Karl Barth Couldn’t Do It But Emil Brunner Did- Brilliantly

‘It’ is complete a systematic theology. Barth couldn’t manage it (probably because he spent too much time at the Bergli and its ‘distractions’) but Brunner can, could, and did.

It was on the 14th of May, 1960 that Emil Brunner published the third volume of his fantastic Dogmatics. With the publication of that impressive volume, again, Brunner achieved what Barth never managed- the completion of a systematic theology.

Brunner was the most insightful of the 20th century theologians.  His work is still very much worth reading, even 50 years after its first appearance.

And he did it all in the old fashioned way- by actually reading books and typing on paper.  With that ancient technology he accomplished more than 99% of our modern theologians with all their tools and means.  Because, it has to be said, he was a thinker and a Churchman.  Far too many modern theologians are neither.

So do yourself a favor and read a bit of Brunner’s Third today.

1 thought on “Karl Barth Couldn’t Do It But Emil Brunner Did- Brilliantly

  1. Barth couldn’t do it because he foolishly spent his whole life trying to smuggle theology itself into the act of reading.


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