#SOTS2022- Remembering SOTS 2009

It was 13 years ago that I paid my first visit to SOTS.  It was in Cambridge, at Fitzwilliam College.  We visited the Genizah Unit at the University and I met some superstars, like Professor Lambert (who sadly passed some years ago) and Cheryl Exum.  Peter Williams was there as well and it was he […]

#SOTS2022 – Sandra Jacobs Paper on ‘Women in Deuteronomy’

With the subtitle- From Assyria to the Battlegrounds of Sparta.  Which immediately made me think of ‘We are Sparta’ or something like that (from the movie, The 300). Anyway, her paper was extremely enjoyable and incredibly interesting. Especially her discussion of Dt 25:11-12. And more.  Honestly, if you missed it, you missed a real treat.

#SOTS2022: Nathan MacDonald’s Paper

He discussed the construction of the Tabernacle and the rise of Priestly hegemony. He provided ample evidence and bolstered his case excellently. Since this is part of a forthcoming project, I’ll leave it to the book to divulge the argument. Suffice to say, when the book comes out you’ll want to read it.