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Why Has Jim Linville Been So Quiet Lately?

He’s been busy. Bulking up!

It’s Jim Linville’s Rampaging Raucous Biblical Studies Carnival/ Un-Carnival

Which you can check out here.  I hate to say it, but this is what happens when people with beards do things…   😉

A New Photo of Jim Linville’s Cat

Jim Linville Graphically Recreates bin Laden’s Last Moments…

As only he can do.  He’s crazy!  But super funny!

The Latest Biblical Studies Carnival: Jim Linville’s

Jim’s posted his Jolly Great Hodge Podge Biblioblogging Carnival here.  And yes, it’s just as fun as you’d expect a James R. Linville production to be.  Nice work, northern cantankerous Jim!

Jim Linville: The Antichrist Identified!

Yup. Here’s the wicked proof… Such wickedness can only spring from the offspring of Satan. I think you’ll agree. Especially given the first rule- ‘Zwingli is fair game’! Perversity!!! Lutheranism!!!!! Anyway I’ll be praying for the souls taking part that God not smite you with a terrible plague and send bears out of the woods …

Congratulations to Jim Linville

Jim’s engaged!  Fantastic news and I wish them both many many years of happiness together!  Now go, read his announcement.  It’s classic Jim.

Pray for Jim Linville…

He’s finally snapped. Come unhinged. Come unglued. You’ll see why momentarily… Yes, all the uproar about who is the best biblioblogger is all moot, banal and pointless! Cats rule, and that is that. Here are the top 10 reasons why! ~~~~~~~~~~ TEN Despite the best attempts of the bibliogloggers, cats  throw much better hissy fits, …

Visit Jim Linville’s Most Recent Post

Why?  Because.  Here’s why. (You’re welcome, James, you’re welcome!)

Jim Linville’s Annual Wicked Christmas Cantata

In which he sings (!) about the ‘real’ origin of Christmas.  Warning, Warning, Warning… his isn’t what could fairly be called a ‘Christian’ take on things. [If you’re a sensitive soul, you’ve been given ample advance notice.  If you thought ‘fishing-gate’ was a rabble rousing, ‘you ain’t seen nuthin yet…’]

Jim Linville Reveals My Secret…

And divulges the real reason why I wasn’t able to stay in Atlanta for the SBL… I feel so ashamed, and so totally, totally depraved…  That other Jim has some very fine detectives on his staff too.

Jim Linville’s Thoughts on the SBL / Hendel Thing

He writes rather an in depth foray here.  And he even throws a ‘well whoopdie doo’ in my direction and I have to say, I’ve not been whoopdie dooed in at least 20 years. He has some interesting thoughts which I commend to your attention.  We – he and I – may not agree on …

Coffee Break

Via Jim Linville-

If Bloggers Were Cats…

From top to bottom:  Joel Watts, Mark Goodacre, Chris Tilling, Jim Linville, Antonio Lombatti, George Athas, Christian Brady, James Crossley, and NT Wrong.

Research in Religious Studies Conference, in Canada, Eh

From the clever Dr. Jim Linville– As promised, the Complete List of Papers and Presenters for the 2013 Research in Religious Studies Conference May 4-5 in Lethbridge. Give it a look at the link above.

Bloggers and Their Family Christmas Photos!

It’s that time of year again, when the bibliobloggers load their families up in the car and take them down to the local photographer for the portraits they’ll use on their Christmas Cards!  This year’s crop is a doosey!  

I’m Wanting to Make My Blogroll More Inclusive

So, if you are a white male between the ages of 30 and 60 with a biblioblog or theoblog, and you are a Christian, and you hale from either the Reformed or Lutheran tradition, do send along a note with your blog address and I’ll take a look. I already have one woman (Francesca) and …

He’s Back…

Jim Linville, that is.  The funniest Canadian biblioblogger ever.  And I’m glad he is (in spite of the fact that his blogroll is miserably and inexplicably lacking).  So since he’s back, he’s back on the blogroll.  You’ll enjoy the irreverent unbelieving bearded man.  Again, he’s the best Canadian ever.  Of all of them.  Ever.

Biblioblog Carvinal Call For Submissions

Phil Long is hosting the next Carnival, arriving August 1.  He’s put out a call for submissions.  Submit! And then Phil adds this sad news- Jim Linville has given up the joy of organizing the blog-carnivals, so I volunteered to organize them through the end of the year.  I need volunteers to take a month, starting with …

The Carnival Has Come to Town! (The Biblical Studies Carnival That Is)

This month’s Carnival covers materials discovered or divulged on the ‘biblioblogs’ during March, 2012. I want to thank Jim Linville for allowing me to host this month. I always enjoy it and though it’s a bit of work, I think it no mere ‘chasing after wind’. Instead, I view it as an important tool for …