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Great Stuff is Happening at #BNTC2019

Follow the hashtag on twitter. Some excellent papers are being delivered and the folk tweeting are doing a great job keeping us informed of the doings.

Conference envy is a regular part of life- but now it has set in sturdily.

BNTS Booking is now Open

Via the Secretary of the BNTS, Steve Walton-

Booking for the 2019 British New Testament Conference at Liverpool Hope University is now open. The Conference will begin on Thursday 5 September (registration from 3 pm; drinks reception 5.30 pm) and end with lunch on Saturday 7 September (lunch is at 12.45 pm).

You can register for the Conference via Liverpool Hope’s online store here. (You will be asked to create an account, but it is very quick and straightforward.) Booking is open until 5 August, but Early Bird rates are available only until 31 May (£190 en-suite; £175 shared facilities; £115 non-residential). On 1 June all the rates will rise by £20.

This year, besides the usual accommodation in student halls, we offer double rooms (hotel standard) for couples (£390 for two people, including also conference registration, all the meals, refreshments and receptions). It is possible for individuals to book one of these executive double rooms for single use (£260).

Please note that Liverpool Hope University has two campuses, Hope Park and Creative Campus; the conference will take place at the main campus, Hope Park. Travel details by various means to Hope Park are here.

This time we are excited to offer several pre-conference tours on Thursday, as well as visits to our library special collections, led by my colleague, Dr Gergely Juhasz, during free time on Friday. The pre-conference offer includes the following curator-led tours:

  • Walker Art Galley 13th to 17th century paintings, with a focus on paintings with biblical themes, but also including other highlights; led by curator Xanthe Brook (Continental European Fine Art). Thursday 5 September, 11.30 am–12.30 pm. £7 per person.

All the tours are offered on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Availability is limited, and once capacity is reached, you will not be able to book onto a tour. If this happens, please email me here.

There are several other excellent museums in Liverpool (see here), so I encourage you to come earlier (or stay longer), and explore them on your own. If you plan to do so, and wish to book additional accommodation, or if you have any other questions, please let me know.

When you register, you will be asked if you are willing for the organisers to share your name, institution, email address, seminar choice, and research interests with other delegates. This request is to enable us to produce a printed list of delegates which will enable you to find others working in the same area as you and to contact them easily. We need your permission to share this information because of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced last year.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Liverpool in September,

Dominika Kurek-Chomycz


British New Testament Conference 2019
Paper proposals must be submitted by Friday 19 April

The deadline for submitting proposals for papers for the 2019 British New Testament Conference is near: please submit your proposals to the relevant seminar chairs by Friday 19 April.

The conference takes place at Liverpool Hope University, 5–7 September 2019. To see the full call for papers, visit this page.

Via Steve Walton.

BNTS Call For Papers

2019 Conference at Liverpool Hope University

The Call for Papers for this year’s British New Testament Conference is now open. The conference will be taking place at Liverpool Hope University, Thursday 5 to Saturday 7 September 2019.

Registration details are coming soon. Continue reading to see the complete Call for Papers and plenary speakers.

It looks like a great lineup of plenary speakers.

BNTS is On the Twitter

Do follow, won’t you.

Conference Announcement

Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament
4–6 March 2019

From Dr Hugh Houghton, University of Birmingham:

Booking is now open for the Eleventh Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament, to be held in Birmingham from Monday 4 to Wednesday 6 March 2019.

The colloquium will consist of thirty papers on New Testament textual criticism, focusing on matters relating to versional evidence (Latin, Syriac, Coptic, Arabic, Gothic) and other indirect sources (e.g. biblical quotations). There will be two highlight lectures, Prof. David Taylor (Oxford) on “New Developments in the Text of the Old Syriac Gospels” and Prof. Reinhart Ceulemans (Leuven) on “Biblical Lexicography in Late Antiquity and Byzantium”.

There is an early bird rate for bookings made and paid in full by 13 January 2019, and booking closes on 13 February 2019. Please see: Further information about the Birmingham Colloquium may be found at

Via Steve Walton.

