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Zondervan is Why Christian Publishing Companies Should Be Owned By Christians

Because when they aren’t but instead are owned by people who care nothing for theology and have only an eye on profit, they produce theological rubbish like this: There’s no such thing as a ‘specialized’ Bible in the first place … Continue reading

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He Wants to Marry his Laptop… What Gives the Government the Right to tell Him that he Can’t?

A former Tennessee lawyer filed a lawsuit in Texas claiming the state is preventing him from marrying his laptop. Mark “Chris” Sevier claims Harris County, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton are getting in the way of his … Continue reading

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Eberhard on Karl: Or, False Claims of Barth’s Superiority

Karl Barth: Kirchenvater des 20.Jahrhunderts. Eberhard Jüngel über den grossen Schweizer Theologen. Barth wasn’t the greatest Swiss theologian. That’s just wishful sycophantic thinking. Vor vierzig Jahren starb der grosse Schweizer Theologe Karl Barth. Mit seinem Einspruch gegen den Kulturprotestantismus hat … Continue reading

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Go Ahead Parson, Turn Your ‘Church’ Into a Circus

In front of a packed church, Pastor Lawrence Bishop II, climbed up on the back of a snorting, anxious bull named Bonecrusher. The animal was let loose, and Bishop hung on tight as he was bucked around the ring he … Continue reading

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What Happens When Your Pastor Isn’t a Theologian?

He leads your church to cancel its Easter Morning Service so that the ‘church’ can meet at a local theater, watch a movie, and talk about it for a few minutes afterwards…  Just like a ‘church’ in Knoxville did yesterday. … Continue reading

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Republicans Want to Tote Their Guns into the Republican Convention

I think it’s a great idea.  Let the Cruz and Trump supporters shoot it out.  Sane people won’t be within 100 miles of the place if this is permitted.

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The so-Called ‘Devout Catholic’ Who Wants the Church to Bend to her Will

Yet another example of the millennial mindset which demands that the entire Church adapt its doctrinal positions to her viewpoint.  She should simply leave the Church rather than expecting it to cow-tow to her.  And that, frankly, goes for every … Continue reading

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