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Someone Hates Cats, A Lot…

Otherwise he wouldn’t pay $1500 a month for an apartment for two cats that his daughter couldn’t take off to college with her. Oh, and people are insane. “From the real estate point of view, it may sound a little bit funny, but it’s clever and creative,” said Sophia Delacotte, a real estate agent. “And …

Why are there no cats in the Bible?

Originally posted on Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception:
Of the hundreds of different animals named in the Bible, the cat lovers among us might be disturbed to find that there is no mention of their beloved companion/house-guest in the Bible. ‘Helping with research’. Image: Isabella Wray Were there no cats in…

See, Cats Are Bad…

Signs of the Times: Cats Are Evil

Cats Are Evil

Via Jona L.

Millennials and Cats: An Observation

Millennials and cats are identical both ontologically and existentially.  When you understand the nature and character of a cat, you understand the nature and character of a Millennial.

Cats and Karl Barth

deGrasse Tyson Doesn’t Know Beans About Ducks and Cats

The patron saint of the angry atheists stepped outside his expertise and tweeted about animal sex (apparently a subject he thinks a lot about) and proved himself an ignoramus.  And that always happens.  Proving, once again, that if you don’t know a subject, shut up about it.  Especially if it’s the Bible.

Public Service Announcement: Cats Make Kids Stupid

Cats could be making children stupid, according to research that links a parasite carried by the animals with falling reading and memory aptitude in young people.  A study has found performance at school could be affected by Toxoplasma gondii, a single-celled organism that infects about a third of the world’s population and hides in cells …

Cats Are Murderous… Take Action Now

Cats Aren’t That Smart

Via Mette Bundvad.

Cats are Satan’s Servants

A crazed cat is behind bars after it attacked a baby and held an Oregon family hostage in a bedroom, forcing them to call 911.  According to KPTV, the ferocious feline — a 22-pound Himalayan named Lux — “went over the edge” Sunday evening after it was punished for scratching a couple’s 7-month-old baby. The …

If Sara McLaughlin Cared as Much About People as She Does Disease-Ridden Cats With Gross Oozing Eyes…

She would write a song and beg you, beg you, to enter the contest to win LeDonne and KeIth’s impressive Demise of Authenticity.  But she doesn’t, so I have to.  Please enter.  I’m growing sad looking at photos being sent to me of LeDonne and KeIth weeping like this…

If Bloggers Were Cats…

From top to bottom:  Joel Watts, Mark Goodacre, Chris Tilling, Jim Linville, Antonio Lombatti, George Athas, Christian Brady, James Crossley, and NT Wrong.

Cats Are Just Waiting For a Chance to Kill You

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More Proof Cats Are Evil Incarnate

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Cats Are the Devil. Literally

Pope Gregory IX issued a papal bull in 1233 condemning black cats as animal incarnations of Satan.  – Joan Bos (on the twitter) It’s good to know that the Catholic Church got this very important issue right.  Cats are the devil.  And that’s not just me saying it, but a Pope!

Cats in History

Greg Jenner tweets @greg_jenner: #HorribleCatHistory The Persians used cats as shields in Battle of Pelusium, to stop Egyptian archers shooting – cats were sacred in Egypt Ha! I have a newfound respect for the Persians. Via Joel Watts.

Because at the University of Kentucky Cats Become Christians….

From a meeting sponsored by a University of Kentucky Christian group…

Indeed… I Don’t Care for Cats, But I Do Like This Grumpy Cat Person…