Follow Along With #bntc2018

And keep up with the doings of the 2018 British New Testament Society annual conference using the above hashtag.  It’s going on in London right now.

BNTS Conference Papers

Visit here for the 411… or deets.  Or whatever it is that the Millennials call things these days.

British New Testament Society Annual Meeting 2018 News

Dear colleagues,

The website for registration for the 2018 British New Testament Conference at St Mary’s University, Twickenham (London), Thursday 4 to Saturday 6 September, is now open, here. (For any who are planning to stay off campus, a ‘daily rate’ will soon be added to the registration website—please wait for this if that’s your intention.) Travel details by various means to the St Mary’s campus are here.

There is a plan afoot to offer two visits on Thursday before the conference formally begins (in similar manner to the visit to the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin in 2017), and more details will follow. One is a guided visit to the National Gallery led by Dr Michelle Fletcher, who is Research Assistant in the King’s College London project to produce a visual commentary on the Bible—many of you will know Michelle as a regular member of the conference. The other is a visit to the British Library to learn about their collection of biblical manuscripts. As you can see from the registration pages, there is the possibility of arriving a day early, on Wednesday, and/or leaving a day later, on Sunday—and that may be helpful for those travelling to London from a distance who would like to join in with one or both of these visits. More details to follow.

If you have questions about the local arrangements, please contact Professor Chris Keith, who chairs the organising committee, here.

In other news, your committee were asked to nominate people for the REF panel for Theology and Religious Studies, and we have this week heard the good news that Professor David Horrell of the University of Exeter has been included in the ‘first cut’ panel to devise criteria for the panel to work with. Warm congratulations to David on this appointment. More information here. There will be a further opportunity to nominate potential members in 2020, once the panel has a sense of the volume of material to be considered in various sub-disciplines of TRS, and your committee will work further on this at that point.

This comes with warm good wishes for the Easter break.

Steve Walton
BNTS Secretary

The British New Testament Society 2018 Meeting Call for Papers

Dear colleagues,

The Call for Papers for this year’s British New Testament Conference is now open. The conference will be taking place at St Mary’s University, Twickenham (London), Thursday 6 to Saturday 8 September 2018.

The Call for Papers for each session is below. Proposals of not more than 300 words should be sent directly to the Seminar Chairs by Friday 20 April 2018. Please direct any enquiries about the call directly to the relevant seminar chairs and not to me.

Proposals for the Simultaneous Short Papers should be sent to me on, and not to this address.

We very much look forward to seeing you in Twickenham in September.

Best wishes,


Professor Steve Walton
Secretary, British New Testament Society


St Mary’s University, Twickenham (London), 6-8 September 2018

Proposals for papers are invited for the British New Testament Conference 2018 to be held in Twickenham, London from Thursday 6 to Saturday 8 September. Paper proposals with a title and an abstract of not more than 300 words should be sent directly to the relevant Seminar chairs by Friday 20 April 2018. Proposals for the Simultaneous Short Paper session should be sent to the Secretary, Professor Steve Walton ( Specific seminar contact details and calls for papers are below.

The Book of Acts
Sean Adams (
Matthew Sleeman ( We welcome seminar papers approaching Acts from a variety of angles and using a variety of methods: historical, literary, textual-critical, theological, archaeological, the social world, possible links/parallels with other biblical and ancient writings, and so on. We also include topics for discussion which relate Acts to the wider contexts of Luke-Acts and the Pauline corpus, where they are relevant and helpful to the study of Acts. Offers of papers are welcome both from research students (this is a great opportunity to ‘try out’ your ideas) and from more established scholars.

The Acts and Synoptic Gospels seminar groups are happy to announce that they will be having a joint session as one of our three sessions scheduled for the 2018 Conference. In light of this collaboration, we are particularly interested in receiving paper proposals that engage with the theme of rhetoric in Luke-Acts. If you are interested in offering a paper for this joint session, please email either the co-chairs of the Synoptic Gospels or Acts groups. Papers may require a full seminar session for discussion (90 minutes) or take half a session (45 minutes).
We make papers available on the British New Testament Society web site a few weeks before the conference so that seminar members can read them in advance. At the seminar, the paper’s author presents a 10-15 minute summary before discussion, in order to maximise discussion time in the seminar.

