Fun Facts from Church History: Erasmus’ Early View of Luther

On April 14, 1519, Erasmus wrote from Antwerp to Frederick, the able Elector of Saxony, saying that of Luther’s writings he had so far read only certain extracts.4 Every one, he said, who had religion at heart read these books with the greatest sympathy. “All who were conversant with his life approved of it, since he was above every suspicion of ambition. The purity of his character is such that he even wins over the heathen. No one has shown his error or refuted him, and yet they call him a heretic.*

That friendly sentiment would soon be slaughtered on the altar of free will.

*Robert H. Murray, Erasmus & Luther: Their Attitude to Toleration (London; New York: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge; The Macmillan Co., 1920), 75.

1 thought on “Fun Facts from Church History: Erasmus’ Early View of Luther

  1. Somethings never change: Today many people see their friendships and fellowships, deteriorate and corrode into nothing but hate because of the free will issue! Some Calvinists are quick to send freewillers to hell and freewillers are even quicker in calling believers in the Sovereignty of God over man’s will HERETICS. My question to those who staunchly defend free will is: IF YOUR WILL IS FREE, USE IT FREEDOM TO STOP SINNING! Good luck!


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