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New Testament Introduction

For my NT intro course I’ve been using Ray Brown’s magisterial Intro text but I’ve decided to switch over to LTJ’s intro text (3rd edition).  I think the students will really like it.  If you’ve used it, I’d be very interested in any feedback you’ve gotten from your students.  But keep in mind, mine are incredibly bright and obviously used to superior courses (since many of them have taken me for other course offerings).  😉

Ming Hua Theological College e-News Site

For your instruction and enjoyment.  The link is also on the ‘Useful Sites’ list.

More From Lunch

Around this Morning, and Lunch With Some of The Ming Hua Folk

The morning session on Paul was very fun and lunch with the gang was also a blast.  Tonight we finish up with Job.

The Greek Session Went Very Well…

And ended on a high note- with many questions and much appreciation for the Greek New Testament by all who participated.  Which means it went exactly as planned.

Tomorrow we finish up Paul and Job.  And then I pack up to head home Friday.  It’s been a great two weeks and the students have been superb.

I was interviewed this afternoon, so if that’s posted with an outside link I’ll be sure to pass it along.  I’m sure you’ll be enthralled….

Here are some photos from this early eve.  I found a lovely little spot for dinner.  The chicken and rice was just brilliant.  The best places to eat are the tiny mom and pop restaurants.  Real.  Chinese.  Food.

Off the Island

A Lovely Eve

The session on Job was brilliant.  And by brilliant I mean very interactive.  Before it happened I had dinner with Gareth and his wonderful family and on the way up to their place I snapped some photos:

Out and About Before the Evening Session

I went up the escalator, walked down again, bought a couple of little gifts for a couple of little people, and got a very nice cup of coffee at a very nice little coffee shop.  I’m having dinner at 5 with the Dean and then off to the session on Job.

More anon-

Around and About

This morning’s photo collection:

The Session on Greek…

Went well.  We took a look at 1 John 2.  We have one more Greek session on Wednesday.  Tomorrow and Thursday we finish up the sessions on Paul and Job.  Fun times indeed.

After Greek I wandered around a bit more, picked up some dinner at a nice little noodle place (for the equivalent of $4 including a drink) and now I’m back to the room, I think for the evening.

It’s been fairly muggy today so I’ve closed the windows and I’m using the a/c whilst sipping black tea with grapefruit and honey.  I’m going to make this for myself at home.  It’s genius.

Just a few pics to share-

Around and About this Morning

In quest of some token for the Church kids.  I think I found something that they’ll not find elsewhere.

Afternoon Meanderings

Just a couple of notes- there are as many high end luxury cars here as anywhere.  Probably more.  And all the scaffolding?  It’s all bamboo.  There isn’t a metal scaffold in the city that I’ve seen.  And they’re all lashed together with zip ties.

Tonight it’s dinner with friends at Aberdeen.  And of course photos to follow later tonight.

A Walk Around the Mall, and a Movie

I thought I’d see the new Liam Neeson film today so I wandered over to the mall and enjoyed both the walk and the film.  It was especially nice to get out in the fresh air.  Here are some photos.  And I’ll wander around some unexplored neighborhoods later.  Stay tuned.

Around and About After the Session on Paul

Greek, and then City

The Greek session went very, very well, I think.  Such perceptive and quick students.  In two class sessions they have nearly mastered the Greek alphabet and are already easily reading the list of names in Matthew 1.  Plus, we had a great time discussing the not ever boring passage.

The Job session went well last night as well.  Or so it seems.  One participant writing:

I learned so much more about what’s going on in the book of Job in the two hours with Dr. Jim West than all the days that I had spent reading it by myself in the past!

That, as anyone who teaches knows, is about the most gratifying and uplifting sort of thing you can ever hear.

Anyway, all the sessions seem to be very well received.  And this city is just a joy.  The evenings are especially nice because it seems to come alive even more than during the day.  Here are some photos:

A Lovely Morning Out

Paul, Lunch, And Around

The Paul lecture went very well I thought and the group asked very perceptive questions.  Afterwards I had lunch at a burger place.  And then wandered a bit.

We’re discussing Job tonight.  That should be very fun.  More anon.

Greek, and Around Town a Bit Afterwards

The Greek session went quite well I think.  The students were super and very, very quick learners.  They already know more Greek than most Seminary graduates in the States.

Beforehand I visited the library and afterwards I went for a walk, and naturally snapped some photos.  Tomorrow is a full day- with Lectures on Paul and Lectures on Job.

More anon…

Around and About, Pre Afternoon Lecture

One note about food in Hong Kong- you can find anything.  I had lunch at the best little crepe shop on the planet.  The crepe was the equivalent of $7.  You just can’t beat it.

It was great to see folk here again, and some for the first time (though I have known them ‘virtually’ for a while).  Some new faces added since 2016 when I was here last.

And of course I had to pick up some gummies for Rachel.  She loves the things.

More anon, after the Greek lecture.

Out for Breakfast

I went to my favorite breakfast spot- again.  And then stopped by Starbucks (which was empty!!!) for a black tea with red grapefruit and honey.  It’s fantastic.  Oh Starbucks, get that drink in the States, I implore you.

Hong Kong has – it seems – a party every night and every morning they clean it up.  It’s really remarkable.

Anyway, lectures commence today (since it’s Monday here).  So I’ll do a bit of wandering this morning, sit for an interview (which all the students are doing with faculty), pick up some things for the offspring back home, and then enjoy my time with the lecture participants.  More anon.