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There’s That Darn Law of Unintended Consequences Again

Posted in media, Total Depravity by Jim on 07/11/2015

Whilst media outlets leaning to the left like Politico have had sport with Ben Carson’s biography (a sport they never had with Obama’s, the precious anointed golden child of Oprah Winfrey and Jon Stewart), the dreaded law of unintended consequences rises again.  It turns out that Politico and other objectors to anyone ideologically to the right of Karl Marx and Chairman Mao have helped Carson raise a ton of money and harvest a lot of supporters.


They Have Found Goliath’s Skull! The Trailer for Don Verdean

Posted in Archaeology, Humor, media by Jim on 29/10/2015

Thanks to Dean Galbraith for telling me about this. I have to see it when it comes out. Hilarity! Biblical ‘archaeology’!

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Cranach 2015 Wins a Prestigious Design Award

Posted in media by Jim on 27/10/2015

Check out the story on their facebook page.


Kurz vor ihrem Ende erfährt die Landesausstellung „Cranach der Jüngere 2015“ eine ganz besondere Würdigung: Das Erscheinungsbild der Landesausstellung gehört zu den Siegern beim German Design Award 2016, einem der anerkanntesten Design-Wettbewerbe in Deutschland!

Die international besetzte Expertenjury würdigt das Cranach-Erscheinungsbild für seine herausragende Designqualität in der Kategorie „Corporate Identity“. Der Wettbewerb wird alljährlich vom Rat für Formgebung veranstaltet. Mit dem German Design Award werden außergewöhnliche Produkte und Projekte aus den Bereichen Produkt- und Kommunikationsdesign ausgezeichnet.

Die Gestaltungsidee wurde im Rahmen eines Ideenwettbewerbs von der Agentur „Heilmeyer und Sernau Gestaltung“ aus Berlin entwickelt. Die Gestaltung hat das Anliegen der Landesausstellung aufgenommen, mit Lucas Cranach dem Jüngeren einen bisher unbekannten Meister zu entdecken. Etwas abgedunkelte, verschleierte Bildmotive werden punktuell hervorgehoben bzw. beleuchtet. Dadurch wird der Blick des Betrachters auf bestimmte, zu entdeckende Details oder Personen gelenkt.

Congratulations are in order!

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The Reformation Wall in Geneva: A New Documentary

Posted in Church History, media by Jim on 23/10/2015

Dans son dernier documentaire, qui sera diffusé ce dimanche sur RTS Un, le réalisateur genevois Roland Pellarin raconte pour la première fois l’aventure chaotique de la construction du Mur des Réformateurs, à Genève. D’inspiration égyptienne, cette œuvre monumentale réalisée par quatre jeunes artistes novateurs a failli ne pas voir le jour. Rencontre.

Read the interview with the film’s producers here.

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Exciting News!

I’ve received word today that ______________________________ has a new _____________________ about to appear and that it focuses on _____________________________.  You will want to ___________________________________.

Also, the _________________________ will be available at ___________________________ and you will have the chance to win _____________________________________ if you _____________________________________.

Stay tuned for further scintillating details!

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CNN’s Anchors Are as Bad As Fox News’s: Fredricka Whitfield Thinks the Dallas Cop Shooter was Brave and Courageous

Posted in media, Total Depravity by Jim on 14/06/2015

During a discussion on the Dallas Police headquarters shooting this afternoon, CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield appears to have really misspoken in referring to the gunman’s actions as “courageous and brave.”

Whitfield was speaking to CNN legal analyst Philip Holloway when she said this:

“It was very courageous and brave, if not crazy as well, to open fire on the police headquarters, and now you have this scene, this standoff. So you believe these are the hallmarks of more than one person’s involvement.”

That’s depravity.  Calling evil good.  Getting your news from CNN is as absurd as getting it from Fox.

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Netflix Thinks Noah is the Same as Batman and The Angry Atheists Got it Recategorized

Posted in media by Jim on 16/05/2015

Well there ya go

… Netflix no longer categorizes Noah as a “based on real life” movie. (The company had not yet responded to emails at publication time; when and if they do, this information will be updated with their response).

Does this mean, then, that Netflix has decided that Bible-based movies are not reality, though? Far from it. Under Netflix’s “Dramas Based On Real Life” category, we find other Bible-based and Christianity-centered movies, including Son Of God and The Book Of Esther.

Numerous others are not categorized based on reality or lack thereof, but placed in the “faith and spirituality” category. This includes the Bible miniseries, Apostle Peter and The Last Supper (which is, incidentally, also listed as a ‘biographical drama’), Mysteries of the Bible, and The Passion Of The Christ — along with dozens of others.

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It’s Time For Time to Shut Down

Posted in loathing, media by Jim on 16/04/2015

They’ve lost the plot and jumped the shark.


True Words…

Posted in media by Jim on 12/04/2015


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Jesus The Cold Case

Posted in media by Jim on 09/04/2015

I took a look at another of the ‘Jesus’ film genre and in a nutshell, this particular production is both better than most and as bad as many.  Allow me to explain:

First, there are egregious blunders.  At one point the presenter states that Luke’s gospel contains the story of the wise men and the star pointing the way to Jesus’ birthplace in Bethlehem.  That ridiculous mis-statement, innocent a mistake as it may have been, made me cringe.  It bothers me tremendously when the little yet important facts are wrongly stated.  Indeed, when people say things like that it’s nearly unbearable.

Second, there must be a dearth of biblical scholars in Australia because the only one he found down there tends to be extremely skeptical of anything the Gospels say.  Ok, skepticism is fine.  But at least have someone else offer a perspective – otherwise the program just comes off as an exercise in ax grinding.


Third, the presenter claims that the Gospels are not eyewitness testimony (he’s a cold case investigator, not a biblical scholar) – but he should have had a chat, at least, with Richard Bauckham on the matter.  Right or wrong, Bauckham has to be consulted.

Fourth, when the presenter repeatedly refers to ‘the Jesus myth’ one needs to understand that this is a fair representation of his personal viewpoint.  He seems to fit nicely into the ‘Mythicist’ camp or as near to it as one can without being one.  Unsurprisingly, his conclusions support his presuppositions.  Indeed, the fact that Spong makes an appearance as a ‘biblical expert’ calls the entire enterprise into question.



There are just so many problems, throughout.  Note, as another example, the spelling on the map of Qumran.  I’ve read a lot of material on the subject.  Thousands and thousands, probably tens of thousands of pages over the span of years, and I’ve never seen anyone spell it like this.


Nonetheless there are a few highlights:

Joe Zias makes an appearance and makes some very important remarks regarding crucifixion.  It is also claimed by the presenter that Jesus may have been crucified not on a cross, but on one of the many olive trees in the area.


Ok, that’s pretty much it.

Whereas many specials tend to be absurd and support absurd claims (like the shroud of Turin and Jesus was married and all that rot) this one heads in the opposite direction and because of its mythicist leanings results in the same level of absurdity.  The highlight is Joe Zias and this chap, who discussed the average 1st century Jewish male and stated that the image of Jesus on our left is the least likely of all the representations while the one on the right is the most likely.


There are a good number of well known academics who appear but they don’t do a very good job of presenting the facts fairly.  That is true even of Dom Crossan, who is edited in such a way as to seem to support the producer’s ‘the gospels don’t contain any truth’ line of thought.


It really is a shame that the producer went the direction he did.  This could have been a fantastic documentary given the resources the film maker obviously had access to.  Unfortunately, at the end of the day, it turns out that it’s pretty much like all the rest.  Skip it unless you want to see Zias shine.

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