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If You Don’t Bake the Gay Cake, You Do Discrim-i-nate….

Posted in Contempt, disdain, hypocrisy, misery, mockery, Modern Culture by Jim on May 19, 2015

So saith the court in Ireland.

A Christian-owned bakery that refused to make a cake carrying a pro-gay marriage slogan has been found guilty of discrimination after a landmark legal action.

The Northern Ireland Equality Commission brought the case against Ashers Baking Company on behalf of Gareth Lee, the gay rights activist whose order was declined.

Giving her ruling at Belfast County Court on Tuesday, district judge Isobel Brownlie said: “The defendants have unlawfully discriminated against the plaintiff on grounds of sexual discrimination.

Let’s hear it for freedom.  Yay, freedom… To be forced against conscience to do what a tyrannical minority want you to do.  Yay… ‘Freedom’.

Now let’s force Muslim bakers to make cakes with cartoons of Mohammed.  And let’s get those polyamourous marriages, pederast weddings, and of course, animal love couplings all legitimized too.  Doggie cakes…

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Aww… Bless Her Entitled Little Millennial Heart

Posted in misery, mockery, scorn by Jim on May 13, 2015

Don’t despair when you fail a course, twice. Do the Millennial dance and sue– because dog gone-it you’re nice and people like you and you deserve to pass even if you can’t do the work or master the material… Right Jennifer?

A nursing student who says anxiety and depression made it difficult for her to concentrate has sued a northeastern Pennsylvania university after twice failing a required course.  Jennifer Burbella claims her Misericordia University professor didn’t do enough to help her pass a class on adult health patterns.

Bless it…

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Well Done, Wisconsin! You Wanted Stupid, You Got it!

Posted in misery, mockery, Modern Culture by Jim on April 18, 2015

The University of Wisconsin-Madison will eliminate about 400 positions, most of them vacant, and will close or restructure several academic programs across campus over the next two years in response to anticipated state budget cuts, Chancellor Rebecca Blank announced on her blog Friday.

The College of Letters and Science — which teaches more than 80% of all freshman and sophomore credit hours, and nearly 60% of the overall credit hours at UW-Madison — will drop roughly 320 courses across departments by the end of fiscal 2017. Fewer courses and class sections will reduce the total number of class seats by nearly 9,000, according to the college’s dean, Karl Scholz.

The course cuts go hand in hand with the elimination of 92 positions in Letters and Science: 48 faculty and 44 academic staff, including instructional staff, Scholz said. Graduate students who teach labs and introductory courses also would be affected as UW-Madison’s largest college cuts $7.4 million, or 5%, of its $145 million base budget.

Thanks, Scott Walker!  Thanks, voters!  Thanks, state legislature!  You’ve proven brilliantly that you reap what you sow.  When you sow ignorance you reap ignorant politicians and policy makers and then they sow more ignorance.  YaY you!

Wisconsin has realized that all that ‘larnin ain’t good fer nuthin’.

In Which Isaiah Foretells Today’s Average Pastor…

Posted in media, misery, Modern Culture by Jim on April 6, 2015

Alright, to be accurate he’s describing the prophets of his own day.  But I really see no reason to say that his remarks no longer apply to many who are supposed to proclaim the will of the Lord:

Its [i.e., Jerusalem’s] watchmen are all blind, they know nothing. Dumb watchdogs all, unable to bark, they dream, lie down, and love to sleep. Greedy dogs, never satisfied, such are the shepherds, who understand nothing; they all go their own way, each to the last man after his own interest. ‘Come, let me fetch wine; we will get drunk on strong drink, tomorrow will be just as wonderful as today and even more so!’  (Isa 56:10-12 NJB)

Yessir- that nicely describes too many Pastors today.  Especially the first ‘they know nothing’ bit- since so many would rather get their sermons, on Saturday night, from a book of sermons instead of doing their own hard exegetical work.  Such lameness really does give us a hint as to why tv specials about the Bible are equally lame and why people who profess faith know so little about Scripture and so are glad to lap up gallons of Downey Burnett.

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The Gospel for the Modern Age

Posted in misery, mockery, Modern Culture by Jim on March 20, 2015

And so didst Jesus saith to themeth beforeth he didst ascendeth out of earshot- go into all the world and hand out prom dresses and free gas cards and pizza and party favors for, lo, the Gospel in and of itselfeth is not sufficient and thou mustest bribe them into the Kingdom of God with glitz and glamour.

And behold, the disciples were sore amazed and Peter didst say to Jesus- nuh uh.  That ain’t right yo.  

And Jesus, as he faded out of sight saidst yeah no kidding but do you think people in 21st century American churches want to hear the Gospel?  No, for by then it will be entertainment that they crave and prom dresses and gas cards and pizza.   For beholdeth, America is consumedst in that dayeth with materialism and when the Son of Man returns he won’t find faith there.

And the disciples wept and Thomas didst say as Jesus faded out of sight…  So we’re really going to sacrifice everything and they’ll sacrifice nothing….  And Peter didst go fishing.

Oh HuffPo- Do You Know No Theologian?

Because I’m guessing that you don’t.  Because the fact is, NO ONE KNOWS the answer to such a question but God and he doesn’t tell us lowly mortals.  So if your article doesn’t consist of the very concise sentence ‘no one knows’ in answer to your question, you’re wrong.


Please stop publishing theological stuff aimed only at provoking ‘discussions’ of issues for which no discussion is meaningful.  Stick with infotainment and Ariana rants of praise for lord Obama.  That’s where your writers shine.  That and cat memes.  Stay with what you know.  Leave theology to the theologians.  Or you’ll need to rename your website ‘The Evans-ian Post…’

If Only God Would Send Us A Journalist to Teach Us Theology…

Facebook ‘Theology’ That Makes Me Sigh

Posted in misery, mockery, Modern Culture by Jim on March 18, 2015

Saw this on facebook.  Ten points if you know why it’s rubbish pseudo theology:


My reaction, besides nooooooooooooooooo


Why Is there So Much Talk About the Bible Lately in the Media?

Posted in media, misery, Modern Culture, pseudo-scholarship by Jim on March 15, 2015

News outlets and websites and tv channels are only talking about the Bible because it’s almost #Easter and they only  #WantToCashInOnChristianity.

Make no mistake: they have no interest at all if their interest is part-time except in making a quick buck off gullible Christianity.  They also have no interest in the facts.  In fact, the more sensational and idiotic the claim or portrayal, the better the networks, websites and news outlets like it.  Nonsense sells.  That’s the bottom line.

If you really want to put an end to all the misrepresentation and misprision, don’t shop anywhere that advertises on one of the aforementioned specials and write the news network, tv channel, or website that features them to express your disdain.

The Love of Money is the Root of Every Sort of Evil

Posted in misery, Modern Culture by Jim on March 3, 2015

Money blinds us to the perversity and the misdeeds of the rich.  I saw this on the fb and it reminded me of that simple truth.


Rich people literally get away with murder and all sorts of criminal behavior.  Just ask the NFL or your local University jock.  The poor, not so much.  [With the exception of the poor with a high profile theologian and school on their side.]  At least for a while.


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