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August 4, 2015

The Death Panel Is Real!

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August 2, 2015

Samson and the Lion

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Just because I love Dürer’s work and who doesn’t want to see a dude kill a lion with his bare hands?  I bet this one was #CecilTheLion’s ancestor.  Cecil seems to have drawn an unlucky straw…


[NB- all the Cecil talk has made me surly].

July 14, 2015

Inflated Egos…

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And those who sport them:


July 6, 2015

Racism Is Over in South Carolina!!!!!!!

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The Senate there has voted to remove the Confederate flag from State buildings!   The end of racism has come!!!!

Thank God such gestures change hearts and minds…

July 5, 2015

Hillary Hazzard

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Since the country has gone all bonkers looney about the Confederate flag- especially the left- here’s a question for ya- now that they’ve uncovered old evidence of Hillary’s love of that symbol- who ya gonna vote for?


Because, let’s be honest, all this ‘let’s remove every vestige of the past we presently find distasteful’ is just stupid.

June 19, 2015

He Sounds Like Bloggers I Know Who Talk About Books They’ve Never Read…

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Blogger Who Wrote Scathing Post On ‘Laudato Si’ Considering Reading Encyclical For Himself. Catholic blogger Dermot McHenry, who wrote a scornful attack on Laudato Si yesterday, reported this morning that he was now about ready to consider actually reading the encyclical for himself. “The thing is like 180 pages long or something like that,” McHenry told EOTT. “And since I’m not a big fan of Francis or the whole global warming thing, or reading long posts, I thought the best thing to do was to simply read what other commentators were saying and to eloquently regurgitate what I read, form a nice little narrative that would make my readers happy, and then to post it with a bunch of bold words everywhere.”

Yup- just like bloggers I know who talk about Bultmann or Barth, or Wright for that matter.

June 1, 2015

The Vatican Responds to the Cover of Vanity Fair

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Here, opining

CAITLYNMembers of the Synod on the Family scrambled to meet today to discuss what some bishops are calling “a game changer” after Bruce Jenner appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair revealing his new Caitlyn Jenner identity.

The impromptu meeting was called by Cardinal Reinhard Marx to review how they could leverage what he called the potential “straw that broke the discriminatory camel’s back.”

“You guys…tell me you saw Caitlyn on Vanity,” a giddy Marx said to fellow members of the synod as he clutched the magazine tightly to his chest and hopped up and down. “Look at this, look at this…is she not a doll? Listen…she might look like a doll, but she’s human just like us, and deserves the right to become whoever she wants and to do whatever she wants, and we as a Church need to applaud her courage. This is it boys…the day we’ve been waiting for.”

Marx went on to address the council members, asking all those gathered to make proposals for how to get his idea of a more inclusive Church into the official synod document before the “African bishops” found out about it.


May 21, 2015

The Real Cause of the California ‘Oil Spill’ – What They Aren’t Telling You

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May 19, 2015

If You Don’t Bake the Gay Cake, You Do Discrim-i-nate….

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So saith the court in Ireland.

A Christian-owned bakery that refused to make a cake carrying a pro-gay marriage slogan has been found guilty of discrimination after a landmark legal action.

The Northern Ireland Equality Commission brought the case against Ashers Baking Company on behalf of Gareth Lee, the gay rights activist whose order was declined.

Giving her ruling at Belfast County Court on Tuesday, district judge Isobel Brownlie said: “The defendants have unlawfully discriminated against the plaintiff on grounds of sexual discrimination.

Let’s hear it for freedom.  Yay, freedom… To be forced against conscience to do what a tyrannical minority want you to do.  Yay… ‘Freedom’.

Now let’s force Muslim bakers to make cakes with cartoons of Mohammed.  And let’s get those polyamourous marriages, pederast weddings, and of course, animal love couplings all legitimized too.  Doggie cakes…

May 13, 2015

And Look, There’s Jerome Showin’ Off His Inclusiveness and Warmth!

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I cannot understand how a man of your acuteness and capacity can condescend to such nonsense; you suppose that your readers are foolish, but you shew that you are foolish yourself.  — St. Jerome

I’m just glad that neither Luther nor Calvin or Jerome were the sorts of theologians who produced lasting insights.  How could they have?  Only preciousness and sweetness are able to survive…

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