David Moffitt (
Loveday Alexander ‎(
Whilst papers on any topic relating to Hebrews will be considered, the Hebrews Group particularly invites proposals relating to the topic of the interpretation of the tabernacle (heavenly and/or earthly) in Hebrews.

Helen Bond (
Justin Meggitt (

Johannine Literature
Cornelis Bennema (
Andy Byers (
The Johannine Literature seminar invites papers on the Gospel of John and/or the Johannine Epistles. Offers of papers are welcome both from established scholars and from research students and the seminar provides an excellent opportunity for feedback from experts in the field.

Usually, one full session is dedicated to the discussion of a major paper by invitation. In the remaining two sessions, there is scope for four to five papers. Papers are normally 30 minutes, allowing time for questions and discussion, but shorter papers of 20 minutes are also welcome.

The Book of Revelation
Michelle Fletcher (
Garrick Allen (

New Testament and Early Christianity
Dominika Kurek-Chomycz ‎(
Francis Watson (
The New Testament texts exist within the much broader phenomenon of early Christianity as a whole, and this seminar is concerned especially with aspects of the total phenomenon that go beyond the New Testament. These include non-canonical texts (e.g. the so-called Apostolic Fathers, New Testament Apocrypha, Old Testament Pseudepigrapha in Christian usage, Nag Hammadi and associated literature, early patristic texts); and wider historical themes (e.g. orthodoxy and heresy, canon formation, gender, ritual, identity, martyrdom, social setting, material culture).

In 2018, we plan to hold: (1) an open session; (2) a thematic session on martyrdom; (3) an invited paper session on Jesus’ resurrection in the Epistula Apostolorum. For sessions (1) and (2) we invite paper proposals along the lines of the goals of the seminar. For all panels, the abstract should state the paper’s thesis and outline the approach that will be taken.

New Testament and Second Temple Judaism
Susan Docherty (
Matthew Novenson (
For the 2018 meeting, we will have a session on current research on 1 Enoch (presenters including Sofanit Abebe and Elena Dugan), a review panel, held jointly with the Paul Seminar, on Jamie Davies’s Paul among the Apocalypses? (Bloomsbury T. & T. Clark, 2016) (reviewers including Elizabeth Shively and Crispin Fletcher-Louis), and one open-call session. For the open-call session, we invite paper proposals on any topic pertinent to the study of the New Testament and Second Temple Judaism.

New Testament: Use and Influence
Alison Jack (
John Lyons (
This year, the seminar will offer one ‘open call’ session, for which we would welcome proposals on any topic regarding the use and influence of the NT. The second session will involve an open invitation to BNTC attendees to participate in an organised project session (details of theme to follow). The third session will feature a round-table open discussion on the future/British NT Society future of reception history of the NT.

Peter Oakes (
Dorothee Bertschmann (
Papers are invited on any aspect of Pauline literature for the two open call sessions. We shall spend one session on a review panel held jointly with the NT and Second Temple Judaism seminar, on Jamie Davies’s Paul among the Apocalypses? (Bloomsbury T. & T. Clark, 2016).

Synoptic Gospels
Andy Angel (
Elizabeth Shively (
This year we focus on the intersection of the study of rhetoric and the Synoptic Gospels. First, we plan a joint session with the Book of Acts Seminar for which we invite proposals dealing with various aspects of the study of rhetoric in Luke-Acts. Second, we invite proposals dealing with various aspects of the study of rhetoric in the Synoptic Gospels. Third, we invite proposals on any topic on the Synoptic Gospels for an open session. Paper proposals for the joint session on rhetoric and Luke-Acts and should be sent to Elizabeth Shively. Paper proposals for the Synoptic Gospels sessions should be sent to Andy Angel or Elizabeth Shively, co-chairs of the Synoptic Gospels Seminar.

Simultaneous Short Papers
Steve Walton (
Proposals for 20-25 minute papers are invited for the simultaneous short papers session. Preference will be given to papers that do not easily fit into one of the established seminar groups. Proposing the same paper for this section and one of the seminar groups is not permitted.

