Super Exciting News: A New Publication By One of the World’s Leading Scholars!

Book ReviewsI’m super excited to be able to announce that _______________________ has just published a new volume titled ________________  __________________  _____________________ : _________________________.  It’s certain to be one of the most important and influential volumes published this year.  I hope you’ll get it, and read it.  If you don’t, you won’t be up on the latest scholarship on ______________________ at all.

Bibliobloggers on Vacation

If you’re wondering why your favorite bloggers have been so quiet lately, it’s because they’ve been enjoying their summer vacation.  My crack team has been shadowing them and snapped these lovely photos:

Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

My crack team of investigators has found Chris.  He’s been in hiding at the beach.  And since his book on Paul (or whatever it is) isn’t selling as well as he thought it would, he’s been reduced to selling his body- for advertising space:


This is what happens when you chase the dragon of fame.

One Final Word About the Silly ‘Unofficial’ SBL Facebook Page

I wasn’t a participant in the group yesterday when all the fun happened but I have heard from several sources that the ‘Jim West’ bashing was led by Bob Cargill and Tom Bolin.  More Cargill than Bolin (though Bolin’s participation too is stunning).

I mention it only to say this:  how sad.  I can’t remember ever attacking either of these two persons, who I formerly was able to count among friends so it’s a bit surprising that the pair of them felt compelled to go all Hector Avalos-ian up in here and let fly.  Especially since they were both aware that I wasn’t a participant of the collective and thus couldn’t respond.

Not that I would have responded.  I would have simply sat still with my mouth hung open.

Now it’s well known that Cargill has had issues with me (only concerning the issue of SSM) for a long time.  But perhaps a little historical back-story is in order.

Cargill and I became close friends when the loony New York lawyer was pretending to be Larry Schiffmann.  Bob and I had a lot of discussions, met several times, communicated a lot, and worked together quite closely so that the matter could come to the full light of day.  I supported Bob during the months of court proceedings.  I stood by his side and aided in every way that I could.

One year, during CBA out in Los Angeles, I met Bob for dinner and met at that time his very charming very lovely wife.  She’s a beautiful girl.  We had a lovely time and during our conversations we discussed the SSM issue.  I explained my point of view and they were both very gracious.  I mentioned in particular the fact that Romans 1:24-28 speaks very, very clearly (to me).  I wasn’t at any point of our dinner rude, inappropriate, or unkind.  And concerning the passage Cargill too confessed that it gave him pause concerning the issue of SSM.

Then time passed and Bob grew more distant and then he became, to put it politely, downright hostile.

I’m not sure what happened.  Bob knew me, and my personality, from the very start.  I haven’t changed and neither have my views.  But something changed.  And I still have no idea what.  It really doesn’t matter.  All that matters to me is that I confess that it is very hurtful to have supported a person during a very trying time and then to discover that he’s covering his mouth with his hand and putting me to the pillory.

So, anyway, that’s the story of our rift.  Like all rifts, who knows the tiny fissure that precipitated it.  Maybe I’m just a jerk and Bob has come to see me as intolerable.  Fair enough.  But, to me, that is no justification for joining with the mocking mob.   If Bob wants to debate a certain point, I’m up to it.  I’ll gladly put my intellect up against his any time, anywhere.  For that matter, I’m willing to discuss anything with anyone.

His hostility, his private vitriol, they trouble me.  They hurt.  And they make me sad.  Sad beyond words.

Anyway, that’s my final word on Bob, on the Unofficial SBL stupidity that should be shut down by now, and on the subject of Bob’s and my failed straight BFF relationship.  Further questions should be directed to Bob.


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