The Proggie Left Pining for Medieval Christianity

It’s amusing to watch the proggie left pine for churches filled with Mary and liturgy. What they want to return to is medieval Christianity, and they don’t even know it! They dislike the preaching of Scripture so much they want to hide it behind smoke and statues. And efface it.

The preaching of Scripture is derided precisely because it makes plain that God has particular requirements for people.  So rather than be subjected to that, they wish for a liturgical service where words are at a minimum and feelings are at the center.

What they ignore completely, these liturgicalists, is that the early Church was built on the preaching of the Word.  Peter, on the day of Pentecost, didn’t rise up and light a candle and offer a prayer to Mary, he preached.  Paul didn’t travel the Roman world with a censer filled with incense, he traveled the Roman world preaching, writing, and teaching.  Even Paul’s acolyte, the author of the Pastorals, recognizes that ‘preaching the Word’ is what is required, not filling a hall with smells.

Fluffy liturgy where the Word proclaimed is of secondary concern is the seedbed of a Christianity without mission.  Without teaching.  Without Scripture.  Without Christ.

You show me someone who exalts liturgy over proclamation and I’ll show you someone who exalts their feelings over the entire Christian faith and their personal preferences over proper behavior.