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Leo Jud on the Anniversary of his Death

Leo Jud… … was born in 1482, the son of a priest in Alsass, studied with Zwingli at Basle, and became his successor as priest at Einsiedeln, 1519, and his colleague and faithful assistant as minister of St. Peter’s in … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: The Reformation of the Church Requires an Educated Clergy

Zwingli was among the first to recognize the fact that without a learned clergy there would be no use in attempts to reform the Church.  Consequently… Zwingli sought to reform the Carolinum as well as the churches, as a necessary … Continue reading

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#ICYMI – Newly Discovered Portraits of the Reformers Have Been Put on Display in Zurich

And they’re on display at the Zurich Central Library: Sechs Gemälde aus der Reformationszeit schlummerten dreizehn Jahre im Keller des baugeschichtlichen Archivs in Zürich. Nun sind die wichtigen Zeugen der Reformation in der Zentralbibliothek zu sehen. «Das war wie Weihnachten», … Continue reading

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Die Reformatoren übersetzen

Die Reformatoren übersetzen: Theologisch-politische Dimensionen bei Leo Juds (1482–1542) Übersetzungen von Zwinglis und Bullingers Schriften ins Lateinische– Der Prediger, Liederdichter, Dozent und Bibelübersetzer Leo Jud gehörte zu den engsten Mitarbeitern Zwinglis. Erstmalig widmet sich eine Untersuchung seinen 1535 in Zürich … Continue reading

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A New Volume For Students of the Reformation

This looks fantastic–  

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