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AAR Is Providing its Man Bun Sporting Members with a Fedora for It…

The end is nigh.  The world is now too stupid to be allowed to continue.


Science: It Even Claims to Make Dead People Hear!


First the Man Bun, and Now, The Man Braid

AAR is going to love this new trend.  Several of their members have already jumped on board:

Because in AAR, there is no gender…

At UK They Offer a Course on Tacos

Nope, not The Onion.

This semester, the university [of Kentucky] is offering an undergraduate course called “Taco Literacy: Public Advocacy and Mexican Food in the US South.” Led by Steven Alvarez, an assistant professor in the university’s Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies department, the class aims to teach students about Mexican foodways in Kentucky and the broader South.

Go ahead, waste that parental money kids, waste it and waste it some more.

A New Organization For Angry Atheists: F.R.A.U.D.

The FReedom Association of United American Dingleberries, or FR.A.U.D.  is a new organization which has recently incorporated in the United States.  FRAUD meets weekly, and members enjoy the company of other intellectual FRAUDS.  During their meetings the bulk of time is spent congratulating one another for their FRAUDulent views and living in an echo chamber where no one is as wise or smart as they themselves.

Plus, the name is MUCH cooler and more accurate than FFRF.  What’s a ffrf?

Below is a photo of the founding members and intellectual fathers of FRAUD-


If you admire them, you belong in FRAUD.

The #NRA: Cashing In While Children Cash Out

It’s ‘great’ to see the National Rifle Association doing its best to cash in on fear and hysteria! Well done you guys, well done!




Ooohhhh… the MOST DANGEROUS year in the 2nd Amendment’s history!  I bet it’s wetting itself right now in dread anticipation!  Thank goodness the NRA stands up for it….  and stands to make a buck with every shooting.

We Need to Cut the #NRA Some Slack…

After all, if the creepy criminals can’t get guns, who will the NRA scare us with and who will the gun industry (which owns Congress)  sell guns to except sane hunters (and they don’t use assault weapons)?

Use your heads, people….


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