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The Zurich Antistes: Because You Want To See Them

So here they are:

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Bullinger: On Rebellion

To reject and overwhelm [the guidance of the Holy Spirit] with stubborn falsehood, flat apostasy, wicked contradiction, and perpetual contempt, is flatly to commit [the] sin against the Holy Spirit. And this truly takes its point of departure from original sin, … Continue reading

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Calvin Wasn’t The Only One Who Disliked Heretics

Schaff writes (and it’s all worth repeating and the bit about Zwingli in bold italics is my emphasis)- Let us ascertain the sentiments of the leading Reformers with special reference to the case of Servetus. They form a complete justification … Continue reading

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Hooper in Zurich

Did you know that it was on this date in 1547 that John Hooper visited Bullinger in Zurich? In his extant diary Bullinger has marked March 29, 1547, as the day when Hooper and his wife, in their exile, accomplished their long-cherished … Continue reading

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Bullinger Responds to Calvin’s Book Defending the Execution of Heretics

Bullinger intimated his objections [to Calvin’s book Defensio orthodoxae fidei de sacra Trinitate, contra prodigiosos errores Michaelis Serveti Hispani: ubi ostenditur haereticos jure gladii coërcendos esse, et nominatim de homine hoc tam impio juste et merito sumptum Genevae fuisse supplicium. Per … Continue reading

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There Are Governments Not To Be Obeyed, or Tolerated, by Christian People

We ought not at any time to defend the tyrannical power, and say that it is of God: for tyranny is not a divine, but a devilish, kind of government; and tyrants themselves are properly the servants of the devil, … Continue reading

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Today in Church History: The Publication of the Second Helvetic Confession

Schaff remarks [The Second Helvetic Confession, written by Bullinger] was published at Zuerich, March 12, 1566, in both [German and Latin], at public expense, and was forwarded to the Elector of the Palatinate and to Philip of Hesse. A French … Continue reading

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