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More Shocking Revelations from NT Wright! #RevelationsGate

NT Wright, Again, On #RevelationsGate

#ICYMI- Tom Wright Called ‘Revelation’ ‘Revelations’

Dear Tom, just so you know, it’s not ‘Revelations’… It’s Revelation.  Apparently NT Wright isn’t sure of the title of the book.  In this video, at 4:23, he calls the Book of Revelation the “Book of Revelations”.  How sad.  F-

I Think NT Wright’s Stuff Comes From Fishgut Too…

With Notes by NT Wright…

Mike Bird and NT Wright Are Teaming Up To Give You A Video Tour of the New Testament!

What could be more exciting????

A Free Book by Jacob Wright!

Archaeology and History of Eighth-Century Judah (Ancient Near East Monographs),Edited by Zev I. Farber and Jacob L. Wright, Pages 610 Free Download. Description: Essays from scholars of the ancient Near East and the Hebrew Bible honor Oded Borowski’s pioneering work in the archaeology and history of ancient Israel and Judah. Designed for students, contributors approach …

The Wright Leading the Wrightians

Art by Peter Bruegel the Elder-

Breaking News:  A Newly Discovered Fragment of Mark Has Been Published By the Team of Tilling and Wright!

Behold, Papyrus TillingWrightensis! It’s a privilege to unveil this to the world. Uncovered just this week, feast your eyes on 21st century Mark. It’s just as important as other recently discoverd trinkets like P137 and the King’s Head thingy….

The Wright/Peterson Axis of Evil

“Turns out that Jordan Peterson fans and NT Wright fans aren’t that much different from each other. Shocking, I say!” – Esteban Julio Vázquez That’s because they’re the same people.

NT Wright’s Latest Book is Sure to Cause an Academic Stir

What Wright Says He Knows vs. What He Actually Knows…

On Sale at the Local Christian ‘Book’ Store: The NT Wright Study Bible!

Horrible Ways to Die That Are Preferable to Being Forced to Read One More Book by NT Wright

Plenary with Wright and Lunch With the Wasons

Jacob did a great job with his paper and having lunch with Brandon and Wendy and the kids was a delight.  Now it’s afternoon session time.

NT Wright in 1350

I Admire NT Wright…

For no one has ever said so little and used so many words to do it.

They Only Care Because The Other Is Encroaching on their Market Share: Wright and Hart and Their Awful Renditions of Scripture

Honestly, friends, spare yourselves the misery of all this rubbish and get a Revised English Bible.

Your Favorite Bloggers At a Lecture By NT Wright

LXX Scholar Interview – Dr. Ben Wright

Originally posted on Septuaginta &c.:
Today I have another opportunity to feature an interview with a well-established Septuagint scholar. If you don’t already know, this is part of a larger running series of interviews that can be found here. This interview is with Dr. Benjamin G. Wright, who is University Distinguished Professor at Lehigh University in…