News From BNTS

Booking for this year’s conference closes on August 18th. Please make sure you book your place before then.

The conference begins on Thursday 31st August, with Registration at St Patrick’s College from 3pm. The first event is a wine reception at 5.30pm.  There is an opportunity to take part in an additional trip to Dublin on Thursday morning, and accommodation can be booked for the Wednesday evening.

There is a handy Travelling to Maynooth Section on the University website here: along with maps of the campus.
St Patrick’s College is on the South Campus. Most of the accommodation is on the North Campus.  International Colleagues should check visa arrangements and ensure any necessary paperwork is completed in order to leave and re-enter the UK.

We very much look forward to welcoming everyone to Maynooth.
Best wishes,

Dr Paul Middleton
Secretary, The British New Testament Society

BNTS Registration Reminder


A reminder that the early bird rate for this year’s British New Testament Conference in Maynooth ends on 30th June. If you intend to take advantage of this rate, please do book in plenty of time. You can access booking here: or from our society webpage: Once again, it is worth stressing that it is relatively cheap and easy to get to the venue.

Students who plan to apply to the travel grant should aim to take advantage of early travel offers. If you are not an EU citizen, please do check any additional visa requirements.

Best wishes,

Dr Paul Middleton
Secretary, The British New Testament Society

BNTS Call For Papers and Booking Opening

Dear Colleagues,

We will be opening booking for BNTC 2017 in Maynooth very soon.  The conference will run from Thursday 31st August – Saturday 2nd September 2017.  Registration is expected to be from 3pm with a reception at 5.30pm.
As part of the “Conference Fringe” there is an optional trip to Dublin on Thursday morning to Chester Beatty and the Book of Kells.  Those who wish to participate will be able to arrive in Maynooth on Wednesday 30th August.  A bus will take the group into Dublin (10 EUR), but you will return by train (which is very easy, and costs 8 EUR).  Entrance to the Book of Kells is 5 EUR.
The “down time” for this year’s conference will be on Friday evening, when a concert is due to be held in the magnificent chapel.
A reminder that the Call for Papers for the Conference is open.  Details are below, and also available on the website (click on seminar title for each individual call).  Proposals must be with Seminar Chairs by Friday 21st April 2017. Proposals for simultaneous short papers should be sent to me, but *not* to this email account. Instead use: p,midd…  A further reminder that those working on Hebrews now have a full session.
I will be in touch very soon about conference booking details.
Best wishes,
Dr Paul Middleton
Secretary, The British New Testament Society

A Brief Note From BNTS

Paul Middleton notes that BNTS plans to

open booking for the 2017 conference in Maynooth (31st Aug-2nd Sept) next week.

Stay tuned.

#BNTC2016 Commences Today


BNTC Booking Ends Tomorrow

From the President-


A final reminder that booking for this year’s British New Testament Conference closes tomorrow (Friday 19th August) at 4pm. If you intend to attend the conference, please make sure you have booked by then. The programme outline is now on the society’s website (, along with general information about travel.  There is also a link to some of the responses from the survey asking how might New Testament studies flourish in the next generation, which may help stimulate discussion on the Friday evening of the conference.
All the venues on campus we are using are very close together (only a few seconds walk between them).  Registration will take place in Grosvenor Hall (the accommodation block) from 3pm.  Coffee will be available from 4pm in the Small Hall (where the Publishers displays will be), and the welcome reception will also take place in the Small Hall at 5.30pm.
There are two further events on Friday 2nd September in what I am calling the British New Testament Conference Fringe:
  • Prof. Philip Alexander is offering a special exhibition at the Cathedral library (15 min walk away): “From the age of Erasmus: Treasures of Biblical Scholarship in Chester Cathedral Library”.  The event is limited to 25 people, and will begin at 1.30pm in the Cathedral Library.  There are still spaces available, so if you would like to attend, email to book your place.  This will be on a first come first serve basis.
  • The second event is “How to develop a relationship with a publisher (AKA How to get published)”.  This takes place at 2.30pm and will be presented by Dr Sean Adams (University of Glasgow) and Carey Newman from Baylor.  The event is specifically aimed at PhD students, but all are welcome.
Any further questions can be directed to  We look forward to welcoming you to Chester in a couple of weeks time.
Best wishes,
Dr Paul Middleton
Secretary, The British New Testament Society

News from the BNTS

Our Annual Conference is 7 weeks away, and I can give notice that the Annual General Meeting of the British New Testament Society will take place on Friday 2nd September 2016 during the conference at the University of Chester at 7.15pm. Please do make every effort to attend.

