Justice: Alex Jones Will Pay

Alex Jones will pay. Big time.

Right-wing broadcaster Alex Jones must pay the parents of a 6-year-old boy murdered during the Sandy Hook massacre $45.2 million in punitive damages, in addition to the more than $4.1 million he already owes in compensation, the jury found on Friday.

Jones’s lawyer Andino Reynal signaled plans to reduce the size of the penalty under Texas law to less than $1 million.

Travis County Judge Maya Guerra Gamble appeared to indicate that argument would be potent.

“So we do have laws in Texas where we claim to trust our juries, and then we don’t trust our juries. That’s true,” the judge quipped. “And I’m sure that judgment will properly reflect the laws of the state of Texas in that regard. So don’t worry about that.”

Attorneys for bereaved parents Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis pushed for a heavy penalty for calling the tragedy a “giant hoax” staged by crisis actors. Jones testified during the trial that he now recognizes the massacre was “100 percent real.”

“Stop Alex Jones,” said Wesley Ball, who represents the parents of murdered 6-year-old Jesse Lewis. “Stop the monetization of misinformation and lies, please.”

Justice. Now, all the rest of the parents he called crisis actors should sue him.