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The Savaging of Christians by Savages

You see that the truth of God, wherever it is found, is the object of their hatred; and it is not less detested by them, in men than in women, in the learned than in the ignorant, in the rich … Continue reading

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Calvin: On the Government

“Let us consider to what danger the republic has been exposed of late, through the unworthiness of the governing citizens; and let us remember the insignificance of the state, that our souls may be preserved from pride.”  — John Calvin

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Good News on the Calvin Front

Librairie Droz S.A. announces the publication of two volumes in the Ioannis Calvini Opera Omnia series: Praelectiones in librum prophetiarum Ieremiae (ed. by Nicole Guenier and Max Engammare) and Leçons ou commentaires et expositions sur les Revelations du prophète Jeremie … Continue reading

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Calvin Was a Sickly Lad

And he said so to his friends fairly regularly.  So, for instance, he writes to Viret, “When our Merlin came yesterday, he found me in bed: I was suffering from a headache; for three days I had struggled against it, … Continue reading

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Shifting Blame and The Depraved Nature of Humanity

The flesh is continually on the alert for subterfuges, by which it imagines it can remove the blame of its own wickedness from itself to some other quarter.  We must diligently guard against this depraved procedure, and accordingly treat of … Continue reading

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Where Scripture isn’t, The Church Isn’t Either

The Romanists assail us in the present day, and terrify the unskilful with the name of Church, while they are the deadly adversaries of Christ. Therefore, although they exhibit a temple, a priesthood, and other similar masks, the empty glare … Continue reading

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Calvin’s Deathbed Farewell Speech to the Ministers of Geneva

Spoken on 28 April, 1564- “ ‘Brethren, after I am dead, persist in this work, and be not dispirited; for the Lord will save this Republic and Church from the threats of the enemy. Let dissension be far away from you, … Continue reading

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