The Committee will meet on Friday afternoon at 2.30pm.

Booking is going well for the conference; we have passed the 150 mark. Please note that bookings will close on Friday 12th August 2016. Please make sure you have booked by this date to help with the smooth running of the conference.

I have attached some travel information and maps. It is not my most polished creation (!), but if you wish to walk from the station it will help. However, the campus is a short taxi ride away and will cost around £5. The conference is on the main campus (or Parkgate Road campus). Travelling to Chester is pretty straightforward, and hopefully you should not have any difficulty reaching the campus. All the campus based conference venues are very close together. However, do note that New Testament and Early Christianity and Social World of the New Testament are having their Friday morning events at The Grosvenor Museum (27 Grosvenor Street, CH1 2DD), which is about a 20 minute walk through town.

Dr Sarah Whittle comes to the end of her term on the committee at the forthcoming conference, and there will be an opportunity for us to thank her at the AGM. This means there is one vacancy on the committee. Anyone who would like to consider being nominated may contact me. Please do be aware that we are attentive to trying to achieve balance on the committee in terms of gender, geography, type of institution etc.

There will be two additional events at this year’s conference (which I’ve pompously called the Conference Fringe). Both will take place on the free afternoon Prof. Philip Alexander will be giving a tour Chester Cathedral Library, speaking on “From the Age of Erasmus: Treasures of Biblical Scholarship in Chester Cathedral Library.” This will take place at 1.30pm in the Cathedral Library. Numbers are strictly limited to 25, but there are still a number of places available. If you wish to go (and the library is well worth seeing), please reply to this email. Could I ask that if you have a question about any other aspect of the conference, or the committee that you write a separate email.

Delegates may arrive on Thursday 1st September from around 3pm to register and the conference will end after lunch (1-2pm) on Saturday. As usual we will take orders for taxis on the Thursday and Friday.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to Chester at the beginning of September.
Best wishes,

Dr Paul Middleton
Secretary, The British New Testament Society

BNTS Call For Papers

Paul Middleton Writes

The British New Testament Conference 2016
The University of Chester, 1–3 September

Papers are invited for the British New Testament Society’s annual Conference which will be held at the University of Chester from Thursday 1st–Saturday 3rd September 2016. Abstracts of not more than 300 words should be emailed directly to the Seminar Chairs by Friday 15th April 2016.

There will be no simultaneous short papers in the 2016 conference. Instead we will be holding a plenary discussion on how New Testament Studies might flourish in the next 25 years. We will be looking to solicit a range of responses to this question prior to the conference, and further details will be announced soon.

Booking details will also be announced in early March.

Specific Calls for Papers from each Seminar can be found below, along with the contact details of the seminar chairs, to whom enquiries should be addressed. We are pleased to announce a one year consultation on Hebrews to reflect growing interest in these areas.

Much more is available on the BNTS facebook page.

British New Testament Society Registration Update


I am pleased to report that the glitch on the website for booking this year’s conference has now been fixed. We have extended the discounted booking rate to the 8th July. Bookings can be made here:

Best wishes,

Dr Paul Middleton
Secretary, The British New Testament Society

News From Paul Middleton

Colleagues may be interested in the annual Thiselton Lecturer to be held on the 4th June 2015 at St John’s College, Nottingham.  The lecture will be given by Dr Angus Paddison (Winchester), and his title is “Theological Interpretation: Where Next?”  The event runs from 11.30am-3pm and the cost is £10 including lunch.  To book, call 0115 925 1114 or email…