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Today With Calvin: In Which He Describes a Truly Perfidious Wretch

In his preface to the commentary on Jeremiah, dedicated to a certain German Prince, Calvin writes, on 23 July, 1563, All know how basely you have been deceived by that most audacious and unprincipled man, at the same time vile, … Continue reading

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The Folly of Contending With God’s Decrees of Election or Reprobation

Foolish men contend with God in many ways, as though they held him liable to their accusations. They first ask, therefore, by what right the Lord becomes angry at his creatures who have not provoked him by any previous offense; … Continue reading

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Zwingli, Calvin, and Luther on the Jews: Decidedly Not Three Peas in a Pod

Die Schweizer Reformatoren Ulrich Zwingli und Johannes Calvin seien weniger aggressiv gegenüber Juden gewesen als der deutsche Reformator Martin Luther. Dies teilte Serge Fornerod, Projektleiter Reformationsjubiläum 2017 beim Schweizerischen Evangelischen Kirchenbund (SEK), auf Anfrage von mit. Hintergrund ist eine … Continue reading

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The Articles Concerning Predestination

Articles concerning Predestination Before the first man was created, God in his eternal counsel had determined what he willed to be done with the whole human race. In the hidden counsel of God it was determined that Adam should fall … Continue reading

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Learn About Calvin

With this.

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Calvin on Doctrineless Sermonizing

[Where] there is seldom any doctrine used … it were better for the wicked babblers even then to hold their peace, who thrust in their own unclean inventions instead of the Word of God, and pollute with the stink of … Continue reading

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Calvin and Birthday Whistles


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Calvin Doodled

Brill write on their facebook page- Happy birthday, John Calvin! This doodle of the French reformer was made by one of his students, thought to have been Jacques Bourgoin. It adorns the cover of Jon Balserak’s book “Establishing the Remnant … Continue reading

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The Birth of Calvin

John Calvin was born on the 10th of July, 1509, in the small town of Noyon, in Picardy. His grandfather was a cooper, and owned a small house on the banks of the river Oise. His father, Gerard Cauvin—the name … Continue reading

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The Wretched State In Which Pride Leaves Us

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Quote of the Day

Those whom the Lord has chosen and honoured with his intercourse must prepare for a hard, laborious, troubled life. –John Calvin

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Calvin: On Ridding the Church of Wicked Pastors

This is becoming more and more important.  Churches should pay attention and act accordingly: We recognize no other pastors in the Church than faithful pastors of the Word of God, feeding the sheep of Jesus Christ on the one hand … Continue reading

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Fun Facts from Church History: Calvin’s System of Sermonizing

To give you some idea of the scope of the Calvin’s pulpit, he began his series on the book of Acts on August 25, 1549, and ended it in March of 1554. After Acts he went on to the epistles … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Those who, in order to gain an assurance of election, examine the counsel of God apart from the Word, plunge themselves into a fatal abyss. — John Calvin

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Calvin Knew Something The Emergents, the Seeker Sensitives, and the Mega-Churches Will Never Know…

Those who are strong only in fervor and sharpness, but are not fortified with solid doctrine, weary themselves in their vigorous efforts, make a great noise, rave, [and] make no headway because they build without a foundation.  — John Calvin

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Quote of the Day

Nothing occurs merely by the wheels of blind fortune, because the will of God reigns over all that happens. — John Calvin

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Calvin: On Those Who Endure Persecution

If, while conscious of our innocence, we are deprived of our substance by the wickedness of man, we are, no doubt, humanly speaking, reduced to poverty; but in truth our riches in heaven are increased: if driven from our homes … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: The Caroli Affair

At the conclusion of the whole sordid affair (about which you can read in Schaff’s history), Caroli was deprived of his functions by the synod. The great council of Berne confirmed this sentence; pronounced Farel, Calvin, and Viret innocent of … Continue reading

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Luther and Calvinism

This new work was unveiled at the Refo500 Conference in Wittenberg some weeks back. In this volume renowned authors in the disciplines of Reformed theology and scientific Luther-research document the international scientific research on the reception of Martin Luther in Calvinism. … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“There is now no pardon, but it is the time of extreme vengeance, for they have too long abused God’s forbearance, who has borne with them, kindly and even sweetly exhorted them to repent, and testified that he would be … Continue reading

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