Greek, and then City

The Greek session went very, very well, I think.  Such perceptive and quick students.  In two class sessions they have nearly mastered the Greek alphabet and are already easily reading the list of names in Matthew 1.  Plus, we had a great time discussing the not ever boring passage.

The Job session went well last night as well.  Or so it seems.  One participant writing:

I learned so much more about what’s going on in the book of Job in the two hours with Dr. Jim West than all the days that I had spent reading it by myself in the past!

That, as anyone who teaches knows, is about the most gratifying and uplifting sort of thing you can ever hear.

Anyway, all the sessions seem to be very well received.  And this city is just a joy.  The evenings are especially nice because it seems to come alive even more than during the day.  Here are some photos:

Around and About, Pre Afternoon Lecture

One note about food in Hong Kong- you can find anything.  I had lunch at the best little crepe shop on the planet.  The crepe was the equivalent of $7.  You just can’t beat it.

It was great to see folk here again, and some for the first time (though I have known them ‘virtually’ for a while).  Some new faces added since 2016 when I was here last.

And of course I had to pick up some gummies for Rachel.  She loves the things.

More anon, after the Greek lecture.

Out for Breakfast

I went to my favorite breakfast spot- again.  And then stopped by Starbucks (which was empty!!!) for a black tea with red grapefruit and honey.  It’s fantastic.  Oh Starbucks, get that drink in the States, I implore you.

Hong Kong has – it seems – a party every night and every morning they clean it up.  It’s really remarkable.

Anyway, lectures commence today (since it’s Monday here).  So I’ll do a bit of wandering this morning, sit for an interview (which all the students are doing with faculty), pick up some things for the offspring back home, and then enjoy my time with the lecture participants.  More anon.

I Have Arrived…

It seems, honestly, like we flew from Chicago to Sweden and back over Canada to Alaska to Northern China to Hong Kong.  I don’t remember the flight being that long last time.  I must have watched 7 movies….  So naturally I’m totally worn out but very very glad to be here and very glad for the chance to be with these great students and wonderful faculty.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I’ll spend getting oriented to the local time.  Then Monday the fun kicks off.  And, by the by, pay no mention to the time stamp.  We’re 13 hours ahead of Eastern time, US here.  So what looks like it was posted at 8:50 in the morning was actually posted at 9:50.  Etc.

Here are some pics of my suite at the school.  More anon.

Oh, and as an aside, you Historical Jesus people need to pick up your game.  Repeating the same pre 19th century arguments and ideologically driven interpretations just don’t cut it.  Read some Bultmann.

The Spring Semester at Ming Hua

Ming Hua is proud to offer high quality degree programmes on the study of theology by our distinguished faculty members. They come from a wide variety of background and traditions with the aim of helping students to develop a comprehensive foundation in critical thinking and a deeper knowledge of their faith, and to encourage students to actively participate in the thoughtful life of the Church.

Enroll for a degree programme today:


Beginning on 27th February, 2017

For more information, please contact Ms. Nicolle Fok
Telephone: 2536 7516



Coming up at Ming Hua This Semester

“Then beginning with Moses and all the prophets, he interpreted to them the things about himself in all the scriptures.” Luk 24:27.  Jesus interpreted the Old Testament to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. Shouldn’t we study the Old Testament with more intensity in obedience to Jesus’ teachings? Join us this semester to study


Beginning on 28th February, 7:00 – 9:00 pm every Tuesday, via Global Classroom.  For more information, please contact Ms. Nicolle Fok.  Telephone:2536 7516.  Email: