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Rudolf Bultmann: Briefwechsel mit Götz Harbsmeier und Ernst Wolf 1933–1976

Die Briefwechsel Rudolf Bultmanns mit dem Praktischen Theologen Götz Harbsmeier sowie dem Kirchenhistoriker und späteren Systematiker Ernst Wolf werden in einer gemeinsamen Edition zugänglich gemacht. Schließlich berühren sich die beiden Korrespondenzen nicht nur vielfach inhaltlich, sondern nehmen auch aufeinander Bezug. … Continue reading

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A Fun Fact About Rudolf Bultmann

According to his biographer, Konrad Hammann, Bultmann either sent or received around 20,000 pieces of correspondence over the course of his career! That’s a lot of mail!  And none of it was electronic!!!!

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Peter Berger: On Bultmann and Pentecostalism and Bultmann’s Sudden Relevance, Again

Thanks to the Eerdmans folk on Facebook for mentioning this essay (which I nonetheless had no knowledge of) – Some Theologians Never Die—They Just Wait to be Googled. Berger actually does a fair job. Or, as I remark there, it’s … Continue reading

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Rudolf Bultmann: Scholar of Faith

Here’s a great essay for your reading pleasure: Rudolf Bultmann — who died on July 30, 1976 at the advanced age of 91 — was the last of the theological giants who grew up in the universities of the Kaiser’s … Continue reading

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The Best Introduction To Bultmann

Decades ago Morris Ashcraft wrote the definitive exposition of the theology of Rudolf Bultmann.  It also went out of print decades ago and became a classic in the meanwhile. Hendrickson has, thankfully, republished this masterpiece in paperback and made it … Continue reading

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Bultmann Was A Giant Long Before He Died

Der Spiegel carried this report about the great man and those who were in 1966 protesting him! RUDOLF BULTMANN ist neben Karl Barth der bedeutendste und zugleich der umstrittenste Theologe der Gegenwart. Die Schüler und Anhänger des 81jährigen Marburger Protestanten vergleichen … Continue reading

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The Anniversary of Bultmann’s Birth. Oh Boy!

Here’s the great one himself:   And yes, all the great ones (except Zwingli) were born in August.

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That’s How It’s Done

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Bultmann’s Birth-iversary is Tomorrow

So there’s plenty to look forward to.  Till then-

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You Know That’s Right – And As it Should Be

Via the instagram of Joel “The Methopapist” Watts-

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Remembering the Death of Rudolf Bultmann: His Most Influential Commentary

Personally, I’ll admit, I love his commentary on 2 Corinthians most, but I suppose it’s fair to say that his greatest commentary is the one on the Gospel of John.  In many ways it has been surpassed but it continues … Continue reading

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Remembering Rudolf Bultmann on the Anniversary of his Death: The Marburg Sermons

Bultmann was never ordained but he was frequently asked to preach and he was always active in the life of the Lutheran parish in Marburg.  It was his task to stand at the door with the poor box and receive … Continue reading

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In Memoriam Rudolf Karl Bultmann

Rudolf Bultmann, the most important New Testament scholar in the history of Christianity, died on the 30th of July, 1976. Fundamentalists and the ignorant have demonized Bultmann as some sort of heretic but nothing could be further from the truth, … Continue reading

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The Theology of the New Testament

Bultmann’s most celebrated volume needs no introduction.  No one unfamiliar with it since its first publication has ever studied the New Testament seriously. Pick up a copy if you don’t already have it.

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Memorializing Rudolf Karl Bultmann on the Anniversary of His Death

Rudolf Karl Bultmann, the greatest New Testament exegete of the 20th century (and as yet still unsurpassed as the best New Testament exegete of all time) died on the 30th of July in 1976.  In honor of the great man, … Continue reading

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Rudolf Bultmann: The Morning After Kristallnacht

As related by Kurt Anders Richardson on FB- Some years ago as a visiting prof at Uni Marburg theologische Fakultaet, I was told several times by different people about a certain non-lecture event. On the morning after that first Nazi … Continue reading

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The Two Best Books About Bultmann

The best biography of Bultmann is that of Konrad Hammann (and it’s better in German).  Particularly important is his discussion of Bultmann during the era of the Second World War. The best short study of Bultmann’s theology is Gareth Jones’s … Continue reading

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F.F. Bruce- On The Passing of Bultmann

When the Society for New Testament Studies held its annual meeting in August 1976 at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, the secretary read out at the opening session the names of members who had died since the previous meeting. When … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is the Anniversary of Rudolf Karl Bultmann’s Death

Stay tuned for a day of remembrance.  It is impossible for me to express how important Bultmann has been to me over the course of my life.  He and von Rad were pivotal and critical while I was in grad … Continue reading

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A Review of a New Edition of Bultmann’s Correspondence

Der nun erschienene Briefwechsel Rudolf Bultmanns mit Götz Harbsmeier und Ernst Wolf in den Jahren 1933 bis 1976 ist mehr als ein editorischer Lückenschluss. Wer den Band zur Hand nimmt, bekommt fast alle Fäden in die Hand, die theologiegeschichtlich und … Continue reading

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