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Today with Melanchthon

It was on 22 August in 1518 that the young Philip Melancthon arrived in Wittenberg to begin his life’s work of teaching there.  Just so you know.

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Another Image of Melancthon… Just Because

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My Favorite Portrait of Melanchthon

Is this one by Hans Holbein the Younger-

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And A Happy Anniversary to the Melanchthons

August 18, 1520: Philipp Melanchthon married Katharina Krapp in Wittenberg. Katharina was the daughter of Hans Krapp who was the highly esteemed mayor of Wittenberg. Apparently, Philipp had been determined to live his life as a bachelor. He was fully … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“Philip [Melanchthon] stabs, too, but only with pins and needles. The pricks are hard to heal and they hurt. But when I stab I do it with a heavy pike used to hunt boars.” — Martin Luther

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Philipp Melanchthon: Der Reformator zwischen Glauben und Wissen. Ein Handbuch

This newly published work arrived today for review from DeGruyter: Written by a team of internationally renowned scholars, this newly conceived handbook provides a reliable introduction to the life, work, and impact of Philipp Melanchthon. It presents the latest research … Continue reading

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George Athas is In Berlin…

And he has snapped a couple of photos I am unashamedly kipping-

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It’s International ‘Friendship Day’

So, along with being very friendly today, I’m also passing this along from our friends in Saxony- The picture was taken inside the Melanchthonhaus in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. The exhibtion “Philipp Melanchthon: Life – Work – Legacy” honours Martin Luther’s great … Continue reading

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Today in Melanchthon History

From our Saxon friends on FB- July 24, 1518-  Philipp Melanchthon receives a letter from Frederick the Wise, Elector of Saxony, appointing him professor of the Greek language at Wittenberg University, founded in 1502. It was a momentous calling.

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Coming In October…

From the Editor in Chief- this news: 18. Oktober 2017 ist die Präsentation des ersten Bandes der neuen historisch-kritischen Melanchthon-Edition geplant. The volume is on the DeGruyter website– Philipp Melanchthon: Opera Omnia: Opera Philosophica 2.2 Principal Writings on Rhetoric.

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Melanchthon: On What Pleases God

nullum Deo gratius est officium, quam veritatis et iustitiae studium et propagatio. nam haec sunt praecipua Dei dona, in quibus Dei praesentia maxime cerni potest. – Philipp Melanchthon

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Fun Facts From Church History: The Augsburg Confession

“Melanchthon began the preparation [for the Confession] at Coburg, with the aid of Luther, in April, and finished it at Augsburg, June 24. He labored on it day and night, so that Luther had to warn him against over-exertion. “I … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History

In the early editions of the Loci, Melanchthon didn’t discuss the doctrine of the Trinity because he had a certain bit of scorn for attempts to explain the mystery of the divine unity in trinity. He accepted the doctrine and … Continue reading

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There is No Defense Against the Slanderer

The saying is certainly true that there is no defense against the attacks of slanderers. Nothing can be said so carefully that it can avoid misrepresentation. — Melanchthon

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Because it’s the Anniversary of Melanchthon’s Death, That’s Why

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In Memoriam Melanchthon

The greatest of the German Reformers (yes, greater than Luther) died on April 19, 1560.  As our Saxon friends write Vor 456 Jahren starb der Reformator Philipp Melanchthon. Er war ein Überflieger, kein Zweifel. Mit 21 Jahren wurde Philipp Melanchthon, 1518, … Continue reading

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Farewell Philip: The Day Melanchthon Died

Today marks the anniversary of the death of Philip Melanchthon.   He once said ‘The catholic doctrine, say some, has a few trifling blemishes here and there; while we and our friends have been making a great noise without any … Continue reading

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Things Melanchthon Said Before he Died

Vom freien Willen wird gelehret, daß der Mensch etlichermaßen einen freien Willen hat, äußerlich ehrbar zu leben und zu wählen unter denen Dingen, so die Vernunft begreift; aber ohne Gnad, Hilfe und Wirkung des heiligen Geistes vermag der Mensch nicht … Continue reading

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Two New Volumes Worth Sharing

First, for the Melanchthon-ites out there (and who in their right mind isn’t?) Written by a team of internationally renowned scholars, this newly conceived handbook provides a reliable introduction to the life, work, and impact of Philipp Melanchthon. It presents … Continue reading

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#ICYMI – Newly Discovered Portraits of the Reformers Have Been Put on Display in Zurich

And they’re on display at the Zurich Central Library: Sechs Gemälde aus der Reformationszeit schlummerten dreizehn Jahre im Keller des baugeschichtlichen Archivs in Zürich. Nun sind die wichtigen Zeugen der Reformation in der Zentralbibliothek zu sehen. «Das war wie Weihnachten», … Continue reading

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