiveness and Warmth!

I cannot understand how a man of your acuteness and capacity can condescend to such nonsense; you suppose that your readers are foolish, but you shew that you are foolish yourself.  — St. Jerome

I’m just glad that neither Luther nor Calvin or Jerome were the sorts of theologians who produced lasting insights.  How could they have?  Only preciousness and sweetness are able to survive…

Aww… Bless Her Entitled Little Millennial Heart

Don’t despair when you fail a course, twice. Do the Millennial dance and sue– because dog gone-it you’re nice and people like you and you deserve to pass even if you can’t do the work or master the material… Right Jennifer?

A nursing student who says anxiety and depression made it difficult for her to concentrate has sued a northeastern Pennsylvania university after twice failing a required course.  Jennifer Burbella claims her Misericordia University professor didn’t do enough to help her pass a class on adult health patterns.

Bless it…

Numerous Persons Dead At An Academic Lecture Sponsored by AAR

Sadly the lecturer had decided to try something new (you know how AAR people are).  She had her audience lay down on the ground and within an hour they were all not only dead, but thoroughly decomposed and reduced to skeletal form.

Allow, dear friends, this cautionary tale to keep you away from AAR sponsored events.  Not only are they deadly, but there’s terrible evil there.


There’s Something Seriously Wrong With Texas

The actor, martial artist, and internet meme Chuck Norris has warned of a federal government plot to take over the state of Texas. Writing on the right-wing website WND, or WorldNetDaily, Norris discussed the potential for Jade Helm 15, a US military training exercise planned for July and August, to turn into a full-scale occupation of his home state. Exercises will be held in Texas and six other states during Jade Helm 15, across public and private land. The training has been the focus of rightwing conspiracy theories since a map published for the purpose of the simulation labelled Texas, Utah and California as “hostile”.

“The US government says, ‘It’s just a training exercise’,” wrote Norris, 75. “But I’m not sure the term ‘just’ has any reference to reality when the government uses it.”  Both the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, and US senator – and 2016 Republican presidential candidate – Ted Cruz have been accused of pandering to conspiracy theorists with their reactions to Jade Helm 15. Abbott asked the Texas state guard to monitor the training exercise. Cruz said his office had “reached out to the Pentagon” to ask about the exercise.

I kind of wish the Feds would invade Texas, take it over, and hand it back to Mexico.  And then build a giant fence and wall all along the northern border so that none of those lunatics could enter civilized society ever again.  And then, God willing, they could get Rush Limbaugh and shove him in a giant transport plane and drop him (with or without a parachute) right down into Dallas.