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Luther to Go: For Smartphones and Tablets

Luthertogo_User_Interface_StartbildReise-Apps erfreuen sich derzeit größter Beliebtheit. So planen 60 Prozent der Deutschen ihre Reisen online, 31 Prozent greifen sogar auf Reise-Apps zu. Ein Jahr vor dem 500. Reformationsjubiläum gibt es deshalb jetzt auch eine App zu den Thüringer Wirkungsstätten des Reformators Martin Luther (1483-1546). Seit gestern (12.7.16)  ist die Anwendung „Luther to go“ in den App-Stores von Google und Apple kostenfrei erhältlich.

So there’s something else for you.

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A New Film About Katie Luther

katie_lutherAuf dem Gelände von Schloss Reinhardsbrunn im Landkreis Gotha wird seit Donnerstag ein historischer Fernsehfilm zum Reformationsjubiläum gedreht. Das Werk thematisiert das Leben von Katharina von Bora, der Ehefrau Martin Luthers.


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The Funniest (In the Sense of Most Absurd) Advert Email I’ve Yet Received

I won’t mention the publisher, because generally they do pretty good work.  But this… this commendation… is just so absurd.

This month also brought the release of the long-awaited next book by Peter Leithart, Delivered from the Elements of the World. According to James K. A. Smith, “When you read Peter Leithart, you suddenly realize how timid most Christian theologians are, tepidly offering us a few ‘insights’ to edify our comfort with the status quo. Leithart is like a lightning strike from a more ancient, more courageous Christian past, his flaming pen fueled by biblical acuity and scholarly rigor.”

BAhahahahahahahahahahhahahahhaha. Not.


“This Changed Everything” – Advanced Screening

An advanced screening of one hour of This Changed Everything, the forthcoming documentary on the Reformation from Christian History Institute, will be held on May 3 in Philadelphia, PA.  Following the one hour premier, a spirited discussion will be lead by Dr. Frank James, president of Biblical Theological Seminary. This event is part of the “Young, Wrestling, and Always Reforming” conference presented by the Missio Alliance at Liberti Church, Philadelphia, PA.


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A Question for the Media

Which of your religion reporters actually has a degree in biblical studies or theology?  @NPR, @CBS, @NBC, @RNS, @ABC, @Foxnews.  Do any of them?  I ask because it honestly doesn’t seem that they do.  Any of them.

I mean, it’s ok with me if they don’t.  But I think they should say right up front ‘I don’t know what I’m talking about when I offer my views on matters related to Christianity or Judaism or Islam and you should know it’.  That info needs to be in their byline.

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‘The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ – Michael Langlois’s Take

Was Jesus married? I answer Anne Sangin’s questions next Monday on RMC Découverte.  Following the discovery of a fragment of an apocryphal Gospel mentioning Jesus’s wife, TV channel “RMC Découverte” pepared a documentary entitled “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife”.  On this occasion, Anne Sangin interviewed several specialists, including your servant. What are her conclusions? To find out, watch RMC Découverte, Monday, March 28, 2016 at 8:50pm!

If you’re in France- give it a viewing.

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Zwingli Film

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