The Casey Colloquium: Excerpt Ten

This is the last entry in my ten part series of excerpts from Maurice Casey’s Jesus of Nazareth (the whole series can be accessed here). In the conclusion, Casey remarks, in part To fit Jesus into his original context within first- century Judaism, we must reconstruct that culture too. I therefore surveyed the main sources […]

The Casey Colloquium: Excerpt Nine

This is the ninth excerpt in what will be a series of ten (with the entire series of excerpts available here) from Maurice Casey’s about to arrive volume titled Jesus of Nazareth.  It is, I have to admit, a very persuasive volume.  Being someone who doesn’t really think we can know much at all about […]

The Casey Colloquium: Excerpt Eight

  I have argued that the conflicts during Jesus’ ministry were quite sufficient for him to have expected to die. More than that, when he left Galilee to celebrate his final Passover with his disciples, he fully intended to die in Jerusalem. He believed that his death would fulfil the will of God for the […]

The Casey Colloquium: Excerpt Seven

In his Jesus of Nazareth, M. Casey writes Taking his ministry as a whole, it is evident that he saw himself as the kind of figure who was later to be hailed as ‘the Messiah’, though he did not use the term of himself, because it was not yet properly established. After his death and […]

The Casey Colloquium: Excerpt Six

Our colloquium begins in just a few days, on Sunday, so our brief excerpting series is almost concluded.  Today’s installment concerns Jesus’ opponents and the conflicts which erupted between them, Casey notes Jesus accused his orthodox opponents of replacing the commandments of God with their own traditions. He believed that they had lost the main […]

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The Casey Colloquium: Excerpt Five

Our discussion with Professor Casey is just a few days off.  Here’s the fifth excerpt from his book for your consideration, in the chapter on healings and exorcisms. Exorcism and healing were central to Jesus’ ministry. Jesus believed that in exorcism and in some other kinds of healing, he released people from the power of […]

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The Casey Colloquium: Excerpt Four

From Maurice Casey’s forthcoming volume, amidst a discussion of women and their connection to the ministry of Jesus- All this evidence indicates that Jesus was emotionally and administratively more dependent on a small group of women than the Gospels tell us. It should be obvious that they were his disciples, in the normal sense of […]

The Casey Colloquium: Excerpt Three

This excerpt comes from Casey’s discussion of the ‘Jesus Seminar’- The methods adopted by the Seminar were however sufficient to prevent these aims [i.e., the aim of discovering the Historical Jesus- J.W.] from being achieved. In the first place, some of the best scholars in the USA, such as E. P. Sanders, J. A. Fitzmyer […]

The Casey Colloquium: Excerpt Two

The second excerpt from Maurice Casey’s Jesus of Nazareth concerns the rise of the study of the Historical Jesus during the Nazi era. This is, for me, one of the most engaging and interesting parts of the book. But of course I’ve long been interested in that place (Germany) and that period (the 20th century). […]

The Casey Colloquium: Excerpt One

Our discussion with Maurice Casey on his very soon to be published volume commences in a week so this week I’m going to begin posting excerpts- so participants (and others) can get a sense of where Casey is coming from and where he’s going. I’m also doing something of a ‘double posting’- offering the excerpts […]

A Giant 7 Part Review of M. Casey’s ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ – Part 1

Here it is: the first part of a seven-part review of Maurice Casey’s Jesus of Nazareth: An Independent Historian’s Account of His Life and Teaching.  Each part to appear daily over Holy Week, and deals especially with the twelfth and final chapter, “Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?” Be sure to give it a look.  […]

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The Colloquium With Maurice Casey is in Full Swing

The questions posed have been, at least to me, pretty interesting, and the answers precise and crisp.  There’s still time and opportunity to take part, if you’re so inclined.  Just sign up. And remember, we’re running our give-away for Casey’s nearly here volume and there’s time to enter until the end of the colloquium.  You […]

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