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News From the Department of Theology, University of Zurich

With thanks to Peter Opitz for the tip- Vom rechten Mass Ein wissenschaftliches Jahrhundertprojekt – das unter der Ägide des UZH-Instituts für Schweizerische Reformationsgeschichte (IRG) steht – ist abgeschlossen: Die letzten sieben Bände der edierten Werke Zwinglis sind nun erschienen. … Continue reading

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After a Brief Outage…

Huldrych Zwingli Werke: Digitale Texte is back up. It was down, I’m sure you’re aware, for a few days but it has been fully restored. Fortunately I have Zwingli’s works in my loving possession so I didn’t suffer a panic … Continue reading

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Help In Locating Some Resources

Friends, I am attempting to locate the following in Melanchthon’s Opera Omnia: Lamentations Malachi Galatians Philippians Titus Has anyone a link to a pdf? I’ve searched Post-Reformation Digital Library​ with no luck and E-Rara as well.  Thanks for any tips.

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Conference Announcement

The John A Lasco Library in Emden will host the conference “The Doctrine of Election in Reformed Perspective, Historical Trajectories and Contexts of Controversy”, October 29-30, 2014. The aim of this conference is to present and discuss results of various … Continue reading

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Digitizing Reformation Texts: The Junius Institute

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Zwingli’s Exegetical Works: What’s In Them

The publication of Zwingli’s exegetical works has just been completed. The volumes now appearing are (the Old Testament volumes having, for the most part, previously appeared) : ZE 5 = Z XVII = CR CIV * 14. Erklärungen zum Evangelium nach … Continue reading

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Free Books Galore

I recently discovered Google Play (I know, always behind the discovery curve) and do you know, there’s more awesome stuff available there for free than you can imagine.  And if you have the Google Play app installed on your iPad … Continue reading

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The Great Isaiah Commentary That You’ve Never Read, or Probably Even Heard of… And That Church Organ

On 9 December, 1529 Zwingli’s brilliant commentary on Isaiah was sent to the printer.  It’s a fantastic work but it has never been translated from Latin into any other language, not even German.    But December 9 is notable for … Continue reading

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Zwingli’s Works Have a New Layout

Be sure to check it out- Zwingli’s Works and Zwingli’s Letters (from the Corpus Reformatorum Critical Edition) have a new layout.  Thanks to Christian Moser!

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Congratulations, Post Reformation Digital Library!

The PRDL now hosts 2000 authors and nearly half are from the Reformed (the only truly Christian) tradition!  Check them out on Facebook too and on the Twitter.  Awesome work guys!

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Martin Luther Didn’t Teach Huldrych Zwingli the Gospel

The Lutherans are celebrating what they call ‘Reformation Day’.  They like to delude themselves with the unfounded belief that were it not for Luther, there would have been no Reformation. Alas, poor things, they seem totally unaware that Reform had … Continue reading

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When Falsely Accused, Zwingli Preached…

And here’s what he preached at Bern, when accused of false teaching by the Catholics- Sittenmal ich, fromme Christen, von minen ungünstigen für einen verfuerer unnd kätzer ußggeben wird, so wil ich vor diser versamlung gernn mines gloubens rechnung geben, … Continue reading

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One of the Most Important Facts…

Concerning the newly available C.R. edition of Zwingli’s works is that it makes available the long out of print Bd. VI/1, which contains some of the most important texts: Huldreich Zwinglis sämtliche Werke, vol. 6.1 (Zürich: Berichthaus, 1961) (Corpus Reformatorum … Continue reading

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