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Zwingli and Bullinger Review ‘Through the Year With Zwingli and Bullinger’

ZwingliBullingerDevotionalBook2We love this book.  Love it.  LOVE IT.  Never in the history of Christianity has a book so profound been made available to the masses for a price so reasonable.  Reading it is a theological education in a single volume which contains everything necessary for both salvation and proper doctrine.

Were we more excited about it we would resemble tiny puppies laying on their backs getting their bellies rubbed and wetting themselves.  That’s how excited we are about this book.  – H.B., H.Z.

Wow.  I’m super humbled and super honored.  First a video recommendation yesterday and now this.  I just don’t know what to say.

The book is available from the publisher via print on demand, here

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Bullinger Was Far More Important than Calvin in their Time

bullinger4Here’s a little snippet of a letter showing the weight which was given to Bullinger’s views- a weight which far surpassed Calvin’s:

Yesterday (September 26), (writes Haller of Berne, to Bullinger of Zürich) we received the documents in the case of Servetus, and have since been studying them in view of our reply. But we should like to know what your answer is before we send ours. We therefore entreat you immediately to inform us of its tenor. Yet wherefore so much ado! the man is a heretic, and the Church must get rid of him. Let me, however, I beseech you, speedily know the conclusion you have come to.

Bullinger, of all the theologians in Switzerland, was the most important until the day of his death.

Quote of the Day


Concerning the importance of Scripture study, Bullinger writes

There is I confess, some difficulty in the scriptures.  But that difficulty may easily be helped by study, diligence, faith, and the means of skillful interpreters. I know that the apostle Peter says in the epistles of Paul “many things are hard to be understood” but immediately he adds, “which the unlearned, and those that are imperfect, or unstable, pervert, as they do the other scriptures also, unto their own destruction.” Whereby we gather that the scripture is difficult or obscure to the unlearned, unskillful, unexercised, and malicious or corrupted wills, and not to the zealous and godly readers or hearers thereof.  – Heinrich Bullinger

Loyalty to the Papacy…

This is the oath all clerics in the Church of Rome in the 16th century (and before, and since) were required to swear as they assumed their office:

“I will be helper to keep and defend the Roman papacy, and royalties of St Peter, against every man. I will be careful to preserve, defend, increase, and further the rights, honours, privileges, and authority of the church of Rome, of our lord the pope, and of his successors: neither will I be of any counsel, act, or treaty, whereby ought adverse to our lord or the church of Rome, or to the prejudice of their persons, right, honour, state, and power, shall be devised. And if I shall know such things to be undertaken by any one, I will hinder them to the utmost of my ability. The rules of the holy fathers, the decrees, ordinances, judgments, dispositions, reservations, provisions, and apostolical mandates, with all my power I will observe, and cause to be observed by others. Heretics, schismatics, and rebels against our lord, I will persecute and fight against with all my might.”

So Heinrich Bullinger.  It’s an interesting oath, for so many reasons.  But mostly because it never mentions God or Christ.

Now Available: The Devotional and the Next Volume in the Commentary

zwinglibullsmallHuldrych Zwingli and Heinrich Bullinger were two of the leading Reformers of the 16th Century. They are not as well or widely known as Martin Luther and John Calvin, but they had much to say to their contemporaries and they continue to have much to say today. The extended selections from Zwingli’s and Bullinger’s works serve as guides to devotional thoughts and each is followed by a brief prayer. The texts selected were chosen because of their power and spirit. They offer readers an opportunity to, metaphorically, sit with Zwingli and Bullinger at their desks and listen to them as they turn our attention towards God. But readers will also be, slowly and carefully it is hoped, introduced to the theology of Switzerland’s greatest Reformers. Step by step and day by day users of this volume will not simply be pointed to devotional thoughts, but to theological education. This book, then, has a dual purpose: to offer spiritual guidance and to offer theological instruction.


1samuelsmall1 Samuel.

Visit the publisher’s website and scroll down till you find what you wish.

Calvin to Bullinger About Servetus

On 7 September, Calvin wrote Bullinger, in part

The Council will send you, ere long, the opinions of Servetus in order to have your advice. It is in spite of us that you have this trouble forced on you; but the folks here have come to such a pass of folly and fury that they are suspicious of all we say. Did I declare that there was daylight at noon, I believe they would question it. Brother Walter [Bullinger’s son-in-law] will tell you more [of the state of affairs here].

I know how you feel, John.  I feel ya, brother…


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