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The Notice of Bullinger’s Birth and Early Life in His ‘Diarium’

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The Life of Heinrich Bullinger

HENRY BULLINGER, the fifth child of Henry Bullinger and Anna Widerkehr1, was born on the 18th of July, 1504, at Bremgarten, a small town, of which his father was parish-priest and dean, about ten miles west of Zurich. In his … Continue reading

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Today With Bullinger

On 17 July, 1532 Heinrich Bullinger gave a speech to the Zurich city council concerning recent events in Baden (on 9-10 July of that same year) where the cantons had discussed entering into an alliance with Charles V and Francis … Continue reading

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A Most Interesting Passage From Heinrich Bullinger on the Bondage of Sin

Now we come to the second part of bondage. The spiritual bondage hath a certain likeness to the bodily servitude. For Adam by his own fault became a bondman; and we of him are all born bondmen He was once … Continue reading

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A Very Serious Plea For Very Serious Funding of a Very Important Project

I’ve received word that without further funding, the critical edition of Heinrich Bullinger’s Letters will end with the publication of Volume 19 (volume 18 has just appeared). Funding sources have become hard to come by and the project is suffering … Continue reading

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Bullinger News

Bullinger News Eine Ausstellung zu Heinrich Bullingers Briefwechsel im Kollegiengebäude der Universität Zürich / Exhibition on Heinrich Bullinger’s correspondence at the University of Zurich — 17.05.-24.06.2018 And Heinrich Bullinger Briefwechsel Bd. 18 (Briefe von Oktober bis Dezember 1546) erschienen … Continue reading

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Even Bullinger is Getting Some Love in Zurich This Year

Go on this tour! Alle Augen richten sich bei den Reformationsfeiern auf Luther und Zwingli. In dieser Führung steht hingegen Heinrich Bullinger, der „Vater des reformierten Protestantismus”, im Scheinwerferlicht. Wir folgen den Spuren dieser faszinierenden Persönlichkeit in der Zürcher Innenstadt. … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

To the godly the scripture is nothing dark at all, and the Lord’s will is altogether to have us understand it: thus, the scriptures ought always to be expounded. – Heinrich Bullinger

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How Christians Are to Act When Tyrants (Like Trump) Arise

Choose death rather than to deny the truth, to commit any heinous crime, or to be compelled to consent to a wicked and horrible sin. If you choose to die rather than to do a filthy deed, the tyrant shall not … Continue reading

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The Zurich Antistes: Because You Want To See Them

So here they are:

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Luther: On Love of the Bible- Or, How a Theologian is Made

Once when he was a young man he [Martin Luther] happened upon a Bible. In it he read by chance the story about Samuel’s mother in the Books of the Kings. The book pleased him immensely, and he thought that … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Marrying a Nun

The letter which was delivered to the Oetenbach convent on September 30, 1527, changed Anna Adlischwyler’s life for ever. The author was Heinrich Bullinger, a priest and friend of Swiss reformer Huldrych Zwingli. “You and you alone fill my thoughts,” … Continue reading

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Today With Bullinger

On the 27th of April, 1535, Heinrich Bullinger’s aptly titled Bericht der krancken, Wie man by den krancken vnd sterbende[n] menschen handlen, ouch wie sich ein yeder inn siner kranckheit schicken vnnd zum sterben rüsten sölle appeared thanks to the … Continue reading

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Anna Bullinger-Adlischwyler

Rebecca writes Come to the Zwingliplatz on Sunday at 17:00 and join us for the unveiling of the Anna Bullinger-Adlischwyler (ca.1504-1564) commemorative plaque. We are also honoring Anna, who I worked to historically reconstruct, this year at the Gesellschaft zu … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: The Confession Of Bullinger’s Father

In 1529… In February of this year Bullinger’s father had publicly proclaimed at Bremgarten his conviction, that he had hitherto, in the time of darkness, misled his parishioners; but that now he would endeavour to guide them in the right … Continue reading

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Salus extra ecclesiam non est

OUTSIDE THE CHURCH OF GOD THERE IS NO SALVATION.    We esteem fellowship with the true Church of Christ so highly that we deny that those can live before God who do not stand in fellowship with the true Church … Continue reading

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Bullinger: Dispensing the Truth

The belly being full, either no prayers at all, or else fat and unwieldy prayers, are made.  — Heinrich Bullinger

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Well That’s It Then

Free remission of sins is preached to all countries and kingdoms. All the faithful in every nation under heaven are through Christ received into the grace and favour of God the Father. All have received in great abundance the gift … Continue reading

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Leben und ausgewählte Schriften der Väter und Begründer der reformierten Kirche (11 Bände)

This was posted on 26 December, 2014.  Two years ago to the day.  And still it has neither appeared nor has it progressed.  Perhaps someone at Logos knows why? I’ve discovered that Logos has plans to offer the 11 volumes … Continue reading

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The Anniversary of Bullinger’s Call to Zurich

After the productive period of the Zwinglian Reformation, which embraced fifteen years, from 1516 to 1531, followed the period of preservation and consolidation under difficult circumstances. It required a man of firm faith, courage, moderation, patience, and endurance. Such a … Continue reading

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