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Philip Davies Is 73 Today

Some photos:


And books.

And Bible and Interpretation.


Philip, knowing you is a pleasure and a true delight.  I hope today is a brilliant one.

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I Can’t Believe He’s Been Gone 18 Years

I’m remembering my friend George Beasley-Murray, who died on 23 February, 2000.

In the early 1990’s when George was visiting SEBTS with his wife Ruth we struck up a fast friendship and they invited me to visit them at their home in Hove, East Sussex.  It was my first visit to England (although certainly not my last) and it was wondrous.

I’m thinking of it today because Matt Montonini and I were chatting about the great man a few years ago and I was reminded of my time with him and the very few photos I took while I was there.  These were the days before digital cameras so I had to hunt through the photo books to find and scan them.

They’ve brought back some very fond memories of my two weeks with George and Ruth, our visits to London and Cambridge, and our trip across the Channel to Dieppe, France for a day excursion.  We discussed everything under the sun and I wondered aloud at the fact that the people at the Baptist Church he attended in Hove knew nothing of his international reputation as a leading New Testament exegete, expert on baptism in the early church, and lead translator of Rudolf Bultmann’s commentary on John.  By the by, Beasley-Murray met Bultmann on a number of occasions and shook his hand.  Meaning I too had shaken Bultmann’s hand (once removed).

George was a brilliant man and a good friend to me.  And his wife Ruth was a witty treasure who, like all Brits, loved to swap tales (usually of some fascinating personal tidbit about this or that person).

Here are the photos.  I think of you often, George.  I miss you.  Very much.  (And I miss the fact that, unlike you, no one wears a tie anymore even when sitting in the parlor reading the paper).

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Happy 79th, Thomas Thompson

thompsonToday is Tom Thompson’s 79th birthday.  Happy Day to you, Thomas!

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It’s Been a Year Since Giovanni Garbini Died…

And it still saddens me.  So here’s a bit of remembrance-

Here’s his last book- 

Here are some photos from the Festschrift presentation.

Here’s a brief description of the Festschrift.

And here’s the best ‘Historical Jesus’ book since Bultmann’s.


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It’s Maurice Casey’s Birth-iversary

casey_fsToday is the anniversary of Maurice Casey’s birth.

Maurice Casey was one of the best known scholars of the New Testament presently (or more properly, recently) working in the United Kingdom. He was a tireless researcher who devoted his life to a serious and, insofar as this is possible, an independent investigation of the New Testament freed from dogmatic constraints. Or more particularly, to the life of the Historical Jesus.

In the last years of his life Maurice suffered a series of ailments which left him weakened and stymied and yet he persevered manfully through his “valley of the shadow”. As he worked on his final publication (and certainly not knowing that it would be his final publication) he grew progressively weaker, progressively worse. And yet he was so troubled by the rise of the ‘mythicist’ movement that he was determined to see the project through to the end. I’m grateful that he was able to.

He’s worth remembering, on his birthday especially.  I said so last year and I’ll say so next.


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#ICYMI – It’s an Anglican Church of England Church…

This is the best video on facebook.  And it’s why Richard Goode is my BFF


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A Celebration of Jim Aitken

It’s Jim’s birthday, so enjoy posts from former days about the Cambridge Don.  And a very happy birthday to him.


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There are monsters in the world.  Monsters who think books are coasters.  Wicked monsters.  #PrayForChristophsBook.  Pray it be delivered from the monster who thinks it’s a coaster.



Bloggers and their Eyebrows

You know their names, but do you know their eyebrows?

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Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?


Police are investigating after a north Nashville gas station was robbed at gunpoint early Wednesday morning.  It happened at the Twice Daily’s on Dickerson Pike around 2 a.m.  Metro police told WKRN the suspect was not wearing a disguise when he entered the store, but went into the bathroom and came out with a paper towel over his face.

Authorities said the suspect displayed a gun, demanded money from the clerk before fleeing in a white or silver Ford Focus, possibly driven by someone else.  The suspect was wearing a blue or black hooded sweatshirt with white lettering and a dark baseball cap.

Oh Chris… a paper towel????  And you were in Nashville and didn’t stop by???  Doug Campbell has really bewitched you and turned you against your true friends…  sinner.

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The St Mary’s Twickenham Conference

They’re having a good time, with side excursions to the mall.  James Crossley driving.


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Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

He’s visiting Yellowstone Park… bless him…

We’ve heard a lot about tourists trying to touch wildlife at Yellowstone National Park but this story takes personal encounters with animals a bit further.  Karen Richardson of Victor, Idaho, was one of several parents chaperoning a group of fifth-graders on a field trip to Yellowstone this week. Richardson says on Monday, as students were being taught at Lamar Buffalo Ranch, a father and son pulled up at the ranger station with a bison calf in their SUV.

“They were demanding to speak with a ranger,” Richardson tells “They were seriously worried that the calf was freezing and dying.”  Rob Heusevelet, a father of a student, told the men to remove the bison from their car and warned they could be in trouble for having the animal.  “They didn’t care,” Heusevelet says. “They sincerely thought they were doing a service and helping that calf by trying to save it from the cold.”

Oh Chris- Bison live outside… bless your Brit-Heart…

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Bloggers Write Notes as Children

Below are some of the lovely notes written by some of your favorite bloggers.

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Dinner With Friends

Carl and Jennifer and Ashley- a delightful clan.  Ashley is an energetic tiny one who I tried to teach a few bad habits like talking with her mouth full and sticking her tongue out whilst chewing and cool skills like that every kid needs to master.  And yes, it was at Perimeter Pub.  And yes, I had water.

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Remembering My Friend, George Raymond Beasley-Murray

George passed away on the 23rd of February, 2000.  I simply cannot believe that he has been gone 16 years.  He was such a lovely person and such a gifted scholar.  He introduced me to London my first visit there, taking me to the BM, my first pub, and to the chief sights of the city.  But most importantly, he introduced me to the finest scholarship in historical Jesus studies since Bultmann.

He was the chief translator of the English edition of Bultmann’s commentary on John, and was a close friend of the old Marburg master.  That means, doesn’t it, that I stand in just one degree of separation from the greatest NT scholar of all time thanks to the friendship of GRBM.

I asked, when he and Ruth visited our home in Oxford, NC (where I lived whilst working on a ThM) to sign the books he had published which I then possessed.  He did.  Graciously.  And they are among my most treasured possessions.

I was truly blessed to know this tremendous scholar.  I still miss him.

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Joel Watts, Have You Adopted a Pseudonym?



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Biblical Scholars Finishing Up Their Christmas Shopping

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Bloggers And Their Christmas Photos

It’s that time of year when the bloggers you know and love get together for family portraits!  Behold…

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One Year Ago Today in the Life of Bryan Bibb

Bryan was at Chik-Fil-A (because he’s an appreciator of good chicken) and using their wifi to surf.  Naturally, he surfed over here and what did he find?


And it still is dangerous here!  Dangerous, that is, to falsehood and the minions of Satan!  Amen and amen.

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What It’s Like to Read Joel Watt’s Blog


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