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Jerome: To A Linguistic Pretender

You know enough Latin and Greek to make the Greek think you a Latin scholar and the Latin a Greek.  – St Jerome I read that and thought right off of the folk who cite Strong’s concordance in an attempt … Continue reading

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Jerome’s Disdain for Christian Athletes

Our fine, erect, muscular athletes … hardly make a shadow of a footmark in their swift passage, whose words are in their fists and their reasoning in their heels, who either know nothing of apostolic poverty and the hardness of … Continue reading

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The Task of the Translator is to Translate, Not to Interfere

I wish to know who gave you permission to cut out a number of passages from the work you were translating? You were asked to turn a Greek book into Latin, not to correct it; to draw out another man’s … Continue reading

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Jerome: On Teaching

There is no greater folly than to teach a pupil what he knows already.  — Jerome

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Jerome: On Revenge

It is the height of folly for you when you are accused by one man to attack another, and when you are covered with wounds yourself to seek comfort by wounding one who is still quiescent and unaggressive. — Jerome

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Jerome: On His Translation of the Old Testament Being Superior to Mere Revisions

Our version is the more intelligible, for it has not turned sour by being poured three times over into different vessels, but has been drawn straight from the press, and stored in a clean jar, and has thus preserved its … Continue reading

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St Jerome Was Smarter Than St Augustine

Jerome knew, for instance, that the reason people made no time to worship God was because they love other things more than they love God.  Or, in his words, Men invariably worship what they like best. – St. Jerome That simple … Continue reading

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Jerome on Living In Constant Uncertainty and Indecision

Why must you live in a house where you must daily struggle for life and death? Can any one sleep soundly with a viper near him? No; for, though it may not attack him it is sure to frighten him. … Continue reading

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If You Ever Annoyed St. Jerome…

He knew what to say to you.  For instance- I am filled with consternation and a shiver runs through me, soul and body, when I try to set before your eyes the deed that you have done. And that’s him … Continue reading

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Jerome’s Preface to the Latin Version of the Old Testament

In the preface to his translation, Jerome writes to those who would quibble with his work: … if you are incredulous, read the Greek and Latin manuscripts and compare them with these poor efforts of mine, and wherever you see … Continue reading

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Encouragement From Jerome

“I have never spared heretics, and I have done my best to make the enemies of the Church my own.” – St. Jerome Be like Jerome.

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Quote of the Day

You will tell me, perhaps, that, highborn as you are, reared in luxury and used to lie softly, you cannot do without wine and dainties, and would find a stricter rule of life unendurable. If so, I can only say: … Continue reading

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Jerome: On Cowardice

Although I will not listen to fault-finders, I will follow the advice of teachers. To direct the fighter how to fight when you yourself occupy a post of vantage on the wall is a kind of teaching that does not … Continue reading

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On Translating: Jerome

Horace too, an acute and learned writer, in his Art of Poetry gives the same advice to the skilled translator:— And care not thou with over anxious thought To render word for word. Terence has translated Menander; Plautus and Cæcilius … Continue reading

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The Condemnation of Origen and His Followers by the Church

The blessed and holy St. Jerome wrote The books of Origen have been read before a council of bishops and unanimously condemned. The following are his chief errors, mainly found in the περὶ ʼΑρχῶν. The Son compared with us is … Continue reading

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St Jerome’s Open Letter to Donald J. Trump

Paul lies covered with worthless dust, but will rise again to glory; over you are raised costly tombs, but both you and your wealth are doomed to the burning. Have a care, I pray you, at least have a care … Continue reading

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In Which St Jerome Argues for the Single Life

“A wise man therefore must not take a wife. For in the first place his study of philosophy will be hindered, and it is impossible for anyone to attend to his books and his wife. Matrons want many things, costly … Continue reading

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St. Jerome: A Dose a Day Keeps the Heretics Away

When God formed man out of slime, and through the grace of His own inspiration gave him a soul, had that soul previously existed and subsisted which was afterwards bestowed by the inspiration of God, and where was it? or … Continue reading

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Dear Jerome…

Tell us more about your life as a learner- In my younger days I was carried away with a great passion for learning, yet I was not like some presumptuous enough to teach myself. At Antioch I frequently listened to … Continue reading

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Jerome: On Errors in His Rendering of the Bible

If … you find errors or omissions which interfere with the sense, these you must impute not to me but to your own servants; they are due to the ignorance or carelessness of the copyists, who write down not what … Continue reading

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