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Martin Luther: The Idea That Changed the World

I previewed this film and took part in a panel discussion some months back.  You’ll enjoy it, even though there are a few bits that are inaccurate.  Nonetheless, the good far outweighs the bad. Check your local listings.  In the … Continue reading

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Storm and Luther’s Forbidden Letter

I mentioned this film some time ago and was very pleased to watch a subtitled version and review it.  Now, brilliantly, the producers and distributors have made an English version! When his father is arrested for printing a forbidden letter … Continue reading

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To Have Integrity, Journalists Need to Connect With Academics

This is a very fine reminder for journalists to deepen their work through academic connections.  And a very much needed one at that. A[s] this year alone would highlight, in this current age of post-truth, in order to maintain the … Continue reading

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#ICYMI – How Not To Do Your First Day at a New Teaching Job

A new teacher in Wagoner, Oklahoma, was arrested on her first day after she showed up at the school both drunk and without pants.  Hill was interviewed by police and admitted she’d been drinking.  A search of her car turned … Continue reading

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Financing for the Zwingli Film has been Secured

This is good news. «Zwingli – der Reformator» wird der Spielfilm heissen, der 2019 in die Kinos kommen soll. Nun hat die Zürcher Produktionsfirma C-Films dem 5,7-Millionen-Vorhaben grünes Licht gegeben, wie das «St. Galler Tagblatt» schreibt. Finanziert wird der Film neben … Continue reading

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Storm: Letter of Fire – My Review

The good folk who produced it have allowed me to review their very new film. The technical details first: Screenplay: Karen Holst Pellekaan Director: Dennis Bots Producers: Harro van Staverden Petra Goedings, Phanta Basta! Co initiator: REFO500 Karla Apperloo, Herman … Continue reading

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The Whininess of Reza Aslan

RNS has an interesting essay on the academic response to Reza Aslan’s CNN special series on religion (the first episode of which I watched and really disliked) titled Reza Aslan and the ‘pettiness of academia’.  In short, Aslan attributes the … Continue reading

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#ICYMI: NT Wright Ascends to Heaven From Bible Conference in Houston!

Witnesses say that just before he was seen to fly skyward without a rocket pack, he spread out his arms, and then up he went, shouting ‘buy my giant book which is very much like all my other less giant … Continue reading

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The New Equinox App

This is pretty cool- Dear Religious Studies Authors and Editors Exciting news! Ebooks are now available to order from the Equinox website ( and this week we have just launched our new Equinox app which you can download from your … Continue reading

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If You’re in The Knoxville Area… A Film About the Reformation and a Panel Discussion

“Big news! St Paul Lutheran Church in Wartburg, TN will host a movie PREMIERE on March 4. Join us at 6:15pm for reception and open house and the screening to follow at 7pm. This much anticipated film has not yet … Continue reading

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‘The Shack’

Public notice: ‘The Shack’ is not Christian theology.  It’s imaginary Hollywoodism.  If you get your theology from Hollywood, well you’re nuts.

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Luther and the Reformation

Rick Steves narrates.  I haven’t watched it yet so I can’t vouch for it.  If it’s wrong, you’ll know it.  He narrates travel shows so there’s no guarantee he knows anything about Luther or the Reformation.

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There are monsters in the world.  Monsters who think books are coasters.  Wicked monsters.  #PrayForChristophsBook.  Pray it be delivered from the monster who thinks it’s a coaster.

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This is How Stupid the Huffington Post Is

If you get your religion news from the HuffPo, you’re as bad, if not worse, than the people who get their political news exclusively from Fox News.

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‘Secrets’ of Noah’s Ark…

The program isn’t on Discovery, it’s on PBS! In 1948, a British pilot serving in Iraq acquired a clay tablet with an intriguing, 3,700 year-old inscription. The ancient writing tells the story of how the god Enki warns a Sumerian … Continue reading

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Does Google Empower Racists?

On the twitter- Christopher Ingraham – @_cingraham – Everyone likes to make fun of @bing, but compare their results to @Google’s on this. Microsoft deserves a lot of credit for this. And then take a look at the Google search … Continue reading

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Time’s Orange Con Man of the Year…

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Storm- With English Subtitles

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News Sites That Are Either False, Misleading and Partisan, Or ClickBait

This is an excellent resource.  Be sure to check the list before you cite the source. Below is a list of fake, false, regularly misleading, and/or otherwise questionable “news” organizations, as well as organizations that regularly use clickbait-y headlines and … Continue reading

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The Media is Responsible for the Rise of Trumpism and the Spread of Misinformation

Donald Trump is a regular pathological liar.  It seems he is truly incapable of speaking the truth.  And yet the media, aiding him by providing him with millions of dollars of free publicity, have stood by and refused to fact … Continue reading

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