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A Review of a New Edition of Bultmann’s Correspondence

Der nun erschienene Briefwechsel Rudolf Bultmanns mit Götz Harbsmeier und Ernst Wolf in den Jahren 1933 bis 1976 ist mehr als ein editorischer Lückenschluss. Wer den Band zur Hand nimmt, bekommt fast alle Fäden in die Hand, die theologiegeschichtlich und … Continue reading

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Rudolf Bultmann: Briefwechsel mit Götz Harbsmeier und Ernst Wolf 1933–1976

Die Briefwechsel Rudolf Bultmanns mit dem Praktischen Theologen Götz Harbsmeier sowie dem Kirchenhistoriker und späteren Systematiker Ernst Wolf werden in einer gemeinsamen Edition zugänglich gemacht. Schließlich berühren sich die beiden Korrespondenzen nicht nur vielfach inhaltlich, sondern nehmen auch aufeinander Bezug. … Continue reading

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Rudolf Bultmann’s Advice to all Biblical Scholars

In today’s parlance- if you don’t understand it, don’t talk about it.  And if you don’t have first hand familiarity with it, leave it to those who do to explain.

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Bultmann Handbuch

UPDATE: The volume, originally planned for release in April, will now appear in July. This gem has been announced by Mohr– Rudolf Bultmann (1884–1976) prägte durch seinen hermeneutischen Ansatz die exegetischen und systematisch-theologischen sowie kirchlichen Diskurse des 20. Jahrhunderts wesentlich … Continue reading

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Gerechtigkeit verstehen

Menschliches Leben kann sich nur dort zum Guten entfalten, wo auch Gerechtigkeit herrscht. Was aber ist Gerechtigkeit? Ganz selbstverständlich fordern wir Gerechtigkeit in allen Bereichen unseres Lebens. Um Gerechtigkeit aber auch zur Geltung zu bringen, ist eine grundsätzliche Verständigung darüber … Continue reading

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Even More Cause For Envy from Aitken


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Dear Barthians, A Christmas Card For You

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Rudolf Karl Bultmann Answers Your Questions

Instead of RKB answering each question individually, he’s put together a series of prepared responses.  Expect to see them at appropriate moments…

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Bultmann Says…

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Quote of the Day

“God is not at the disposal of a seeing that is outside of God, for there is no outside of God. Thus, seeing God cannot be objective. Any seeing of God that would be interested only in the seeing would … Continue reading

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Something to Do Today

If you’re looking for a sensible way to celebrate Bultmann’s birthday that’s low fat and calorie free, give all these posts a read.  That’ll keep you busy. Happy birthday, RKB.

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Rudolf Bultmann: Scholar of Faith

Here’s a great essay for your reading pleasure: Rudolf Bultmann — who died on July 30, 1976 at the advanced age of 91 — was the last of the theological giants who grew up in the universities of the Kaiser’s … Continue reading

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Bultmann Was A Giant Long Before He Died

Der Spiegel carried this report about the great man and those who were in 1966 protesting him! RUDOLF BULTMANN ist neben Karl Barth der bedeutendste und zugleich der umstrittenste Theologe der Gegenwart. Die Schüler und Anhänger des 81jährigen Marburger Protestanten vergleichen … Continue reading

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It’s Rudolf, not Rudolph

Because, let’s face it, your ‘scholarship’ can’t at all be taken seriously if you don’t know the basic facts.  Seriously. Come on people.  Learn something before you say something.  Oh, and Bultmann is right. Unless you think speculation and hyperbole … Continue reading

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The Best Introduction To Bultmann

Decades ago Morris Ashcraft wrote the definitive exposition of the theology of Rudolf Bultmann.  It also went out of print decades ago and became a classic in the meanwhile. Hendrickson has, thankfully, republished this masterpiece in paperback and made it … Continue reading

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Celebrating Bultmann

Welcome to the Bultmann Birthday Bash.  Over the course of the day, expect lots of Bultmann as we celebrate his birth-iversary.

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Bultmann’s Birth-iversary is Tomorrow

So there’s plenty to look forward to.  Till then-

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Jason Staples: Anti-Bultmann False Prophet

Back on this day in 2013 we were discussing Bultmann and Jason Staples commented thusly on facebook- And as if that weren’t appalling enough, he continued a bit later Boy did he miss it.  Those who discount Bultmann abandon sense. … Continue reading

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You Reap What You Sow, Chris Tilling…

Many of you will know how Chris Tilling cruelly abandoned our lifelong friendship to hitch his wagon to Doug Campbell (roomie thief) for SBL 2016 in San Antonio. Well, to prove the old adage ‘you reap what you sow’, it … Continue reading

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Why You Should Follow the Pitts Library on Instagram

If things like this aren’t sufficient reason– then nothing is: Bultmann wasn’t just smarter than Barth, he had better penmanship.

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