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Beggars commit sacrilege, who abuse the name of Christ, and make their poverty a cloak to keep them idle still. The apostle commands Timothy not to cherish such idle hypocrites and wandering vagabonds with the alms and expenses of the church goods. – Heinrich Bullinger

Bullinger Correspondence vol. 17 forthcoming

Via the excellent IRG blog this news-

Band 17 des Briefwechsels von Heinrich Bullinger mit 152 Briefen von Juni bis September 1546 ist im Druck / Forthcoming: Bullinger Correspondence vol. 17 with 152 letters from June until September 1546, offering a plethora of unknown details about the Schmalkaldic War, particularly concerning the role of the Swiss Confederation:  Heinrich Bullinger. Briefwechsel. Bd. 17: Briefe von Juni bis September 1546, bearb. von Reinhard Bodenmann, Alexandra Kess und Judith Steiniger, Zürich: TVZ, 2015. 547 S. ISBN 978–3–290–17782–9

Heinrich Bullinger Werke: Band 8

IMG_6830Arriving in the mail today is this fantastic volume – Heinrich Bullinger: Kommentare zu den neutestamentlichen Briefen- 1–2Thess – 1–2 Tim – Tit – Phlm, hg. von Christian Moser, Luca Baschera

Im Geist der Reformation verstand Heinrich Bullinger Theologie in erster Linie als Auslegung der Heiligen Schrift. Mit diesem Band – dem achten in der Reihe seiner Theologischen Schriften – wird die Edition seiner Kommentare zu den neutestamentlichen Briefen fortgesetzt. Darin enthalten sind die Auslegungen zu den Briefen an die Thessalonicher, an Timotheus, Titus und Philemon. Die Texte werden anhand der Erstauflage sowie der ersten Gesamtausgabe der Kommentare Bullingers zu den neutestamentlichen Briefen (1537) historisch-kritisch ediert und durch eine Einleitung und insgesamt vier Register (Bibelstellen, Quellen, Personen und Orte) erschlossen.

I’m looking forward to diving in. Which I will do in the next weeks. Stay tuned.

Zwingli and Bullinger Review ‘Through the Year With Zwingli and Bullinger’

ZwingliBullingerDevotionalBook2We love this book.  Love it.  LOVE IT.  Never in the history of Christianity has a book so profound been made available to the masses for a price so reasonable.  Reading it is a theological education in a single volume which contains everything necessary for both salvation and proper doctrine.

Were we more excited about it we would resemble tiny puppies laying on their backs getting their bellies rubbed and wetting themselves.  That’s how excited we are about this book.  – H.B., H.Z.

Wow.  I’m super humbled and super honored.  First a video recommendation yesterday and now this.  I just don’t know what to say.

The book is available from the publisher via print on demand, here

Bullinger Was Far More Important than Calvin in their Time

bullinger4Here’s a little snippet of a letter showing the weight which was given to Bullinger’s views- a weight which far surpassed Calvin’s:

Yesterday (September 26), (writes Haller of Berne, to Bullinger of Zürich) we received the documents in the case of Servetus, and have since been studying them in view of our reply. But we should like to know what your answer is before we send ours. We therefore entreat you immediately to inform us of its tenor. Yet wherefore so much ado! the man is a heretic, and the Church must get rid of him. Let me, however, I beseech you, speedily know the conclusion you have come to.

Bullinger, of all the theologians in Switzerland, was the most important until the day of his death.

Quote of the Day


Concerning the importance of Scripture study, Bullinger writes

There is I confess, some difficulty in the scriptures.  But that difficulty may easily be helped by study, diligence, faith, and the means of skillful interpreters. I know that the apostle Peter says in the epistles of Paul “many things are hard to be understood” but immediately he adds, “which the unlearned, and those that are imperfect, or unstable, pervert, as they do the other scriptures also, unto their own destruction.” Whereby we gather that the scripture is difficult or obscure to the unlearned, unskillful, unexercised, and malicious or corrupted wills, and not to the zealous and godly readers or hearers thereof.  – Heinrich Bullinger