Herschel Walker- Winner of this Week’s ‘Dilly the Dilettante’ Award

@HerschelWalker isn’t just theologically ignorant, he doesn’t have any idea what the Bible actually says (since nowhere does Jesus EVER claim to be the Father, Son and Spirit. NO WHERE). Like all theological dilettantes, Herschel should stay in his lane. Whatever that is. Anyway, Herschel, here’s your WELL DESERVED Dilly-

The Return of the Dilly the Dilettante of the Week Award

It’s been a while since I’ve awarded a Dilly to anyone (sorry about that).  But thanks to Deane Galbraith, I proffer this as a worthy recipient: The author of this dissertation received a doctorate at an American university in February 2018: “SATANIC INFLUENCES IN THE AMERICAN CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN A POST-MODERN CONSUMER SOCIETY ABSTRACT This […]

Kevin Swanson: Winner of this Month’s Dilly the Dilettante Award

For this: An extreme right-wing American pastor has claimed that it would be better for parents to “hang a millstone” around their childrens’ necks and drown them “at the bottom of the sea” than let them read Harry Potter.  Kevin Swanson, speaking at the National Religious Liberties Conference in Des Moines, said the whole of […]

Perry Noble: This Year’s Dilly the Dilettante Award Winner

Perry has recently asserted that the 10 Commandments were in need of rewriting, and did so- effacing their meaning with the aplomb of a true dilettante. So, Perry (why do people like this even have a congregation and just how ignorant are his flock that someone doesn’t rise and say ‘Perry, you don’t know what […]

The Dilly the Dilettante Award, Twitter Theology that Makes Me Sigh, and Now, Eisegete This!

Every now and again someone earns a Dilly, for dilettantism.  And every now and again someone’s tweetings make me sigh.  But there’s a third category of irritants and these are the Eisegetes.  In thinking of what kind of award that lot deserve I’ve come up with ‘Eisegete This!’  (With thanks to Carl Sweatman for the […]

Someone in the KJV Only Camp Has Gone Insane(er) : ‘PocketDoctrines’ Wins This Week’s Dilly the Dilettante Award

For, according to James McGrath, the ignoramuses at ‘PocketDoctrines’ are actually asserting that the KJV is better than the originals- for a list of reasons which demonstrate their inability to think clearly. ‘PocketDoctrines’ must be an assemblage of dilettantes who don’t know anything about how books (from scrolls) developed.  Nor do they know how to […]

The ‘Dilly the Dilettante of the Week Award’ Winner!

The Discovery ‘News’!  Well done!!!!!!  (and by ‘well’ I mean profoundly ignorantly and sub-intelligently) – Jesus, as described in the New Testament, was most likely crucified on Friday April 3, 33 A.D. The latest investigation, reported in the journal International Geology Review, focused on earthquake activity at the Dead Sea, located 13 miles from Jerusalem. […]

And This Week’s Winner of the ‘Dilly the Dilettante Award’: NPR

Why?  Because instead of covering the lunacy of Harold Camping and the other maniacs announcing the ‘end of the world’ from the perspective of some actual biblical scholar or other, they’ve simply pandered to Camping’s crowd and given him far more press and notice than he and his dilettantish and idiotic theories deserve. In other […]

In the Running for the ‘Dilly the Dilettante’ of the Week Award!

Sometimes the Dilly’s just fall into your lap.  Take this example- I’m not going to link to it because it doesn’t deserve the traffic.  But the screenshot tells the story.  Someone who doesn’t know the Bible has superimposed their idiotic Christian Zionist mentality onto it and then piled that nonsense onto the poo of politics.  […]

The Dumbest Thing You’ll Ever See on Twitter and his Well Deserved Dilly

And that’s a high bar, friends, but when you see this you’ll know why it has not been and never will be surpassed for stupidity: First, no.  Second, no.  Third, no.  No to all of it.  No to the very notion of it.  The premise of it.  No to the ignorance of it.  The petty […]

The World’s Dumbest Answer and The Dilly Well Deserved

Evidently this guy (who is reputed to have written a 400 page book on the rightness of Christian Nationalism) was asked a basic question about CN and this was his reply: I defy you to make that word salad vomit make sense.  Here’s your Dilly, Mr Wolfe.  Trust me when I say it’s WELL DESERVED.