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What Sort of Undesirables Occupy the Ministry

I am ashamed and sorry to rehearse what a censure for reformation of manners remains in the church. The thing itself cries put, and experience witnesses that unworthy persons are not shut out from this holy ministry; for without difference … Continue reading

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A Bullinger Gallery

To mark his passing-

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Not Every Expositor is of Equal Quality

Heinrich Bullinger astutely remarked There may be one that expoundeth very darkly, and another expoundeth more plainly: this man hitteth the mark, he comes not near it: and this man applieth the place which he handleth very fitly, some other … Continue reading

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Heinrich Bullinger: Briefe von Oktober bis Dezember 1546

Der neue Band des Bullinger-Briefwechsels enthält 130 zwischen Oktober und Dezember 1546 verfasste Briefe, denen jeweils eine ausführliche deutsche Zusammenfassung vorangeht. Involviert sind 42 Briefschreiber, insbesondere Ambrosius Blarer, Oswald Myconius, Johannes Haller und Martin Bucer. Der Band vermittelt Informationen zum … Continue reading

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Bullinger: On All the Calamaties That Can Befall Us

First … it is requisite to lay before our eyes and reckon up the several kinds and especial sorts of mortal men’s calamities. The evils verily are innumerable, which daily fall upon our necks; but those which do most usually … Continue reading

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Calvin to Bullinger About Servetus

On 7 September, Calvin wrote Bullinger, in part The Council will send you, ere long, the opinions of Servetus in order to have your advice. It is in spite of us that you have this trouble forced on you; but … Continue reading

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Heinrich Bullinger: On Aiding the Stranger

We must not only do good to them that are familiar with us, but to them also whom we did never see before, in keeping hospitality for wayfaring strangers, so far as our substance will stretch to maintain it. For … Continue reading

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If You’re In Zurich…

You’ll want to go to this. Beim Thema Reformation stehen gewöhnlich Luther und Zwingli im Mittelpunkt. Im Rahmen dieser Führung tritt mehr der Vater des reformierten Protestantismus in den Vordergrund: Heinrich Bullinger. Der Schweizer Theologe war der Nachfolger von Zwingli und galt als sein … Continue reading

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Heinrich Bullinger: on Invoking God

That invocation therefore or calling upon God, whereof at this time we entreat, is a lifting up of man’s mind to God in great necessity or in some desire, and a most ardent craving of counsel and assistance by faith; … Continue reading

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Today With Bullinger

In Sacrosanctum Jesu Christi Domini nostri Evangelium secundum Matthæum Commentariorum libri XII. fol. Tig. 1542, was translated by Frisius into German, with the title, “The Hope of the Faithful,” and published August 18, 1544. The preface to the volume is … Continue reading

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The Reticence of the Editors of Luther’s Works in English to Publish his Book on the Jews

In the preface, the editors of the American Edition of Luther’s works write The fact that Luther, during the last years of his life, wrote treatises harshly condemnatory of the Jews and Judaism is rather widely known. The treatises themselves, … Continue reading

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A Bullinger Gallery In Remembrance of His Death

This gallery contains 14 photos.


The Resignation of Heinrich Bullinger

On the 2nd of August in 1575 Heinrich Bullinger resigned his position as Pastor of the Great Minster in Zurich.  He had served the City since 1531 when Zwingli had been viciously murdered by the Catholic troops at Kappel-am-Albis (where, … Continue reading

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The Notice of Bullinger’s Birth and Early Life in His ‘Diarium’

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The Life of Heinrich Bullinger

HENRY BULLINGER, the fifth child of Henry Bullinger and Anna Widerkehr1, was born on the 18th of July, 1504, at Bremgarten, a small town, of which his father was parish-priest and dean, about ten miles west of Zurich. In his … Continue reading

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Today With Bullinger

On 17 July, 1532 Heinrich Bullinger gave a speech to the Zurich city council concerning recent events in Baden (on 9-10 July of that same year) where the cantons had discussed entering into an alliance with Charles V and Francis … Continue reading

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A Most Interesting Passage From Heinrich Bullinger on the Bondage of Sin

Now we come to the second part of bondage. The spiritual bondage hath a certain likeness to the bodily servitude. For Adam by his own fault became a bondman; and we of him are all born bondmen He was once … Continue reading

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A Very Serious Plea For Very Serious Funding of a Very Important Project

I’ve received word that without further funding, the critical edition of Heinrich Bullinger’s Letters will end with the publication of Volume 19 (volume 18 has just appeared). Funding sources have become hard to come by and the project is suffering … Continue reading

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Bullinger News

Bullinger News Eine Ausstellung zu Heinrich Bullingers Briefwechsel im Kollegiengebäude der Universität Zürich / Exhibition on Heinrich Bullinger’s correspondence at the University of Zurich — 17.05.-24.06.2018 And Heinrich Bullinger Briefwechsel Bd. 18 (Briefe von Oktober bis Dezember 1546) erschienen … Continue reading

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Even Bullinger is Getting Some Love in Zurich This Year

Go on this tour! Alle Augen richten sich bei den Reformationsfeiern auf Luther und Zwingli. In dieser Führung steht hingegen Heinrich Bullinger, der „Vater des reformierten Protestantismus”, im Scheinwerferlicht. Wir folgen den Spuren dieser faszinierenden Persönlichkeit in der Zürcher Innenstadt. … Continue reading

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