Even the Aussies Know Christian Nationalism is Theological Trash

Read Mike Bird’s takedown of our time’s dumbest fraudulent fake Christianity notions.

While I have already said a few things about Christian nationalism before (see here and here), this is a whole different species of Christian nationalism. This Dominionist doctrine is off-the-chart and off-the-grid. It is esoteric in contents even as it is extravagant in its claims and deliberately totalizing in its ambitions. If there was a villain in a James Bond movie who was a Televangelist, this is probably what he would sound like.

I mean, consider the line, “We, the Church, are God’s governing body on earth.” Whoa, that is freighting your doctrine of the church with world domination. Then there is the equating of wokeness, the occult, and evil as if they are three heads of the same monster. Then, at the very end, there is a reference to energy independence and ensuring America’s military and economic hegemony over the world. It is God as America’s divine patron and the American church as the lord of the world!

Why bother saying anything in reply? I mean, it is just unhinged and an eccentric outlier.

Etc.  When the Aussies know your theology is trash, everyone knows it.